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Knock knock,

Who's there? Toby. Toby who? Toby or not Toby, that is the question. We're sorry we went AWOL last week! Did you miss us? Did you notice? Did you even know that AWOL stands for Absent Without Official Leave? Yeah, that's serious. A virtual assault on our friendship. We're gonna make it up to you, though, by thrusting our finest news in your faces. Daniel Boud produced these kaleidoscopic images for cult label Romance Was Born; Radio with Pictures producer Gabriel Clark sat down for a Q&A about how matchmaking radio with illustration creates love stories, and Oslo Davis and Lamington Drive released Oslo's official thirteen-month calendar. Cease thrustation. Commence cuddledom. Love always - jw.

"You can't stop the future (nobody can stop the future)..." Oslo Davis and Lamington Drive teamed up to produce Oslo's first ever calendar, chockful of social commentary and snarky observations. Yes! Yes! Yes! You know you want a copy. Head here to nab one - this is a strictly limited print run. Latecomers to the LOL ball will receive no love. We're squinting in disbelief because we can't believe you're still reading this. Go here NOW.

Around Town

Oslo Davis Calendar

Oct 07, 2013 09:20 am

Oslo Davis and Lamington Drive have teamed up to produce Oslo’s first ever calendar, willfully entitled, ‘A Year of Drawing Dangerously’. A limited edition print spanning thirteen months, Oslo’s beloved snark and trademark line-drawings combine with the usual calendar-esque attributes: consecutive days, subdivided boxes, landmark holidays, etc. While this is not an advent calendar, Oslo’s social observations and public eavesdroppings are perhaps even more delightful than a toy or a chocolate item – not to mention, better for you!

Head over here to purchase Oslo’s calendar or pop in to see your friendly folk at Readings Stores.


Radio with Pictures at Graphic Festival

Oct 04, 2013 10:05 am

What’s good for your eyes as well as your ears? Radio with Pictures: a heady cocktail of comic, graphic and fine artists mixed with the finest musicians, writers and radio makers around. Kid sibling to the kick ass Graphic Festival, Radio with Pictures presents one hour of radio as you have never, ever heard it before.

Hosted by the Sydney Opera House, it’s sound testament to creative collaboration and can allegedly lead punters to see radio and hear pictures. Many of  the JW flock have been involved over the years, including graphic goddess Georgia Perry (who teamed up with Triple J presenter and DJ extraordinaire Nina Las Vegas to explore fame, identity and Kim Kardashian) and comic artist Matt Huynh (who unravelled the story of Wael Zwaiter with radio producer Jesse Cox and found love, loss and remembrance at the end of it).

We strongly encourage you to go this weekend. All the people on board are pretty amazing (Lorelei Vashti, Sam Cooney, Grace Lee and Claudia Karvan, to name a few) and the theme is ‘The Things You Do.’ Yeah, that’s right, you! To get your mental image-maker a-shakin’, here’s a sneaky Q&A with producer Gabriel Clark.

JW: First off, who do you want to see at Graphic in 2013?

G: All of you in the audience at Radio With Pictures – and Art Speigelman’s show ‘Wordless’ on Saturday, October 5. It looks awesome and features seminal illustrators like Lynd Ward, otherwise known as America’s first real graphic novelist!

JW: What does Radio With Pictures offer that is specially exciting to illustrators?

G: A show where the whole screen at Sydney Opera House is totally filled with original illustration! Art literally takes centre stage at Radio with Pictures. It’s spunky storytellers on blind audio-visual dates with comic artists! Check out Sam Wallman’s obsessive Sacco-esque line work, Bailey Sharp’s strong and playful imagery, Marieka Walsh’s evocative and spine-tingling abstract work, and Katie Parrish’s obtuse and humorous comic sequences for inspiration.

JW: Can you tell us about a particularly memorable moment from last year featuring a JW artist?

Biddy Maroney from WBYK collaborated with writer Courtney Collins on ‘The Burial’ and it simply soared. It was (and still is) a perfect marriage of images, audio and words. Also, I’d say receiving Matt Huynh’s images from a toilet in New York was pretty special. He’d been evacuated from his studio due to Hurricane Sandy, but he was still drawing, scanning and sending images literally from the toilet of a friend’s place. His team-work with Jesse Cox was incredible and Wael Zwaiter is about to be developed into a feature length live documentary!

Head here for more:


Daniel Boud for Romance Was Born

Sep 24, 2013 01:38 pm

Daniel Boud is one busy photographer. Not only did he shoot punter’s faces at Leeds Festival and transform the bands of Splendour in the Grass into animated GIFs, he created these images back at Sydney Fashion Week for cult label Romance Was Born. Dan’s been photographing backstage at RWB’s Aussie fashion shows since 2008 and this extraordinary collection was featured in the S/S campaign and lookbook. The collagist was Simone Mandl but be warned… if you stare at the pictures for too long, you might just fall down the rabbit hole… Just kidding, Alice.


And that's your lot for this week. Parting is such sweet sorrow that I shall say goodbye til it be morrow,

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