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The Weekly Weeder

June 16, 2016
The First Box

Weekly shares and Garlic EOW Group
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Please take the time to watch this video on how to disassemble and flatten your box.  You would be surprised how many boxes get ruined after only one use by people not taking the time and care to flatten their box.  Be sure to turn up your volume.

Box Contents and Tips

Fourteen years ago when we first started our CSA, copying recipes into our newsletter was a necessary component in using fresh vegetables.  But since there are now so many internet sites dedicated to recipes and tips on using your CSA box we no longer provide recipes.   We do however welcome your cooking tips and recipes and if you email them to us we will happily share them in our newsletter.
  • Beets, Red: Grown in the high tunnel these beauties are ready to be wrapped in foil and grilled, grated and sauteed in butter, or simply cooked then used in cold salads. The greens are wonderful steamed/boiled until tender, then eaten with butter, salt & pepper.  Store in the refrigerator in a plastic bag so greens won't wilt and roots won't dry out and become dehydrated. 
  • Fennel:  Great for using in spaghetti or pizza sauce.  Leafy portion doesn't hold up very well but can be used.  We typically trim off the leaves for the worm bin and keep the bulb (white portion) in a plastic bag until we're ready to use it.   
  • Lettuce, Green and/or Red Romaine: Cut bottom core to release the leaves, wash thoroughly, shake out excess moisture, store in salad spinner, plastic bag or Tupperware.
  • Radishes, Easter Egg: We like to immediately cut off the radishes from the greens, rinse the roots as they were quite muddy during harvest, and place into a plastic bag until eaten.  They have a nice spice to them due to the recent heat.    
  • Shallots:  The last of our storage crops from 2015!  Use as you would an onion and store on your counter top.
  • Strawberries!!  Wow, our new berry patch and the hot temperatures spurred on a bumper crop!  See more details in the News from the Farm.  Everyone has received pints from Friday's picking and Monday's picking.  Eat them up soon as they are quite perishable. Store in the refrigerator.
COMING SOON....Bok Choy, Pea Vine, Baby Turnips, Cilantro, Swiss Chard, More Lettuce and so much more!

News From the Farm

It's been another wild spring here on our farm with fluctuating temperatures and stormy weather.  April was hot, dry and windy; May was cold; June has been hot and wet....what will the coming season bring? 

The past few weeks have seen more days of wet weather than dry.  It's making the crops double in size quickly, but also the weeds and mechanical cultivation has been almost impossible.  We'll be working hard Thursday and Friday to get things back under weed control.  

Accompanying the wet is the heat, which has made berry picking a tremendous undertaking as they ripened much faster than anticipated.  At the time we made the decision of when the first CSA delivery would be, the weather was cool and things were lagging behind due to May's cool weather.  But once the warm weather finally came, the crops jumped!  Berries started to flood the packing shed at the end of last week, so we've filled your boxes generously.  Peak berries have hit and our last picking will be next Monday.  Box #2 will have berries too, but maybe not quite as much.  
Cate & Mat

Bulletin Board

This Saturday June 18th from 8 am - 6 pm  (NO SUNDAY VISITORS)

CSA members pick for free; non-CSA members $1.50/pound.
Bring your own containers or purchase supplies on site.
Kids are welcome but need to be supervised.  Leave your dogs at home.
See the website for directions to the farm:
It is hard to believe that just a few weeks ago Mat was running the pumps 24 hours a day irrigating.  While we love the rain- we love a balance of moisture and dry warm weather much more.  Lets hope for more balance in the coming weeks
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