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Given our disinterest in anything that doesn't involve a doona right now, it's difficult to think about quaffing pink moscato. But spring is peeking around the corner and that means catching up with friends, lazy Sunday afternoon drinks, and generally everything associated with summertime. Luci Everett created the label artwork for winery MOJO's debut Moscato. We're hardly the types to wax lyrical about the exact weather conditions the grapes of a particular varietal were grown in or proffer sophisticated wine-tasting remarks like "this blend does indeed elicit some lively notes of peach, orange blossom and nectarine", but we WILL say that Luci's artwork makes us want to buy the bottle. Flat out. And, dare we say, nothing goes better with a fizzy moscato than Australia's favourite musical fruit. Have you watched James Newman's time-lapse video for his work with Heinz Beanz yet? Or checked out the seriously good cover Nigel Buchanan created to accompany a serious article in Newsweek. Seriously, do it. Then escape to another realm with exotic alien flowers and lush botanical specimens. Love always - jw.

The gorgeous girls of Good Wives and Warriors have been up a lot of scaffolding lately: first for BBC Scotland, who commissioned them to create a Glaswegian mural to celebrate the 2014 Commonwealth Games, and secondly for a large-scale painting in London's Ram Fashion Market. The influences of both pieces range from socialist-style murals to Hackney Victorian hothouses. You'll be doing yourself a disservice if you don't check 'em out now

Around Town

Luci Everett for MOJO Moscato

Aug 04, 2014 09:55 am

Luci Everett created the label artwork for MOJO winery’s debut pink Moscato. If it tastes anywhere near as fun as it looks, we’ll take a whole case. Look for the bespoke label on this sweet, fruity elixir at your local retailers and restaurants – it’s summer in a bottle, baby.


James Newman for Heinz Beanz

Aug 01, 2014 11:48 am

Wanna see our onshore photographer James Newman in action? Check out this time lapse video he created of his latest campaign shoot for Heinz Beanz. So. Awesome. We had real grass installed the studio to create a soccer field and James worked with a stylist onset to produce actual mud lettering from real soil spatters. Look at that crew, look at those smiles, we had fun! Well done team.


Good Wives & Warriors Double Post

Jul 31, 2014 11:05 am

How do you represent a city in a single painting? When the BBC asked the gorgeous girls of Good Wives and Warriors that very question, they in turn opened the question to Glaswegians residents – and got tons of inspiration for a large-scale mural in Glasgow to commemorate the 2014 Commonwealth Games. While Becky and Louise actually met at the Glasgow School of Art in 2002, they know that the heart of any city is determined by the people who inhabit it; thus, they drew inspiration from the socialist-style murals that have been painted in Glasgow since the 1970s and sought fresh input from the public. The result is an incredibly detailed, exuberant piece of public art on a three-storey gable in Glasgow’s East End that reflects not only the stories that have shaped a city, but also its cultural and architectural cornerstones. Becky and Louise spent the majority of June hanging out on scaffolding to complete the project and were filmed by BBC Scotland during the process. ‘The People’s Painting: A Mural for Glasgow’ can be viewed here and Good Wives and Warriors’ website even has action shots.

Good Wives and Warriors also recently completed a brief for the UK’s Barbican Centre to create a wall painting in Ram Fashion Market, London. The girls were asked to use exotic alien flowers and plant life to invade the urban environment and architecture. The botanicals referenced reflect both the influence of Hackney Victorian hothouses and textile production sites from days long past. Becky and Louise also researched the synthetic colour palettes that influenced Hugeunot textiles in the 17th and 18th century, which were originally produced in East London.


Nigel Buchanan for Newsweek

Jul 30, 2014 10:45 am

Nigel Buchanan created this compelling cover for the latest issue of Newsweek, which explores the toxic history of Camp Lejeune in North Carolina. Lejeune is one of many military sites across America contaminated with all manner of pollutants; forming a toxic archipelago for citizens and soldiers alike. You can’t explore a serious issue without a seriously good cover, and Nigel has delivered.


And that's your lot for this week. Parting is such sweet sorrow that I shall say goodbye til it be morrow,

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