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Share a Share!

FairShare CSA Coalition is holding a donation drive to support their Partner Shares program from July 21 through Aug. 8.
We believe every family should have access to locally produced, organic food. Unfortunately, for many people, purchasing local, farm-fresh, food is beyond their means. The Partner Shares program brings fresh produce within reach for low-income families by providing up to $300 toward the cost of their CSA share. This means farmers receive a fair price for their produce, and families no longer have to choose between eating healthy and affording life’s other expenses.
As you continue enjoying the delicious produce in your CSA box, we invite you to share this experience with others in your community.
Please donate to the Partner Shares program and “Share a Share” today!

For more information about Partner Shares and how you can donate please visit FairShare’s website:              
“Eating well should be a joyful experience that enhances your diet, your health, and your life. Trying to eat well should NOT be a source of stress. The Partner Shares program assists in reducing the stress of trying to eat well, thereby enhancing lives and spreading joy!” – Johanna N., Vermont Valley Community Farm, LLC, Partner Shares Participant


Did you know? 15.9% of Americans experience food insecurity. This means that 48,966,000 people do not have consistent access to enough food to support a healthy, active life for all household members. Of these individuals, 3,136,250 live in the states that FairShare CSA Coalition serves. These are people living in your communities and your neighborhoods.
Through FairShare CSA Coalition’s Partner Shares program, a cost-sharing program offering up to $300 toward the purchase of a CSA share, about 180 low-income families receive locally produced, nutritious food throughout the 20-week growing season.   
In order to reach more families, FairShare CSA Coalition is holding a Partner Shares Program Donation Drive from July 21 through Aug. 8.
As a CSA member, you enjoy the freshest produce available, and we sincerely hope you are soaking up this season’s best. Please share the bounty with others by donating to the Partner Shares Program and Share a Share today!
For more information about Partner Shares and how you can donate please visit FairShare’s website:


“For my family, we have struggled at times to have enough food. Affording real, local sustainably harvested, organic food, although very important to us, is sometimes financially out of reach. The Partner Shares program has allowed me to feed my kids very healthy, very delicious, and very interesting vegetables and fruit. Every CSA day is well celebrated in our household…Thank you for this amazing opportunity.” Montana P., Harmony Valley Farm Partner Shares Participant


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