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GWP Network Meeting 2016

The 2016 GWP Network Meeting was broadcast on 11 October. Key speakers were GWP Chair Dr Oyun Sanjaasuren, UN Deputy Secretary-General Jan Eliasson, and GWP Executive Secretary Rudolph Cleveringa. A Facebook Live session was also held to allow GWP Partners to participate. Read more >>

October 2016

Analyzing problems in Yellow River source zone

To better understand the impact of climate change and human activities on grassland degradation in the source zone of the Yellow River, GWP China recently organised an on-site investigation to find out the main causes of the problems. The results were shared with more than 60 experts in a thematic workshop on 15 August. Read more >>


"Diversity and flexibility are our strengths"

In our interview series to celebrate GWP's 20 years, we talk to Ruth Beukman, Regional Executive Secretary for GWP Southern Africa. After 13 years, she is preparing to leave her job at the end of this year. But she will never completely leave GWP, she says, and speaks fondly of the network – the “GWP family”, whose strength lies in its diversity and flexibility. Read more >>

GWP in the news
Pakistan – the time to focus on infrastructure is now (The Third Pole)

Stakeholders urged to invent effective drainage system (Ghana News Agency)

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Up-coming events
2 November, Innovations for river basin management, online event

7-18 November, UN Climate Change Conference COP22, Marrakech, Morocco

28-30 November, Budapest Water Summit, Budapest, Hungary

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Vacancies at GWP
Regional Coordinator for GWP Caribbean. Apply by 28 October. 

New Chair of GWP Central Asia and Caucasus

New resources
Water accounting and auditing - A sourcebook (FAO)

Promoting the monitoring of Sustainable Development Goal 6 (UNESCO-IHE)

More resources >>

Global competition for #YouthLed projects. Deadline 25 October.

Technical support for developing information management system in Drin Basin. Deadline 31 October.

Join the UNEP-DHI Eco Challenge 2017 as competition partner. Deadline 31 November.

More calls >>

Building drought resilience in Uganda

Droughts in the Aswa-Agago Sub-Catchment in Uganda has long compromised the survival of populations and ecosystems in the area. This case study synthesises the project results implemented in the basin. The focus is to build drought resilience of dry land communities through improved land and water management. Read more >>

More case studies from the IWRM ToolBox:

Improving transboundary cooperation in the Zambezi Basin

The Zambezi Watercourse Commission (ZAMCOM) and its stakeholders have continued efforts to improve the management of the Zambezi River Basin. An inaugural stakeholder consultation – in collaboration with government agencies, academia, other river basin organisations and local representatives – was organised in Windhoek, Namibia on 27-28 September. Read more >>


Increasing capacities of policy makers in international water law

The GWP Latin American International Water Law Training Programme held a successful VIII edition of a regional workshop with focus on the Rio de la Plata basin on 26-29 September. It was attended by 23 participants from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Guatemala, Panama, Paraguay, and Uruguay, most of them from public institutions. Read more >>

Rainwater harvesting brings together regions

GWP Central America hosted a regional workshop on Rainwater Harvesting (RWH) on 22-23 September in El Salvador. The workshop brought together practitioners from across the region. GWP Caribbean also took part, under the theme “Considerations for Implementing Policies and Practices Related to Rainwater Harvesting and Addressing Climate Change.” Read more >>

Tunisian youth’s role in water management

GWP Mediterranean has been strengthening Tunisian youth’s role in advocacy for water resources management and climate change adaptation. Resources from GWP’s initiative “Youth for Water and Climate” have been merged with the EU BeWater Project on “Society adapting to Global Change”. Read more >>


Youth reflections on the Climate Chance Summit

Youth representatives were at the Climate Chance Summit, held in Nantes, France, on 26-28 September. Vivien Deloge, a member of the World Youth Parliament for Water (WYPW), wrote down his thoughts on the event in a guest blog for GWP. He says that youth can move mountains with very limited means. Read more >>

GWP supports Paris Agreement at COP22

GWP delegates will take part in the upcoming UN Climate Change Conference COP22, 7-18 November in Marrakech, Morocco. The objective is to support the implementation of the Paris Agreement, in connection to water and climate change adaptation. The Paris Agreement enters into force on 4 November 2016. Read more >>

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