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Welcome to the very excited newsletter of a bunch of frenzied Fieldazillas. What, you may ask, is a Fieldazilla? It's a type of furry creative individual with bright beady eyes and a ticket booked to Sydney's Monkey Baa on August 30th. That's right, my pretties, Field Trip is less than a month away and our preparations are as fun and lively as a frog in a sock.* Our personal grooming has stepped up a notch and the final speaker has been announced (spoiler alert: it's Dave Foster). In case you didn't know, Field Trip is pretty much like Show 'n' Tell at primary school, but stretched out over an entire day, and featuring successful artists instead of that strange kid with the wombat puppet. We're talking super talents like Chris NielsenGeorgia PerryKate BanaziWe Buy Your Kids and Heath Killen standing live on stage sharing their sauciest creative secrets. Legally, we have to disclose that they may sit down at some point. But still, it will be awesome, there will be an afterparty, and you can get a ticket here. Life in general is scoring epic goals. Luke Lucas was commissioned to create a typographic book cover for publishing giant Simon & Schuster, which resulted in a lush, feathery design that we can't stop harping on about. Marc Martin created editorial illustrations for GQ Magazine envisioning houses of the future, and SEA photographer Paul Torcello shot a beautiful campaign for Seretide Health. What can we say? The only downer we've got is Jeremy's lack of 'dad jokes' for his Field Trip dictum. Feel free to tweet us your worst. Until next time, don't forget to floss. Love always - jw.

*No real or imagined frogs were forced to dwell in socks during the composition of this newsletter.

Field Trip: where we make the world more enjoyable by putting attractive artists in a theatre space and providing attentive audiences with their precious first-born... uh, creative insights.

Around Town

And the Final Speaker is... 

05 August 2013

Field Trip is happening in Sydney on 30 August at Monkey Baa and we are contemplating spray tans, express diets, chemical peels, and gruelling boot camp regimes so that we look splendiferous enough for you. Is that even possible? Just kidding – with the amount of talent we’re putting on stage, no one will even notice our fresh Fieldazilla faces. We’ve just confirmed that Dave Foster, of custom lettering and type foundries fame, will be our final speaker, effectively putting the glacé cherry on our Chris Nielsen-Georgia Perry-Kate Banazi-WBYK-Heath Killen cake. We strongly encourage you to book your tickets now. Like, now. Get off this screen and go to the website.

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Paul Torcello for Seretide Health

02 August 2013

SEA photographer Paul Torcello recently worked with Hammond & Thackeray on the latest campaign for Seretide Health. Showcasing his capacity to create strong images with an otherworldly quality, Paul’s shots will be used to promote asthma therapy and treatment for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. The clever retouching and CGI trickery represents the computer skills of Simon McCormack from Lightfarm Studios, and Jason Kilgour and David Bacon were the creative directors on the shoot. We’d like to thank Paul profusely for helping us to imagine soft white clouds rubbing against our purple lungs – beautiful work by all involved.

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Marc Martin for GQ Magazine

31 July 2013

Can you control your house through your smart phone? GQ commissioned Marc Martin to create this editorial illustration about emerging technologies in the home. It seems the house of the future includes gadgets such as remote lightbulbs, robotic vacuum cleaners and wireless power switches. All that’s missing is Rosie from The Jetsons.

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Luke Lucas for Simon & Schuster


Luke Lucas was commissioned to create a typographic book cover for publishing giant Simon & Schuster last June. The second novel by Justina Ireland, entitled Promise of Shadows, follows the feather-tipped adventures of a winged harpy who has never fully adjusted to her fate of being part woman, part bird. The brief specified that Luke’s design should tie in with this theme and he’s certainly delivered with this lush, dark beauty of a book cover. We love the bird’s-egg blue lettering and softer-than-a-kitten’s-fur bird plummage. Fetch us our smelling salts, we’re feeling paranormal!

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