Introducting new Silica/Fiberglass composite mat from Lewco Specialty Products. Applications include Stress Relief Blankets, Engine Exhaust Systems, Noise Abatement, High-Noise Equipment and more. Visit for more information.

Composite Blankets


Lewco Specialty Products has been a pioneer in the manufacturing of Needled Fiberglass and Silica Felts & Blankets for high-temperature and reinforcement applications. Lewco’s success has been built over the past 27 years on quality and customer satisfaction. Lewco’s Fiberglass and Silica Felts are manufactured using only pure, textile-grade fibers that are incombustible, asbestos-free and contain no resinous or inorganic binders.

Lewco can combine our Silica and Fiberglass insulation felts into needled composites that for many insulation applications can give customers the pricing advantage of Fiberglass with the high temperature properties of Silica fiber. Lewco can combine these two different felts into various thickness combinations to meet customer requirements. These insulation felt and blanket composites are strong enough to give long life in tough, difficult applications. Applications include Stress Relief blankets, Removable/Reusable Insulation for high noise level, high maintenance, high vibration and high temperature equipment or engine exhaust systems.

High Heat Textiles & Accessories

A complete selection of Fabrics, Felts, Blankets and Accessories associated with making high temperature, removable/reusable insulation jacketing.

Fabrics for Hot Works Safety

Incombustible Fiberglass, Silica & Carbon-based “asbestos-free” fabrics, felts & blankets for industrial/commercial fireproofing applications.

Ceramic Fiber Textiles

Bulk Fiber, Needle Felted Blanket, Paper, and Textiles ideal for High Temperature furnaces, filtration, gasket applications, stress relieving and other applications.
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