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Breaking news! Peanut butter Tim Tams are now a thing. A dog passed out from joy when its owner returned home after two years absence. And, as previously reported, Hitched Magazine will now be known as HOORAY! The amazing Beci Orpin created a unique cover design, plus illustrated assets for a story on party food and another on cocktails. Dave Foster lovingly hand-lettered 8,000 individual characters for Invesco and still had energy to create a new typeface. Luke Lucas destroyed fear for Nike; and Allison Colpoys, Ben Sanders and Rudi de Wet were shortlisted for outstanding book design. We love our artists. Will we see you at the opening night of London Edit by Shara Henderson this Wednesday? Hope so! Love always - jw.

In case you missed our Dave Foster double post last week, you should really check it out. This insanely talented designer, typographer and artist did some incredibly detailed work for Invesco through Leo Burnett Chicago. He also released a new typeface co-designed with Paul Barnes on Commercial Type. It's called Marr Sans and it's available in a seven-weight family of italics. Head here for more info.

Around Town

Beci Orpin for HOORAY!

Jul 28, 2014 10:27 am

The Artist Formerly Known As Prince would have loved to be at the re-launch party for the magazine formerly known as Hitched, but at least he can revel in the lush illustrations of the amazing Beci Orpin on the cover and inside the pages. Our crafty lady packed a ton of party goodness into the pages of this month’s issue (Issue Six). The mag will maintain the same non-cookie cutter tips for weddings, but draw a new focus on the art of entertaining, including the sweet agony of arranging a cheese board. Beci illustrated a story on party food as well as a story on cocktails. So delightful.


Dave Foster Double Post

Jul 25, 2014 11:23 am

Dave Foster has been one busy guy lately – first up, he created a set of posters for Invesco through Leo Burnett Chicago. He lovingly hand-lettered over 8,000 individual characters across four illustrations to communicate just how noisy and jargon-filled the investing world can be. You can see how he went from preliminary sketches to final inked script in the video below.

Secondly, Dave released a new typeface that he co-designed with Paul Barnes through Commercial Type. Marr Sans is described as a 2014 revival of a characterful grotesque that appeared in only one weight during the 1870s. In other words, Dave Foster and Paul Barnes reinvented a typeface from several hundred years ago found in the work of James Marr and Co. in Edinburgh, Scotland. They expanded it into a seven-weight family of italics that is suitable for text or display usage, and kept the eccentricities that belie its nineteenth century origins.

They also moved from an elegant thin shape to an industrial strength thick Ultra Black. This utilitarian but distinctive aesthetic belongs in editorial or corporate design, and we reckon it would look sweet embedded in mobile apps or on self-hosted web use. Could Marr Sans be the best thing ever to come out of Scotland? Well, it has to compete with a deep-fried Mars Bar, but it could be close.


Luke Lucas for Nike

Jul 24, 2014 11:13 am

Destroy fear. Just do it. Luke Lucas did, for Nike. He was commissioned to create the stylized slogan for a t-shirt print to go in their Fall 2014 MAT Training Live Strong range. We likey. Luke’s done a ton of work for Nike over the years – check out more script treatments and 3D lettering on his personal website here.


Australian Book Design Awards Shortlist 2014

Jul 23, 2014 10:58 am

Nothing is better than the smell of a new book, and we have a little theory that it smells even better if it has a beautiful illustration on it. Behold the shortlist for the Australian Book Design Awards 2014, featuring the original artwork of Allison Colpoys, Ben Sanders and Rudi de Wet. Allison illustrated a whopping five books over the last year  Letters to the End of Love, Cat & Fiddle, High Sobriety, The Coat Route and Madness: A Memoir. Ben was recognised for his work on his self-written children’s book, I’ve An Uncle Ivan while Rudi de Wet was shortlisted  for the cover of The First Third.

The awards have been around for 62 consecutive years and celebrate outstanding book design. Winners will be announced in Melbourne on 22 August. All the books on the shortlist are currently being showcased at Ariel Books, Sydney and Readings Hawthorn, Melbourne until 28 July.

Go go stick your nose into a bouquet of badassery.


Opening Night of ‘London Edit’ by Shara Henderson

Jul 22, 2014 11:22 am

SEA invites you to join the Jacky Winter team at the opening of ‘London Edit’ by Shara Henderson on Thursday, 31 July at Edmund Pearce Gallery, Melbourne. Shara is known for her curious and rather formal photography. ‘London Edit’ explores her ritualistic and pensive approach to portraiture. The methodical and extended preparation that necessitates the use of the 4×5 field camera to capture these muted scenes and encounters often compels Shara’s subjects to enter a profound state of contemplation and introspection. In the case of her landscape studies, she catches the often overlooked stillness that persists in the big city. ‘London Edit‘ will run from 30 July – 23 August. Please join us from 6pm – 8pm for drinks and toasts on Opening Night.


And that's your lot for this week. Parting is such sweet sorrow that I shall say goodbye til it be morrow,

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