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Welcome to a collection of curated links from the cult of Jacky Winter. Wait, did we just call ourselves a cult? That's not cool, dude. Continuing on from our communication blunder, here's a bunch of links sure to convert you. Err, we mean complete you. Aah, we mean change you. Please step into the car. Toby & Pete and Georgia Perry collaborated for Asus Vivo and created a campaign with all the vivid colours and savage fizziness of Rainbow Warheads. Kate Banazi and Jane Reiseger stoked our love for Sigur Rós and Australian history by drawing covers for Readings Monthly. Our Lamington Drive live-in illustrators put up with a series of obnoxious and arguably pointless questions and let us draw little squiggles beside their photographs. Travis Price illustrated a set of pop-up cards for P&O Cruises and Jesse Marlow took more photographs for Don’t Just Tell Them, Show Them. That's all for now, followers. Love always - jw.

In case you didn't know, our bricks 'n' mortar gallery, Lamington Drive, currently boasts four live-in illustrators. Come meet Ashley, Emi, Sarah and Sophie this week. They'll ask you if you've got your ticket to Field Trip yet.

Around Town

Jesse Marlow says “Don’t Just Tell Them, Show Them”

Aug 19, 2013 11:53 am

SEA photographer Jesse Marlow has been out on the streets taking new candid, observational photos for his personal project, Don’t Just Tell Them, Show Them. This personal project has been in production for nine years, and Jesse’s collection of street-style photographs will be published by M.33 in early December. The collection shows both Jesse’s eye for unusual composition and the beauty of ordinary moments in our everyday cityscape.


Travis Price for P&0 Cruises

Aug 16, 2013 05:53 pm

BMF recently commissioned Travis Price to illustrate these amazing pop-up cards for P&O Cruises. Conjuring up every possible activity imaginable for cruise-ship passengers, Travis worked in dream tandem with The Hungry Workshop, who were responsible for the cut-out and printing design. The nifty mail-out was sent to prospective cruisers as a set with one desk pad and four choose-your-own-holiday style pop-up cards.


Q&A with Lamington Drive’s live-in illustrators

Aug 15, 2013 06:12 pm

We run a tight ship at Jacky Winter. Not only do we forcefeed lamingtons to unsuspecting residents at Lamington Drive, we send them home with pop quizzes at the end of the day. Ashley, Emi, Sarah and Sophie have all been good sports (it must be to do with the huge bags of Haribo gummy bears) and provided witty responses to our wacky questions.

Without further ado… take it away, LD residents!

1. Night owl, or early bird?

Ashley Ronning: Tea-fuelled early bird with the occasional night owl cameo.

Emi Ueoka: I’m no early bird.

Sarah McNeil: Both! In the mornings, I think better… but I never like to go to sleep because I want to get more work done.

Sophie Blackhall-Cain: Night owl! I am trying to change that but it seems like my best ideas emerge at 2am.

2. Most rewarding experience as an artist?

Ashley Ronning: Seeing one of my paintings on someone else’s wall or seeing my set work on TV.

Emi Ueoka: Getting a Nieves zine published with my husband!

Sarah McNeil: Moving around a lot, and having interesting experiences which perhaps other people who have had to stay in one place for their job wouldn’t have.

Sophie Blackhall-Cain: Relatives buying my artwork and hanging it in their houses – it shows that they’re not just humouring me, they actually like it!

3. One food you would never ever eat?

Ashley Ronning: Witchetty grubs.

Emi Ueoka: MSG… ?

Sarah McNeil: Something that is not nice to animals – like shark fin soup or something.

Sophie Blackhall-Cain: Peanut butter. The smell makes me retch. It also happens to be my partner’s favourite food, which  means our greeting kisses are a procession of sniffing, grimacing and rapid avoidance if it’s too soon after lunch.

4. Most appropriate theme song for your artwork? 

Ashley Ronning: ‘Spit On A Stranger’ by Pavement. Cute, nostalgic, and a little bit cheeky.

Emi Ueoka: ‘Smooth Ride’ by Diva Dompe.

Sarah McNeil: This question is hard… maybe ‘Holes’ by Woods? When I work, I mostly listen to old country music, Bruce Springsteen or Silver Jews, but my work demands a song that’s sad and happy at the same time!

Sophie Blackhall-Cain: ‘She’s Losing It’ by Belle and Sebastian.

5. Favourite way to find motivation?

Ashley Ronning: Watching Alejandro Jordorowsky films.

Emi Ueoka: I just take a walk.

Sarah McNeil: Lots and lots of coffee… and energy drinks… and long walks in forests.

Sophie Blackhall-Cain: Nature. Pure and simple.

And lastly…

Please tell us (in one sentence only) why we should visit you at Lamington Drive.

Ashley Ronning: Because we can have a fun drawing session with my textas and I can give away a few piñata secrets.

Emi Ueoka: Because drawings always look better in real life (instead of on that computer screen you’re staring at).

Sarah McNeil: Because I’m only in Melbourne for one month so you won’t get to meet me otherwise!

Sophie Blackhall-Cain: Because I hand out goodies to visitors, I’m nicely groomed, and I don’t bite!


Kate Banazi and Jane Reiseger for Readings Monthly

Aug 14, 2013 04:45 pm

For Sigur Rós, Kveikur is the most gloves-off release to date, and Readings Monthly asked Kate Banazi to create a beautiful but minimalist illustration to match its aesthetic for the cover of the July issue. Kate dove into the challenge with characteristic style and grace, creating a soft, haunting image of the band members contemplating something that us mere mortals can merely guess at.

Meanwhile, Jane Reiseger handily placed Australian history inside an empty rum bottle for the August issue of the newsletter, which featured David Hunt’s new book, Girt. Jane cleverly conserved the story elements of David’s book inside its wobbly, inebriated frame – it’s enough to make us set sail for Botany Bay!


Toby & Pete and Georgia Perry for Asus

Aug 13, 2013 10:56 am

Toby & Pete and Georgia Perry joined forces through Ogilvy Singapore to brighten up the advertising for the Asus Vivo touch screen laptop. Focusing on the sense of touch, Toby & Pete collaborated with our ingenious Hatch artist Georgia Perry to create an explosion of colour and texture using handmade models, CGI and photo illustration. Under Toby & Pete’s direction, Georgia built a suite of tactile models using paper, card, rubber and fur, which the boys then captured in camera and polished in studio. We want to lick the computer screen. It would taste like Rainbow Warheads, right?


And that's your lot for this week. Parting is such sweet sorrow that I shall say goodbye til it be morrow,

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