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Introducing Team-Based Submission

Introducing Team Submission

Because IdeaScale is a social tool that helps to build community, our focus has always been on collaboration. Now we've given community members a new way to honor the contributions of others with team-based idea submission. When an idea author composes or edits an idea based on the suggestions of others, they can cite and link to the other participating community members, building a team around an idea and increasing engagement even further.

If you'd like to learn more about team-based submission, contact us

Now Supporting HapYak Videos

IdeaScale has always supported multimedia video content in our communities and as part of idea authorship, but now we've taken the level of interactivity to a new level.

HapYak empowers IdeaScale members to use YouTube, Brightcove or any other video and add synchronized commentary to analyze and explain it. Easily draw on the video, add links, text and questions. If you can watch a video, you can make it interactive with HapYak.
To see HapYak at work in a live IdeaScale community, check it out here. Learn more about interactive video on their site.

Best Practices 

Learn how IdeaScale is turning thought into action. Separator
TTI is a world-class leader in quality consumer, professional, and industrial products for the home improvement, repair, and construction industries. Already a self-described “Innovation Machine,” in late 2012, TTI adopted the Ideascale platform to launch the Idea Farm. Read the full story here.

TTI Group
OneLogin and IdeaScale Webinar

Join the Webinar: OneLogin and IdeaScale

IdeaScale has always been committed to secure, easily-managed private community membership, which made our partnership with OneLogin, the innovator in enterprise identity management and single sign-on, a perfect fit.

Learn how to simplify SSO and LDAP deployment with OneLogin in next month’s webinar on July 24th at 8:30 a.m. PT by registering here. You’ll learn how to easily integrate OneLogin with your IdeaScale community with just a few clicks.


IdeaScale in Action

Creative Rewards

IdeaScale culled the internet for creative alternatives to cash rewards that could incentivize community engagement. Be sure to download the tip sheet here.

Introducing the CEO of the Internet

Recently, IdeaScale introduced you to the man in charge of the internet. You can get a glimpse behind the scenes of his daily life here.

IdeaScale Facebook Twitter Blog
Sales: +1 (800) 549-9198, sales@ideascale.com | Support | LiveChat
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