March 2015 Newsletter
(Using nippers article at the bottom)

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Online Course & Pattern database
Both are being refilmed and a better host has been found, I'll post here as soon as they are done.
I've now cut back on the number of workshops available so you can see all the events on this page here.  
In Bury St Edmund's I have one on April 6th which also goes through planning a floor for your home. On May 2nd I have a two day intensive course covering both figural and geometric mosaics, both are suitable for beginners and those with experience.
The workshops now follow the format in the manual which should keep things more consistent making it much easier to go back and check your progress and for me to answer questions by email.
There will be roughly one workshop each month until I've completed all the writing I need to catch up on.
Workshop manuals
Volume I is being reprinted again, I've had to get another printer but they will be going out in the next couple of days. The PDF is being reformatted (it kept coming out sideways and I'm not too techy!) and I will add that as an option for customers who are outside of the UK. The details for the manual are here
 In the shop I will focus now on mosaics that tie in with what is in the workshop manual. These will be available soon and I will cut back on the others. 
There is a Special Offers page now, at the moment you can get the heat activated mesh for only £3.00 per 30cm x 60mm (12" x 24") section. You can see that here
Cutting with nippers, a quick reminder
Scissors cut, tile nippers and a hammer and hardie fracture. This is an important distinction. The blades on tile nippers don't meet, scissor blades cross over which is a different cutting action. This is why with nippers you don't need all of the tesserae between the blades. Look at the image below and you can see the correct position demonstrated. 
It's important to remember this as you cut materials of different densities and the more you have of the tesserae in between the blades the more pressure you need to exert to make the cut.

If you want to see a short video on this then go here

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