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Hey there, 

Summer is ending. Say it ain't so! Or say it is so, and we'll forever be a Montague, and mix up our metaphors. Just kidding - things are starting to heat up around here. We had a magnificent turn-out at Lamington Drive last Thursday for Oslo's exhibition and consider our new home officially 'warmed' (the stickiness of the floor is almost pleasant after a while). We also saw double act Maricor/Maricar working on a campaign alongside James Newman for Triaminic and snuck some behind-the-scenes photographs. We welcomed five new amazing artists (see below for more info) and merged our beloved Field Trip with Analog Digital to create a match made in artistic heaven. In between doing that, we gave you a chance to snap up a General Assembly Giveaway - did you enter? Hope so. Because as Paul Torcello discovered shooting soccer stars for Adidas Samba, if you don't get your game on, it's game over. Love always - jw. 

Please be upstanding (or stay seated, we don't really mind) for the grand entrance of five new artists into our fantabulous nest. Learn all about them! Visit their folios! Giggle at their bios! We not only endorse all these activities, we strongly suspect that they will make you into a better person (at least, better than watching cooking segments on breakfast TV, eating Chicken In A Biskit, or watching your driveway turn into a live episode of COPS. What?!)

Around Town

Paul Torcello for Adidas Samba

Mar 11, 2014 03:37 pm

Adidas Samba is a serious soccer training shoe and SEA photographer Paul Torcello shot its latest campaign. He got his game on with some of Australia’s greatest athletes including Josh Dugan, Archie Thompson, Billy Slater, Dale Thomas and Jimmy Bartel. He shoots, he scores! Go, Paul.


General Assembly Prize Competition!

Mar 07, 2014 04:52 pm

Our generous friends at General Academy are offering aspiring designers the chance to win technical tools like a Wacom Intuous Pro Medium tablet, a Leap Motion Controller and a desktop 3D printer. No joke! The full prize package also includes a portfolio consultation with a design expert, two tickets to DesignEX in Sydney, one ticket to ATF: Type By Hand in Sydney, $500 General Assembly credit, $500 Shillington Class credit and a whole bunch of other goodies. That’s like, one Helvetica of a good deal. All you have to do is head over here and tell General Assembly in 25 words or less which product (digital or physical) you wish that you had designed. Entries close on March 10th so be quick!


Analog Digital + Field Trip Giveaway!

Mar 06, 2014 11:05 am

Hold onto your hats, because we’ve merged Field Trip with Analog Digital, and guarantee you the biggest, baddest, bestest time ever at The Field Trip Session this year. The home-grown creative conference we coined with Australian Infront will now offer 3-4 presentations over the course of one weekend as part of the greater and larger event of A/D. To celebrate, we’re offering 20% off all early-bird passes to A/D Melbourne and A/D Brisbane. That’s right, your chance to get creative with live artists is right here in your hot virtual hands.

The coupon codes are as follows:


Don’t use them in conjuction with any other offers and make sure you book before March 9th. We think you know what to do next.


JW Welcomes Five New Artists

Mar 05, 2014 04:39 pm

Ladies and gentlemen, please put your hands together and be upstanding for the newest artists to join our ever-expanding flock. It gives us great pride and joy to make you acquainted with the mega talents of Emi Uoeka, Will Lynes, Paul Shipper, Grace Lee and Andrew Archer.

Emi Uoeka lived at Lamington Drive for a while last year as an artist-in-residence and will now reside in the Hatch. Her work has an understated refinement that can only be achieved by someone who has been drawing since childhood. She likes cups of tea, clean lines and papery foliage.

Will Lynes is a sign painter with a fierce love for decorative glass art that is happily requited. He is uncannily good at making things with his hands and counts Dave Smith as a close friend. He is exhibiting at a group show on March 6 in Collingwood – you should go!

Paul Shipper is an old school movie-poster making genius who has thrilled the pants off J.J. Abrams, Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, Tom Hanks and Jacob Vaughan, to name a few. He’ll be joining the Twitchery and making everyone fall in love with Indiana Jones all over again.

Grace Lee just published her first book, Amazing Babes, and is a bit of an amazing babe herself. Her work has brightened up Tokyo shopfronts and been projected onto giant screens at Sydney Opera House. She can often be found using Copic markers and reimagining fuseboxes.

Andrew Archer is just all around brilliant and will be joining all the other brilliant artists in the Perch. He likes pens, paint and chowing down on crayons. His well-balanced mix of traditional and digital techniques is arguably as addictive as trail mix.

We’re super psyched to have all these incredible Winterlings on board so go check out their folios and say hello!

Welcome to the family, guys!


Maricor/Maricar & James Newman for Triaminic

Mar 04, 2014 02:42 pm

Our favourite twin sisters Maricor/Maricar joined forces with SEA‘s photographer James Newman to work on the new campaign for Triaminic running in North America. We love it when our artists and photographers work together – it’s as sweet as a cat with strawberry jam on its paws. These behind-the-scenes photos of Maricor, Maricar and James being absorbed by work in the studio are adorable.


And that's your lot for this week. Parting is such sweet sorrow that I shall say goodbye til it be morrow,

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