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Hi there,

We hope you've had a good summer. We certainly have – and that's not just the weather. We've been pretty busy making some big changes that we think mark the next chapter for Ecotricity. 

We passed the 75,000 customers mark last month. That's pretty good news in itself. But it didn't start or end there :-)

In this autumn Transformer you'll read about four significant announcements we've made over the last three months – announcements that are bringing hugely positive changes for all our customers.

It began in August when we launched our 100% Green Electricity tariff – every one of our electricity customers is now on the same 100% green tariff, at the same price

Then as summer turned to autumn we moved away from our Big Six price match and undercut the standard tariffs of the Big Six energy companies along the way – we're now supplying green electricity for less than the price of brown

At the beginning of October we made a promise for our Green Gas tariff to be 'Frack Free– now and always. So our customers can avoid supporting the fracking industry with their energy bills.

The icing on the cake arrived when we announced a price freeze until 2014.

All of this is truly transformational for us and here it is in Transformer. 

100 percent Green Electricity for all our customers

100% Green Electricity

We launched one electricity tariff for all customers in August – the first in a series of big steps in our evolution as a green energy company this year. The single tariff – called simply Green Electricity – is 100% green.

Green Electricity replaced our two existing tariffs, New Energy (about 60% green) and New Energy Plus (100% green) and blended the best of both – the 100% green content of New Energy Plus and the lower price of New Energy.

Green Electricity still has our Bills into Mills model at its heart. And for us that's the most crucial part of any green energy bill – not the percentage of green energy in a tariff, but how that tariff helps to build more sources of green energy.  

We've dumped our Big Six price match...

Having a 100% Green Electricity tariff (a large percentage of which we generate through our own Wind and Sun parks) allowed us to review our Big Six price match – under which we matched each Big Six standard electricity tariff in their home regions. This was something we'd done from day one so it was a pretty big deal.

It meant we could now create a new pricing promise that says we'll cost less than each of the Big Six standard regional tariffs – delivering green energy for less than the price of brown. It's a modest amount to start with. Just a few pounds a year. But we intend to stretch the gap between us and the conventional energy companies as we achieve greater levels of energy independence. 

Taking this step is truly exciting and only possible through your support. 

...and we're freezing our prices until 2014

Soon after we dumped our price match, rumours began to circulate that the Big Six energy companies were gearing up to hike their prices by up to eight per cent.

But we decided not to. We can't see how they can justify this right now.

So as well as lowering your electricity bill slightly – we'll be freezing our prices until the New Year. With the Big Six expected to announce these price rises in the coming weeks, what was originally a modest reduction in price (moving away from our price match) should quickly become a more significant saving.
People often assume that green electricity is more expensive. But a lot of people in Britain are actually on a standard tariff from the original Big Six energy supplier in their region – so many households could get 100 per cent green electricity for less than the price they pay for brown electricity from the Big Six.

We'll only supply Frack Free Gas

There's no fracked gas in our mix 

Our gas supply now has its own guarantee of origin and will remain 'Frack Free' so our customers can be sure they won't be supporting the shale gas industry with money from their energy bills. 

We think fracking for shale gas will only entrench the use of fossil fuels in Britain for decades to come – at the expense of the switch to clean green energy. The majority of people in Britain simply don’t want fracking to take place anyway and we think they should be able to choose not to buy gas from such sources. 

And finally... Jeremy's book

In his new book The Energy of Nations: Risk Blindness and the Road to Renaissance, our friend, social entrepreneur Jeremy Leggett, argues nothing is likely to shape the rest of your life more than the major risks being ignored in the energy and financial markets. Big oil pushes a myth of plenty, he argues, in the face of an approaching supply crisis. And, he says, big finance is allowed to continue inflating bubbles despite nearly bringing the world economy down with one in 2008.

But there's good news he says. Companies like Ecotricity – and its customers – are vital elements in the renaissance process. If you want to read how, there's more good news: 20% off when you buy the book. Just enter TEN20 at the checkout for your discount. Offer is valid until 31 December 2013.

The Energy Of Nations – 20 per cent off for Ecotricity customers
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