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All rise before the court, 

Please be seated. In the matter of our appalling absence from the newsletter arena last week, we make no excuses but instead offer reassurances that a glitter cannon of excellence will be fired in your general direction today. Please see below for evidence in the form of a new site launch that combines our legendary roster of unstoppable illustrators with an award-winning animation and motion design team. Together they will occupy a full-service production house like no other known as Flutter. Other news this week includes the opening night of As If by Oslo Davis at our brand new gallery space on Sackville Street in Collingwood. You are most cordially invited and we look forward to reveling with you in sweet social satire on Thursday from 6pm. Meanwhile, keep your own counsel, and don't mention the case of beerCourt dismissed. Love always - jw. 

The relaunch of our full-service production house Flutter has been rolled out with new illustrations and animations for Drinkwise Australia which aim to highlight the 'right' and 'wrong' way to drink. Featuring a smooth-talking, debonair host and the remarkably sage advice to find your individual realm of drinking excellence, the online-only black & white ads are well worth a look. They're already attracting attention precisely because they don't preach total abstinence from alcohol but instead prompt people to reflect on how to enjoy it wisely.

Around Town

Flutter launch feat. Drinkwise Campaign!

Mar 03, 2014 03:33 pm

Welcome back after our brief (and, we hope, enigmatic) silence. We have relaunched our full-service production house Flutter so head over now to your new happy place to check out our suave animated online campaign for Drinkwise Australia. That’s right, a Don Draper-esque figure is going to talk you through the differences between an experienced and amateur drinker. He’ll even help you avoid ending up “s—faced”. There’s a lot of love on Flutter courtesy of Studio PDA and even more to come, so please spend at least an hour or two playing Sancho Panza to its Don Quixote or Chilli to its T-Boz.


Oslo Davis at Lamington Drive

Feb 20, 2014 12:24 pm

Friends and countrymen, Lamington Drive will ceremoniously open its roller door at its new location on March 6th for the As If exhibition by Oslo Davis. Paintings! Drawings! Cartoons! We’re lovingly calling it a veritable mixed bean salad of art, jokes and furniture. You’re cordially invited to come admire and interpret Oslo’s art with us and assist in the creation of  pithy internet-meme-type jokes. From 6–9pm at 101a Sackville Street. Look for the neon sign up the laneway next to the mechanic. We’ve “overheard” it’s going to be quite the caper.


And that's your lot for this week. Parting is such sweet sorrow that I shall say goodbye til it be morrow,

The Jacky Winter Group

Named for the adorable native Australian robin, The Jacky Winter Group is an independent Australian creative agency.


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The Jacky Winter Group: Special Projects Unit. From Live-Action events and conferences to freelance curating or art buying, this is where our production expertise allows us to take on weird and wonderful projects of any shape and size. Coming soon.

A warehouse gallery space in the heart of Collingwood, dedicated to showing the work of Jacky Winter's image makers in a selection of solo and group shows. As well as killer commercial art in a devoted gallery space, Lamington Drive also houses New Blank Document, our fine art printing division.

Inspired by the still life format of BIG!, Lamington Drive will host two special programs for Daniel Emma's upcoming exhibition. More information will be available closer to Opening Night on Thursday, 5 December, 6-9pm.


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