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March 6, 2020
Editor: Jess Haskins • Assistant Editor: Matt Fisher
A monthly publication of the International Game Developers Association New York City Chapter for the NYC game community. •
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In this issue:

What's on | Highlights of upcoming events.

Chapter Events | Meetups, talks, and other events we're hosting.

#NYMakesGames News | Game launches and other updates from local creators.

Around Town | A community calendar of events from across the city.

Jobs & Opportunities | The latest posts from our notice boards.

IGDA Resources | Discounts and other benefits for IGDA members.

Chapter Resources | Where to go for more info.

Meet the IGDA NYC Team!

First, we'd also like to announce the official roles and titles for the 2020 board members:

Jess Haskins, Chair
Mattia Sicuro, Co-Vice Chair
Oliver Hong, Co-Vice Chair and Communications Director
Olga Poluhkina, Events Director
Kevin Hoskin, Secretary, Treasurer, and Director of External Relations

We also have a growing roster of volunteers and team members who have stepped up to offer their time and energy in support of the community. Meet them all on the updated Team page of our website.

Want to be a part of it? Learn more about volunteering with the chapter and show us what you've got!

Watch the video from February's IGDA NYC Talks series

IGDA NYC Talks: David Kuelz - Environmental Storytelling

In last month’s IGDA NYC Talks series, we enjoyed a fascinating talk by David Kuelz on environmental storytelling.

David took us through his favorite strategies for designing levels that also tell stories, including how to use art, music, and animation to your advantage, how to adjust your story structure to fit a place, and how to take a static environment and make it feel like a living, breathing world.

The video was livestreamed and recorded by our volunteers Jasmine Greene and Howard Jiang, and is now available on our YouTube channel.

Don't forget to subscribe for more awesome talks throughout the year!

Introducing new IGDA NYC satellite, Glass Robot 

We are pleased to announce that Glass Robot has become an official satellite group of the IGDA NYC! Glass Robot is an independent video game development team of creative characters with the awesome goal of creating fun and impactful experiences.

In partnership with the chapter, they'll be organizing a series of game dev and indie-focused events in Long Island. ​Check out their website here, or follow them on Facebook or Twitter for updates!

A Note from the Editor...


In December 2015, I designed and launched the very first issue of the IGDA NYC Game Dev Digest (then just called the IGDA NYC Newsletter). It was conceived as a way to keep our members informed and draw attention to the rich array of events, opportunities, and game development activities in our excellent, always inspiring community. Not gonna lie, it's a ton of work to produce, but I've always considered it one of the most valuable resources we offer.

This month's edition marks our 50th issue, and also my last as editor. Next month I'll be officially handing the reins over to our new editor-in-chief, Matt Fisher. Just over a year ago, Matt joined as an assistant editor on the calendar and opportunities board, and gradually took on everything we threw at him and more. Today he's already quietly running the show.

I should also include a note of thanks for our former copyeditor, my Paperback Studio colleague (and also my mother), Sandra Degnan. For years she diligently edited and proofed every issue, until handing the duties over to Matt a couple months back.

After fifty issues, now it's time for me to step aside and let Matt take the well deserved credit in addition to the lion's share of the labor. We couldn't be in better hands. Meanwhile, I'll be using my newfound free time to start attacking my Steam backlog. (Currently reliving my 90s Web adventures with Hypnospace Outlaw...)

And thanks to all of you for your readership and support over the past four-plus years, which has made this project worthwhile. There's more going on in the community now than ever before—and I can't wait to open the next issue and read all about it.


Jess Haskins

What's on this month

Our bi-monthly IGDA NYC Open Office Hours are on Tuesday, March 10. Come meet the chapter leaders and learn about the community. (Eventbrite)

Our regular monthly IGDA NYC Coffee and Ice Cream Social, held every third Monday, is on March 16. (Eventbrite)

On the Horizon

Waffle Games 3.0 is a collaborative effort to redefine what it means to be involved in games and their communities. Held at Hunter College campus on April 3, the event aims to promote affordable game development education, the legitimization of esports on college campuses, and the recognition of games as an art form. (Details)

Registration has opened for Narrascope, a narrative games conference taking place May 29-31 in Urbana-Champaign, Illinois. The early-bird price runs through March 31. Registration is limited to 500 people, so don’t wait to get your tickets. (Details)

Unity Developer Day is coming up on April 18 in NYC. Join fellow Unity developers for a series of conferences and an exchange of stories and skills. You can also apply to be a speaker at the event or to showcase your project developed in Unity. (Details)

Returning for its twelfth year, the East Coast Game Conference will take place in Raleigh, North Carolina, from April 7-9. IGDA members get 20% off passes. (Details)

And finally...

One of our very own NYC Game Dev community members is helping organize IT help for a local LGBT Homeless shelter. The shelter loans laptops to guests and would need 3-4 tech-savvy individuals willing to spare a few hours once a month to help maintain the equipment (deleting old user accounts, updating software, etc). If you're interested in helping out and/or would like more info, please contact Charli at
Thanks for reading, and have a great month!
A word from our friends and sponsors.

Attention, independent game developers, content creators and streamers shouting out for a new way to engage with gamers...
Your voice is heard, loud and clear!
VoxPop Games is a new indie-focused distribution platform. Operating out of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, they are looking for partners from every walk of life to aid in a new indie game renaissance, and are working diligently to release their beta, slated for Spring 2020.
VoxPop’s motto is “Every Voice Matters,” and central to their mission of uplifting independent developers is VoxPop’s unique profit-sharing business model. Developers can set a percentage of their revenue which will be paid out, automatically, to users and influencers driving sales for their titles.

Small teams thus have a chance to market their games even without an advertising budget, and a tool to approach streaming personalities, who can in turn keep their channels afloat by supporting their favorite artists.

VoxPop is looking to on-board streamers and developers for their beta, and are open to potentially funding development for content exclusives. They have a few other key reveals in-store, with one already being discussed on the ‘Just Joshing’ podcast, this month.
For all things VoxPop Games, make your way on over to
News and updates from the mothership.

IGDA Partners with GameDev.World and Take This to Support Game Devs Through COVID-19 Effects

The COVID-19 outbreak has had significant impacts on our industry, culminating in the cancellation of GDC 2020. However, it continues to have further consequences. Read our press release on our new partnerships and the fundraising efforts taking place to relieve affected game developers around the world. (

Chapter Events
What we're up to this month!

View all upcoming IGDA NYC events on Eventbrite.

Regular Meetups:

IGDA NYC Open Office Hours

Vapiano, University Place
Tuesday, March 10

Open Office Hours are a bi-monthly hangout where we invite our community members to stop by and chat with IGDA NYC's leadership team (and occasional visiting guests).

Have questions, proposals, ideas for the chapter, or a partnership opportunity in mind? Let's talk!

New to the New York game dev scene? This is an excellent chance to meet us and learn what we're all about.

RSVP for Open Office Hours

IGDA NYC Coffee & Ice Cream Social

Ample Hills, Gowanus
Monday, March 16

Held at an ice cream parlor rather than a bar, our monthly socials are alcohol free, family friendly, and open to all ages.

We'll be at Ample Hills Creamery in Gowanus, Brooklyn, with an upstairs roof deck and indoor lounge. Sample a great selection of whimsical, handcrafted flavors (dairy-free options included), plus hot chocolate and coffee drinks.

Come grab a cone or a cuppa and hang out with fellow game devs!

RSVP for Coffee & Ice Cream Social
NY Makes Games!
Celebrating work by the NYC game dev community.

Share your NY game news here or tweet #NYMakesGames.
Section Editor: Matt Fisher


Making Waves

  • An article published recently on the NY Daily News website discusses income inequality and how people of low-income are finding it difficult to thrive in the booming NYC tech sector.

  • Check out Indie Days’ review of Into A Dream by Filipe F. Thomaz here. You can also wishlist Into A Dream on Steam.

  • The Sheep’s Meow recently reached their first Patreon goal. As a reward, they are making a new game. Stay tuned for updates. (Patreon)



  • Congratulations to Chris and Havilah McGinnis on winning the Playcrafting Global Game Jam. Their game Lost In Translation was on display at Wonderville during the month of February. You can play Lost In Translation through their page.

  • Congratulations to all the winners of NYU Game Center’s Global Game Jam. Check out the list of winners here. You can also play the winning games and more by clicking here

  • Congratulations to Nina Demirjian, Noah Lee, Sean Park, and Sean Porio on winning the 2019 Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Games Production Grant for their game Red Planet Farming. (NYU Game Center)

  • Congratulations to all the Game Devs of Color Scholars. Despite the unfortunate events surrounding the cancellation of GDC, their achievement should not be diminished, and their efforts to build an increasingly diverse game development industry are to be commended. (GDoC Expo)



  • Bizarre Barber by Synesthetic Echo, a surreal, fun and fast-moving haircutting VR game set on a subway platform, is now available on Steam, Viveport, and Oculus. The soundtrack is available separately on Bandcamp. Bizarre Barber development was supported by Oculus and NYU Game Center Incubator. 

  • Miasma Caves by Windy Games is a non-violent explorative adventure game. Play as Lesath, a draconid treasure hunter looking to restore her village by unearthing artifacts in a procedurally generated cave system where the environment itself will be the biggest challenge. (Steam)

  • StarCrossed by Contigo Games is an action arcade game with a magical girl aesthetic and a cooperative twist. Join a cast of 5 space-faring heroes as they travel across the stars, working together to strengthen their bond and defeat a looming evil that threatens the galaxy. (Steam)

  • Neonimo by Chris Williams is a real-time puzzle strategy game where players place tetrominoes to build a path to their opponent’s base, forming buildings, claiming technology, and cutting off their opponent along the way. (App Store)

Go Play

  • Transform the world around you at Teknopolis, an interactive technology showcase. Create a living painting, play a rock concert using only household objects, and fly through a surreal dreamscape. Teknopolis runs through March 8 at Brooklyn Academy of Music. (Details)


  • Tranquil Garden by Glass Robot is a casual, easy-to-pick-up RPG with a Character-Driven Narrative. It is now available to download as a demo while the team prepares the full Steam release. (

Explore #NYMakesGames on Twitter
Around Town
Happenings in the NYC game dev community and beyond.

Unless otherwise noted, events are (probably!) free to attend. Follow @GameDevNYC for event alerts. Contact to add your org's events.
Section Editor: Matt Fisher

Thursday, March 5

Wonderville: Theophobia / Miss Subways Benefit Show for #SwipeItForward – Theophobia (winners of Miss Subways 2019) will be holding a benefit show to raise money for Swipe it Forward. (Suggested donation $10 )

Friday, March 6

Babycastles: Phong Tran/Jenn Grossman/Cawley+Loveless/natalie[dot]computer – Modular synths, algorithms, visuals, experimental sound, noise, percussion, live code, and more. ($7-$10)

Wonderville: Trap Invaders N°2 – A party and concert with a variety of amazingly talented artists. (Advance $10/Door $15)

Saturday, March 7

Wonderville: The Allegations + Part Reptile – The Allegations sing about life, hard times, women, the world, personal feelings and the unknown. Part Reptile is Ted Nugent pretending to be The Velvet Underground. 

Tuesday, March 10

 IGDA NYC Open Office Hours – A bi-monthly hangout where we invite our community members to stop by and chat with IGDA NYC's leadership team (and occasional visiting guests).

Brew N Boards Game Night at Bed Vyne Brew– Handcrafted brews, captivating board games, and the people they bring together. ($10 for non-members)

 Columbia Digital Storytelling Lab: Crafting Experiences - a workshop on performing & directing for immersion – Learn what it takes to direct, perform and produce immersive productions in NYC.

Wednesday, March 11

NYC iOS Study Group: 2nd Wednesday Meetup – Meets the second Wednesday of each month for networking and coding. Make new friends, find a study group or study partner, or just practice your people skills.

The Game & Arts Union: The TableTop Tour - Card, Board, Collector & RPG Games Night – Everything that can be played on a table: card games, tabletop games, board games, and more. (Online $5/Door $7/Members Free)

3DNY: CG Enthusiast Monthly Meetup – Aimed at professionals and students from New York's advertising, architectural, visual effects, games, animation and interactive industries. Meets monthly to network, discuss ideas, jobs, tech and projects in a friendly, relaxed setting.

Thursday, March 12

 NYU Game Center: Book Launch: Achievement Relocked with Geoff Engelstein – Adjunct Faculty, game designer, and author Geoff Engelstein talk about his latest release Achievement Relocked. The book explores how game designers can use the psychological phenomenon of loss aversion to shape player experience.

Friday, March 13

Made in NY Media Center - Freelancers Hub: Free Legal Clinics for Freelancer Artists – Free legal clinics are available to freelancers who need legal help with nonpayment, contracts, discrimination, employment/labor, and intellectual property issues.

Wonderville: JOUDY, CHURCH VAN, TONY ISLAND, THE WAWWAS – An evening of music and arcade games. (Presale $8/Door $10)

Monday, March 16

 IGDA NYC Coffee & Ice Cream Social – Held at an ice cream parlor rather than a bar, our monthly socials are alcohol free, family friendly, and open to all ages. Come grab a cone or a cuppa and hang out with fellow game devs.

Tuesday, March 17

Astoria Creatives Hangout – Meet some of the coolest people in Astoria. These meetups are for folks who do and/or like creative things. Everyone is welcome.

 Animation Nights New York: Monthly Screening at The Gutter – A curated monthly screening of Animated Short Films from all around the world. ($10 suggested donation)

UnityNYC: "Made in NYC" Local Showcase – Stage demos from selected speakers in the Unity community, complemented by drinks and networking time during a pizza break.

Wednesday, March 18

Building and Using Virtual Reality in Education (VR in Education) – Connecting educators, developers, and others to create effective ways of developing and implementing VR in educational spaces.

The Game & Arts Union: Tekken 7 Double Stakes Tournament – Play some Tekken 7 on PS4 for the chance to win the cash prize. (Online: $5 for casual play, $20 to enter the competition/Door: $10 for casual play, $25 Competition entry)

Wonderville: Jackbox Games with MsSoleSurvivor – An evening of Jackbox Games, jokes, and a jolly good time.

Thursday, March 19

Linnette Harrigan Media Inc.: Get Your Music In Video Games 2020 (Discussion, Pitch & Listening Session) – A seminar and secrets on how to get your music in video games with an industry professional guest speaker.

Babycastles: Cypurr Social: Ghost in the Shell (not the ScarJo version) – Come by to hang out, meet other tech-minded folks, ask questions on cybersecurity issues, and generally snack out and enjoy the feature presentation, the classic 1995 anime Ghost in the Shell.

Friday, March 20

Wonderville: Spring Equinox Psychelebration – Celebrate the Spring Equinox with vibrant, groovy, weird psychedelic music & bands all night long. Come in costume and show your true expression. 

Tuesday, March 24

AWE Nite NYC – Come for an evening packed with AR Goodness over pizza and beer, with networking and live demos. 

Wednesday, March 25

The Game & Arts Union: The Super Smash Bro Gods Tournament – It’s time to find out who the Smash God of NYC is. (Online: $5 for casual play, $20 to enter the competition/Door: $10 for casual play, $25 Competition entry)

Thursday, March 26 

Wonderville: Talk Bazaar - Not Your Mother : Syd Lewis – A magical evening of solo acts and their individual crafts. (Presale $5/Door $8)

Friday, March 27

Babycastles: Viewtiful Joe - Game of the Month Club – Viewtiful Joe is a love letter to 2d beat-em-up platformers. It's brutal difficulty, amazing graphics, and stylish charm reminds you just how fun video games can be.

Wonderville: The Donut Lounge | Vol 2 – The first of its kind: a hip-hop-inspired lounge space. Experience a live “Kick-Back” atmosphere for instrumental music lovers and hip-hop fans. 

Wednesday, April 1

 NYC Indie Games Social Returns to Josie Woods – Back at the Josie Woods venue, a regular get-together for New York-area indies and game developers of all stripes to meet in a casual, relaxed atmosphere. 

The Game & Arts Union: The Kingdom Hearts Cosplay, Trivia & Gaming Party – An everything Kingdom Hearts Party. Play across multiple consoles, Kingdom Hearts trivia, and a best cosplay competition.(Online $15/Door $20)

Friday, April 3–Saturday, April 4

 RLab: Motion Capture Master Class – Hands on experience and expose you to the hardware and software that will to take your creations to the next level.

Saturday, April 4

Wonderville: I/O Chip Music NYC – New York's long-running electronic music showcase/ dance party featuring a mix of new and international chip musicians and visual artists. ($10)


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