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Oh hi,

Will you be our Valentine? It's sort of embarrassing, but we've actually got crushes on all of you. We're hoping that's okay, given that chivalry only makes its grand appearance once a year, and we're reeeeally hoping to receive some love back this year. There are four days to go til Valentine's Day and we figure that it's just like eBay with everybody waiting for the last five minutes to fight over us. Are we spot-on or is love a battlefield? Cause we're soft like Drake on the inside, baby. We even have three t-shirts designed by Rudi de Wet to wrap you in, a summer kid's program illustrated by Georgia Perry to browse through (you do want kids, right?), and a drawing of Justin Bieber with his hair on fire by Mike Jacobsen. We're deep like that. And we're totally yours - knee-deep in roses, chocolate, and candlelight (ouch!). Love always - jw.  

Supergraph, the 3 day fiesta of graphic art and design featuring an epic line-up of masterclasses with our very attractive artists, is happening February 14-16. Lamington Drive is looking for volunteers to assist with the running of our super duper special store so if you're looking for something to do between February 14-16 and a little bit super yourself, say hola at Thank you!

Around Town

Rudi de Wet for Optus Rockcorps

Feb 10, 2014 02:22 pm

The only thing better than wearing no pants is wearing a brand new t-shirt. Rudi de Wet worked on these 3 original designs for Optus Rockcorps. The public voted the above t-shirt as the pick o’ the bunch, but we quite like the bottom two designs as well. Just so long as we can forgo pants, mmkay?


Georgia Perry for MCA

Feb 07, 2014 03:29 pm

Everyone’s favourite graphic goddess, Georgia Perry aka GPez, recently worked with the Museum of Contemporary Art to create a suite of illustrations and icons for their 2014 Children’s Program. She dreamed up a ton of fun images for both the Primary and Secondary school programs to be used across brochures, calendars and bedroom doors. Georgia, can you teach us to craft like you?


Mike Jacobsen for Lamb Australia

Feb 05, 2014 02:51 pm

Why lose your chops over Justin Bieber when you could have cleaver fever instead? That’s what Mike Jacobsen asked on behalf of Lamb Australia with these tongue-in-cheek illustrations, featuring a bitch-slap with an Aussie thong and a Hottest 100 indie cutlet. Mike plonked lamb right back in the spotlight just in time for Australia Day, proving it’s all grilling and roasting goodness for Generation Lamb.


And that's your lot for this week. Parting is such sweet sorrow that I shall say goodbye til it be morrow,

The Jacky Winter Group

Named for the adorable native Australian robin, The Jacky Winter Group is an independent Australian creative agency.


Photographers, onshore and offshore, dedicated exclusively to photography.

The country's largest, best (and most exciting) roster of illustrators.

Where our prospects earn their patch. Emerging artists of the utmost promise.

Our hard-working storyboarding and visualisation all-stars.

The best artists from around the globe, represented in Australia.

A new breed of imagemakers, from art directors and 3D artists to stylists and set builders.

Putting our work in motion, Flutter is a full-service animation house combining the genius of Jacky Winter's roster with the talents of our award-winning motion graphics and animation specialists. 

Your one-stop digital shop featuring a hand-picked selection of work from Jacky Winter's finest. Fixed cost rights-managed images, including out-of-license and purpose-created imagery, are available on-demand for your projects in the formats you need.

The Jacky Winter Group: Special Projects Unit. From Live-Action events and conferences to freelance curating or art buying, this is where our production expertise allows us to take on weird and wonderful projects of any shape and size. Coming soon.

A warehouse gallery space in the heart of Collingwood, dedicated to showing the work of Jacky Winter's image makers in a selection of solo and group shows. As well as killer commercial art in a devoted gallery space, Lamington Drive also houses New Blank Document, our fine art printing division.

Inspired by the still life format of BIG!, Lamington Drive will host two special programs for Daniel Emma's upcoming exhibition. More information will be available closer to Opening Night on Thursday, 5 December, 6-9pm.


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