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2011 is already way past the halfway mark, I trust that you can also reflect on an exciting first half of a very busy year. For us at People’s Dynamic Development, 2011 has been exactly that, a year filled with blessing and growth as well as the continuous meaningful business relationships with established clients. Please allow us to share some exciting developments that you might benefit from:

Our 6th  ASTD Conference
PDD had the honour this year again (for the 6th time) to present at the annual ASTD (American Society for Training and Development) Conference, 22-25 May 2011 in Orlando Florida.  Not only did this provide us with the opportunity to present our learning on how to create sustainable mentoring relationships, but it was also an opportunity to share best practices and learn from others. We have provided to our clients three “knowledge harvests” from some of the best presentations at this years conference. If you have missed this opportunity, please contact our office or reply on this mail for these “harvests”. It would also be available on our website peoplesdynamic.co.za

A PDD office in Orlando Florida

Andre van Rensburg - Orlando, Florida

We are thrilled to announce that PDD will open an office in Orlando Florida!!  We are more than blessed to have Andre van Rensburg to help enlarge our footprint in the U.S.A.. Andre was born and raised in South Africa. He was CEO of a Cape based real estate company for years. He has extensive work experience in SA, the UK and now the USA. Andre is an established management consultant focussing on business development and team effectiveness. He is a highly sought-after keynote speaker who has an influential network and US client base. He will be visiting South Africa during August and he will be part of some client engagements during his visit. Our international website peoplesdynamic.com will be operational in late September.

We also the opportunity this year  to present a paper at the Annual IIR Africa Conference where we shared thoughts on how mentoring contributes to employee engagement. The key learning is that profitable mentoring relationships allow mentees to have more meaningful exposure, experience a greater organisational “fit”, as well as a stronger connection between organisational and personal goals. All of this ensures an enhanced sense of contribution and ultimately a more engaged employee. A big thank you to Imperial Logistics for making their case study available on the work we have done together over the last 3 years.

Raising Giant killers

Good news!!! PDD has secured the copyrights of our book on mentoring Raising giant killers. We will now be able to print and offer it to our clients at a significantly reduced fee. More than 6 000 copies have been sold in SA alone and there are some exciting prospects of a revised edition on the way. Please contact our office should you require copies of the book.


Our BEE Company PDD Innovation has now been operational for 6 years. The philosophy that each organisation is unique with different challenges, Innovation has focussed on designing programmes and interventions in consultation with you, catering for unique needs and challenges. An example of true innovation is that we have successfully integrated both Mentoring and Executive coaching as an executive leadership offering to a blue-chip SA client. This has allowed their leadership team to be exposed to a real life practical personal development/coaching experience and are then capacitated to fulfil a mentoring role to the next leadership tier within the business. This is what Innovation is all about!


We are very excited to be launching a leadership development program focussed  on the exciting new field of Neuro-Leadership. Neuro leadership is an emerging field which aims to improve overall leadership effectiveness by taking into account the physiology of the mind and the brain.  The focus areas will be:

The neuro science of personal mastery: focussed on increasing personal effectiveness, this module will look at various aspects like, increased self awareness, emotional regulation, stress management, planning and time management, neuroplasticity which implies we can become more than what we are by focussing our attention on that which truly inspires us.

The neuro science of teamwork and people management: conflict management, influencing, social connectedness,  and collaborating with others.

The neuro science of organisational effectiveness: employee engagement and organisational triggers for disengagement like threats to status, confidentiality, authority, relatedness, and fairness.

Being focussed on staying on the forefront of the latest developments in our field, we have no doubt that Neuro-leadership will provide new insights and add value to our clients.

For more information you can contact Estelle Coetzer on 082 785 6023

PDD Cape Town

PDD Cape Town

Our Cape Town office has grown exponentially and has established itself as a preferred supplier in the Western Cape with blue chip clients, wine farms, and entrepreneurial businesses as clients.

PDD Cape will soon be launching our mentoring programme for a multi-national client in Africa. Our mentoring programme is currently being translated into French!  

Dr Karen Scheepers

Coaching Leaders

Dr Caren Scheeper long awaited book on leadership titled Coaching leaders: 7 Tools to propel change" will soon be on the shelves. Caren’s extensive coaching experience as well as her facilitation on Executive education programmes e.g. MBA students, provides a holistic yet practical experience on leadership.

Caren has since 2008 been part of a selected group to coach throughout Africa on behalf of the Centre for Creative Leadership that is  based in Brussels.

PDD Innovation

Job profiling & assessments

Another value add offering from PDD INNOVATION is our unique Job profiling and assessment of candidates, ultimately to ensure a more efficient job-person match. 
This offering now allows our clients to successfully identify leadership assessment from their talent pool that should be included in their mentoring programme.

PDD Cape is also in the process of finalising this programme for woman in leadership called “Stand OUT”. This programme’s focus will be to equip woman to deal with their unique challenges in the world of work, not only to stand up but to “Stand Out” –more visible, being noticed and making a difference!!! PDD Cape’s presence in the Western Cape has truly strengthened our ability to offer an even more client focused and value added service –throughout Africa!

Birgit can be contacted at the Cape Town Office on 021873 6693 or mobile 082 561 3965

Phyllis Ndlovu

Working with our National Soccer Teams

Phyllis Ndlovu is involved on national TV with a nation wide initiative, raising awareness and providing possible solutions on a wide range of psycho-social challenges. Phyllis’s national profile has secured opportunities to work with the SA women’s football team, (Banyana- Banyana) as well as the Under-20 national team. In addition to her involvement with the national players she has also been involved in the psychological-training of national soccer coaches. Her corporate involvement ranges from Diversity management, team effectiveness and strategic OD interventions at EXCO level.

National Soccer Teams

PDD Contact
 Please contact Sonja for information required. Our office number in Pretoria is 012 361 3378. We look forward to the second half of 2011, sharing more thoughts, providing innovative training solutions and serving you as our customer. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require more information.

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The PDD team: Niël Steinmann, Dr. Caren Scheepers, Birgit Westerman Winter, Phyllis Ndlovu, Estelle Coetzer, Phumza Mbityi, Francois du Toit, Ingra Narsai
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