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Hi there,

It’s been enjoyably hectic over the last few months.

As you probably know, we use your energy bills to help us build new wind and sun parks, and we’re building six new ones right now – between them, they could power around 10,000 homes in Britain.

The first of those six is very nearly finished – nine windmills in Dalby, Leicestershire. Five windmills are already in the ground and the entire project is due to be finished by the end of the year. Once complete, it will provide enough green energy to power nearly 5,000 homes.

Just as we can make green electricity from renewable sources and put it into the Grid, we can do the same with green gas. We’ve recently launched a new way of doing just that, using grass from marginal farmland and turning it into green gas for the Grid. It’s an exciting prospect, and we’ll be putting the first three of our Green Gas Mills into planning this year.  

We’ve also recently announced that we’re building three new hybrid green energy parks – adding solar power to existing wind parks across Britain.

We’re certainly not twiddling our thumbs at the moment. The more people that join us, the more sites like these we’ll be able to build. It’s thanks to our customers that we can do this – all 170,000 of you and growing.

Another way we’ve been able to increase the amount of green energy we build is through our ecobonds – giving customers and the wider public the chance to invest in our work and share in the financial benefits of the Green Energy Revolution.

ecobonds are about introducing a bit of fairness into the financial sector – giving people access to the kind of interest rates that banks charge borrowers, but don’t pay savers.

We launched ecobond three a little while ago – it’s going really well, and you can find out all about it on our website here.

That’s about it for now, apart from a very British mention of the weather – it’s been a pretty windy year so far and our windmills have generated around 40% more green electricity than during the same period last year. So despite the government’s obvious opposition to green energy, the wind is very much in our sails.

Thanks for being with us.



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