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The Weekly Weeder

 October 19, 2017: Box #19
The Last Box for the Leek EOW group

Weekly shares and Leek EOW Group
Hope you can come out to the farm to pick up a pumpkin! 
See "News from the Farm"

Box Contents and Tips

  • Green Top Beets: 1 small bunch Smalls; 1 big bunch Standards; 2 big bunches Doubles.  These young beet greens are excellent to steam (leaves and stems).  Cook roots separately.  Store inside a bag in your refrigerator to keep from wilting the greens and softening the roots.  Steamed beet greens are one of our family favorites!
  • Broccoli: 0.5 pound Smalls; 1 pound Standards; 2 pounds Doubles  Keep storing in plastic bag inside refrigerator until used. 
  • Carrots: 0.85 pounds Smalls; 1.75 pounds Standards; 3.5 pounds Doubles  Keep storing in plastic bag inside refrigerator until used. 
  • Celery Root:1 small Smalls; 1 big Standards; 2 big Doubles  Keep storing in plastic bag inside refrigerator until used, and any portion not used in it's entirety.  Celery Root has very unique appearance, but it's smooth celery flavor is outstanding!  Peel the outside and use the inner portion either raw or cooked as you would celery.  You'll find it turns a bit darker in color after peeling due to oxidation, but it doesn't harm it's taste any.  Try a potato/celeriac au gratin! 
  • Yellow Onions: 2 each Smalls; 4 each Standards; 6 each Doubles
  • Russet Potatoes:  2 pounds Smalls; 4 pounds Standards; 8 pounds Doubles.  Store on counter top. These are the last potatoes we recently dug, and they're storing great!  A standard white potato for baking or peeling/boiling.
  • Squash - Carnival & Delicata (Smalls); Carnival & Thelma Sanders (Standards & Doubles): Store on counter top.  While it was a good year for Jack-O-Lanterns, it wasn't a great year for squash. But, these sweet
  • Spinach: 0.3 pound Smalls; .6 pound Standards; 1.2 pounds Doubles  Keep storing in plastic bag inside refrigerator until used. 
  • Radishes, Daikon (Long White root):1 each bunch Smalls; 1 each Standards; 2 each Doubles. AND Beauty Heart: 1 each small 1 each Standards; 2 each Doubles. Store in a plastic bag inside your refrigerator. These radishes are mild and sweet.  Peel them first!
  • Scarlet Turnips (Fushia colored root): 1 each Smalls; 2 each Standards; 3 each Doubles.  Store inside a bag in your refrigerator.  Eat raw or cooked. Prepare by peeling outside skin, use white interior. Excellent addition to any vegetable soup!   
  • Thyme: 1 small bunch Smalls; 1 big bunch Standards; 2 big bunches Doubles. Keep it fresh by storing in a vase of water.  If you want to dry it, simply let it air dry by spreading out on a cooling rack for good ventilation.  
COMING SOON: More Squash, Carrots, Leeks, Kale, Broccoli and more!
Packing CSA Boxes with Grandma Eddy today - we were so happy for the extra hands with all the goodies to load into your boxes this week!

Last Chance for Bulk Orders

See the Bulk Order Form 
Order ASAP if you want to pick-up at the farm (11 am - 2 pm) on Sunday, Oct 22.
Order by Monday 8 am for delivery to your pick-up site on Thursday, Oct 26.

To place an order, contact us by Monday at noon by email or phone: or (608) 675-3855. 
Then mail your check, made out to Ridgeland Harvest, E5538 Nelson Road, Viroqua WI 54665.

The Boys - climbing the log pile.  This is about a 2 year supply of wood, used for all our heat and hot water for the farm.  We'll cut the logs into manageable chunks to fit into the outdoor wood stove.

News From the Farm

We are loving the sun this week!  After nearly two weeks of rainy, damp days, we're hoping for a nice stretch of dry weather. According to the NOAA, this has been one of the eighth most wet October's on record for our area!

The wet weather sure did bring us out of drought, saving some of our fall plantings and helped our cover crops get established.  Just as our neighbors fields are turning brown with dried corn and dried soybeans, our fields have turned green and lush. These are the cover crops we intentionally plant.  The fields will be left undisturbed until we're ready to plant again next season. We like to plant oats and peas as one of our cover crop.  It is keeping weeds from growing and setting seeds, keeps the soil covered all winter instead of washing away, and it attracts many types of insects and animals that live both below and above the soil surface.  It is a beautiful site to see the countryside change in the many colors of autumn. 

Come out and take a drive thru the countryside!  We hope you can join us for our last CSA gathering - this coming Sunday, October 22 - come anytime between 11 am - 2 pm.  Rain or Shine!  We'll take a wagon ride to see what is still growing and how we're putting our fields to rest for the winter.  Come choose out Jack-o-Lantern pumpkins to take home too!  It sounds like great weather for a drive through the countryside!

Eat well and happy cooking everyone,
Mat & Cate

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