Jacky Winter presents a new kind of business conference.
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15th & 16th Feb 2015, 11am – 4pm Melbourne Museum Theatrette

There’s no shortage of visual inspiration out there, but how exactly do you transform pixels on the screen to food on the table?

Jacky Winter Gives You the Business is here to arm you with the essentials of starting, sustaining, or growing an emerging creative practice. The nuts and bolts. The brass tacks. The nitty gritty. The meat and potatoes. The business end.

Why listen to us?
The Jacky Winter Group have acted as trusted business advisors for both the talent we represent and the clients who engage us, with the folio and partnerships to prove it. Equal parts hawker, financial advisor, producer, therapist, and friend, our success hinges taking charge of the boring stuff so our artists can do what they do best. That means we’re really, really good at the boring stuff, and we want to share that with you. Together with our event partners Media Arts Lawyers:

We want to give you The Business.

Who is going to be speaking at this event? You tell us!

Ever go to a conference only to be bored by two thirds of the panels? We say nuts to that. When you buy a ticket you get to have your say in curating the weekend’s program. To help things along we’ve started with a few suggestions; however, if there’s something you really want to see or learn about, just write it in yourself! Whether you are an architect or web designer, freelancer or business owner, there’s something for everyone. The two topics that get the most votes will be chosen for that topic’s session for Saturday and Sunday.

The polls close on January 16, at which point, the Jacky Winter and Media Arts Lawyers teams will dig deep into our networks to book the top names and faces to speak on the chosen subjects.

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