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Hello dearest,

Are you hungry? Are you famished? Fear not! Here we are, tending to a giant pot of lovely-jubbly things all chopped and mixed together with creativity and commotion. We've got so much on the backburner that there's multiple plates for everyone. It's a proper feast for a virtual table but you can't let on that we're secretly Jamie Oliver. Start off with Christmas-themed patchwork and embroidery from Maricor/Maricor for TOMS Shoes. They're incredibly talented and TOMS helps children in need. Is there a better reason to celebrate Christmas in July? Now go check out these towering Casadei wedges picked out by Steph Hooke for Kat Stewart's shoot with Emma Phillips. Consider how highly inappropriate they would be at Meredith Music Festival. Get out your gaudiest birdsuit and remember that state guidebooks can be fun with the right illustrator. Don't lick your plate, there's plenty more to come. Digest your art. Love always - jw.

Who's a clever boy? That's right, Clemens Habicht is. He's created the poster art for Meredith Music Festival again. We're calling it The Galah Gala.

Around Town

Maricor/Maricar for TOMS Shoes

22 July 2013

Have we missed Christmas in July? We tend to skip the mid-winter festivities, but goshdarnit if those talented twin sisters Maricor/Maricar didn’t make holiday season look like the hippest thing ever last December. They used a mixture of patchwork and embroidery to create a large patterned panel for the window displays at TOMS Shoes and then created even more fun designs and pastel patterns for TOMS social media campaign called “The 12 Days of Giving”. Looking back, it’s Christmas in our hearts again. We feel all warm and altruistic. We’d like to belatedly buy some of the limited edition shoes printed with M/M’s patterns and give them to our loved ones. Well, we’d actually just like to keep them for ourselves, but it’s the thought that counts, right? Besides, it’s not really Christmas yet.

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Emma Phillips and Steph Hooke for Jetstar Magazine

19 July 2013

Who better to shoot the multi-talented Kat Stewart for Jetstar Magazine than a self-professed maven of photography, Emma Phillips? Emma is truly, madly, deeply in love with the art of the portrait and how a camera’s lens can capture the vulnerability hidden beneath people’s polished charm. She worked with Twitchery stylist and set designer Steph Hooke on the shoot, which was produced by our very own photography branch, SEA. We love a happy pairing – especially one with canary yellow Manning Cartell and towering Casadei wedges.

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Clemens Habitcht for Meredith Music Festival

18 July 2013

Clemens Habicht created this quizzical birdie for Meredith23, which will hereafter become known as the “galah gala” if Jacky Winter has anything to do with it. Look! A kissing couple tucked under a galah’s wing, a mosh-pit cheering on a galah mid-flight, and a tree branch spawning the entire reach of a galah’s wing. We knew edition 23 of the massive music festival had to be iconic so it’s awesome that Clemens went as mad as a cut snake with the flamin’ galahs. It’s a real coupe – or coop. Haha. We slay us.

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Lachlan Conn for the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation

17 July 2013

Lachlan Conn worked with McCann Melbourne to create a suite of illustrations for the Victorian Government’s Responsible Gambling Guide. It’s a tough gig to sweetly illustrate the sorry impact that problem gambling can have on people’s lives and on the community but Lachlan has knocked it out of the park. Check out some of these images – no need to hedge your bets on Lachlan (and we wouldn’t advocate that, anyway).

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Parting is such sweet sorrow that I shall say goodnight till it be morrow.

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