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August 28th 2014

Still working on getting the updated version out to those who had the manual previously! I'm back from my holiday so I'm catching up and alongside getting a commission finished. 

This weekend I'll be at Kings Cross in London for a public event where I'll be demonstrating plus there is an opportunity to make a small mosaic. The link through to the event is here

I'm back off my holiday so I'm catching up on filming and getting ready for the specialist workshops coming up. The dates are contained in the PDF and you can open that at the top of the workshop page here

                       Online Course in Roman mosaics
More is being added and this weekend is the last chance to get it for the reduced price of £25.00 instead of £45.00. I've been making up some oversize tesserae to make the demonstration videos a bit clearer and I'll be filming that this afternoon.
Click here for the details of the course;
Article - Spacing, how much and why

It's worth looking at this area again as it is, alongside size, one of the most important areas to start with. If you make a neat mosaic you can 'read' it and it becomes, in effect, your textbook which you can refer back to.
Why have spaces?
If you have your tesserae in a straight line, if you want you can push them all up against each other so there are no gaps. This works fine with straight lines but once the pattern starts curving, to keep the same effect, no gaps, you then have to do a lot of cutting. This slows you down. 
Don't try to make the exact same space around each tesserae. If you try to have 2mm gap around everyone then you will slow yourself up just as much as if you were trying to have no gaps. Some touch, some have spaces, take a look at the original mosaics have have a look for the gaps. I do go into this more in the online course but have a look at the image below and see how you generally have gaps but it's not exact. 
Gaps too big?
If the gaps are too big then there is more chance of the grout being worn away over time exposing the edges of the tesserae. This makes it easier for peoples footwear to catch and to start dislodging them.
Any questions just let me know

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