May 2015 Newsletter

Just a quick newsletter about the workshop manuals plus a new discovery.
Volume I of the workshop manual now available as PDF download
If you're outside of the UK and didn't want the extra postage costs then Volume I of the updated workshop manual is now available as a PDF download. You still receive a pack of the patterns in the mail (airmail if outside the UK) and the PDF is send out within 24 hours of your order being placed. Details are here;
Last scheduled one for the moment, June 13th & 14th in Bury St Edmund's. This is the two day intensive but it is suitable for beginners and those with experience
Mudlarking find!
For those of you who've not seen it this was a find by Nicola White, a piece of mosaic which includes some startlingly blue tesserae!

I've not seen it in person yet but when I've posted pictures of this out it and the general opinion seems to be is a blue faience. This is a type of vitreous paste which has been seen in Roman mosaics in small amounts around the Empire. Looking at the setting of the tesserae it looks like they had quite a bit in this one. Hopefully we;ll have more details in the next newsletter. Let me know if you have any opinions on this.

(Image copyright Nicola White

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