February 20th Newsletter

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 Welcome to 2017! 

News - Workshops
Due to changing jobs I am putting the workshops on hold for the moment as it is difficult to arrange my days with the availability of the rooms that I rent for them. There is one space on The Rules one on March 1st, (Bury St Edmund's) I do have a few people with vouchers and I will be arranging dates for them so there will be 2 further dates coming up. I will send out another newsletter when this is arranged.
Pattern downloads
I've been adding videos to the pages for the motif download patterns so you can refer to them in setting a mosaic from the patterns. There are a couple without and I will do those in the next week or so. Click here for the motifs section .
The first two are available as PDF downloads and the online courses as usual are available. You can see the PDF details here 


Setting the Vertical Strand Double Guilloche border pattern

The double strand guilloche is one of the most common border patterns seen in a Roman mosaic. This variation of the pattern has the circles of the underlying geometry set much closer together. 

1a. Draw in a horizontal line, mark out a start point, A.
1b. Draw in a circle on A which has a diamter of 11 tesserae, radius 5 ½ tesserae.
1c. Draw in a single tesserae on the horizontal line just outside of this circle, C, and draw in a circle centered on that. Do this all the way along the line. Note that unlike the standard double strand guilloche these centre tesserae (CT) are set as a square and not diamond shape.
2. Drawing in the outer lines as shown give you your border width.
3. Drawing in the pattern, start from the outside in, D.

                          Keep looking, keep questioning, get into their heads and see what they were creating through their eyes.



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