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Greetings loved ones,

Hope you're feeling good. We're feeling sick... sick with envy, that is. Check out the crazy-beautiful work positively emanating from the pores of Gemma O'Brien, Eirian Chapman, Mekel and Bobby Haiqalsyah. If you don't know what an Apparatus for Transtemporal Occurrence of Impending Space is, then you're in for a treat. And if you haven't heard about our new SEA photographer Lauren Bamford, please wave hello! We'd also like to take this opportunity to remind you that you have until Friday afternoon to apply for our design graduate position at JW HQ. Bright sparks only. Stylised dancing will be a mandatory part of the interview. Just kidding! Love always - jw.

The reigning queen of puke-based puns and turbulence-mastering penmanship, Gemma O'Brien has collaborated with Qantas on two major projects. One: the roll-out of #qantasblankcanvas, a collaborative art project inspired by Gemma's own #spewbagchallenge and happening 30,000 feet above you right this very second. Two: the clever artwork for their Double Points campaign, which has been rolled out across print and digital advertising, and inspired an ambidextrous tribute to our queen. All hail Gemma - and go check out the art

Around Town

Gemma O’Brien for Qantas

May 26, 2014 11:25 am

First Gemma O’Brien changed the way we will view sick bags forever with her self-initiated #spewbagchallenge. Now she has extended the invitation to reinvigorate air travel by teaming up with Qantas for their #qantasblankcanvas project. In this frankly charming interview, Gemma reveals that she views every blank piece of paper as a blank canvas and explains that travel is one of the key inspirations to her craft.

We see Gemma in the process of creating a custom design inspired by her travels to New York City. Qantas customers are encouraged to create their own designs to help build a collaborative body of work produced at 30,000 feet. All you have to do is fly Qantas, create your own design, and share it on social media using the hashtag #qantasblankcanvas. Gemma’s original NYC artwork will be hangin’ pretty in the Qantas Club at Sydney Domestic Airport until the end of May – check it out as a perfect example of turbulence-mastering penmanship.

Gemma also worked with Qantas to create the header artwork for their Double Cash promotion. Right now, Qantas Cash card holders can earn double Qantas points on all eligible purchases – that’s everything from flight deals to fine meals to high heels. Gemma’s beautifully symmetrical header adorns both print and digital advertising, and was even reinterpreted by an ambidextrous artist for a TVC campaign! Oh Gemma… so obscenely talented.


Mekel for Jetstar Magazine

May 23, 2014 11:21 am

Our new artist Mekel has already completed her first commission since joining the Hatch two weeks ago. She drew this cute illustration for Jetstar Magazine to accompany an article on how much your beauty can suffer when you go to the snow. We’re talking chapped lips and sunglasses tan… though we gotta say, with Mekel’s trademark watercolour pops of colour and fashion illustration pedigree, this snow-bunny still looks mighty pretty. Congratulations on your first job, Mekel!


SEA Welcomes Lauren Bamford

May 22, 2014 11:54 am

If you’ve had your ear to a conch shell recently, you might have heard the news that our photography branch SEA has found a new photographer to join its vast pool of talent. Newcastle-born Lauren Bamford lives between Melbourne and Sydney and has travelled all over the world in search of a perfect shot. Her impressive client list includes The Guardian, frankie Magazine, Dumbo Feather, Vogue Living, Gourmet Traveller, Adidas Originals, Broadsheet Media, Sunday Style, Vice Magazine, Tiger Airways, Warner Music and Ivy League Records. Trust us, the list goes on. Lauren is happiest taking photos that are both atmospherically and technically on point. An accomplished food photographer (she’s the photographer that makes the Trotski & Ash website look super scrumptious), she’s also highly skilled at giving rustic settings a bit of unexpected bite. Her folio is amazing and we heartily encourage you to check it out. Welcome, Lauren!


Bobby Haiqalsyah for the City of Melbourne

May 21, 2014 11:12 am

Bobby Haiqalsyah was commissioned by the City of Melbourne to create a poster advertising a new steampunk-inspired sculpture. The sculpture, created by artist Russell Anderson, sits in all its predictive automaton-ish splendour on the lower pontoon of North Bank Wharf. It appears that The Apparatus for Transtemporal Occurrence of Impending Space is indeed a true 19th-century invention which apparently allows you to see 50 years into the possible future! This particular model, however, is permanently jammed on a fictional vision of Melbourne in the 1930s, as envisaged by its 19th-century inventors. Trams, period cars, dirigibles and other strange scientific inventions are illuminated in a miniature cityscape of 19th-century Melbourne. Go visit, and turn the crank handle to activate the automata theatre, if you dare! But keep an eye out for one of Bobby’s posters plastered around the inner city – you might have a better chance of spotting one of them than seeing 50 years into the future.


Eirian Chapman for The Australian Ballet

May 20, 2014 12:34 pm

The Australian Ballet commissioned Eirian Chapman to complete a series of illustrations inspired by the popular Paris Vs NY blog. It’s an inspired creative collaboration to celebrate The Australian Ballet’s latest double bill, Imperial Suite, a show which combines two classical ballets and brings together New York style and Parisian chic. Rather than tell a tale of two cities, it virtually takes a tally of two cities by pairing American choreographer George Balanchine with French/Ukrainian Serge Lifar! The company chose Eirian as a quintessentially Melbourne illustrator to dream up the editorial illustrations. It will feature her artworks on their blog and social media platforms over the coming weeks to mark the commencement of Winter Season in Melbourne. Eirian used her trademark bright colour palette and vibrant aesthetic to depict stylised dancing ballerinas, their choreographers, famous performers, and two iconic ballet theatres. It’s enough to make us want to dig out our childhood ballet costumes, but it’s probably a bit nippy outside. Imperial Suite opens in Melbourne today and runs until 28th June.


And that's your lot for this week. Parting is such sweet sorrow that I shall say goodbye til it be morrow,

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