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The Weekly Weeder

October 1, 2015
EOW 'Beet' group
Look at that! Romanesco will be making another appearance in your boxes soon.

Box Contents and Tips

  • Gray Kabocha Squash:  a nice sweet and dry squash.  Store on the counter
  • Delicata Squash: The first squash of the season!  These sweet tender skinned squash can be quickly halved (the long way), seed cavity taken out, and cut into 1" half moons.  Saute in butter, flipping when golden brown.  Add maple syrup for the last 5-10 minutes for a special dinner.  That's right - no need to peel these - eat the skin and all!  Store on counter top until used.
  • Red Beets:  store in plastic bag.  These will last weeks if you remove the tops from the root- the greens/tops are a family favorite.  Our last planting didn't germinate well during the hot dry time in late July, so not many to share, nor many large ones, though still very tasty!
  • Watermelon (aka Beauty Heart) Radish:  a sweet and mild radish.   
  • Scarlet Turnips:  a sweet turnip-great raw, delicious roasted or in a stew.
  • Shallots: Store on counter top.  Use this week as some were damaged in the onion topper.
  • Swiss Chard:  store in plastic bag in fridge
  • Thyme:  use fresh or dry on counter for winter cooking.  Also makes a great tea during cold/flu season as thyme thins mucus
  • Peppers:  frost was in the forecast so we picked the patch clean we have green peppers this week
  • Saute Mix: Use it raw or lightly saute.  A mixture of mizuna, red mustard, tat soi and arugula makes this a bit peppery and spicy.  Delicious!
  • Garlic: Store on counter top until used.
Lots more winter squash (butternut,pie pumpkins, acorn, carnival!), storage onions, Celery Root, Turnips, Rutabagas, Leeks, Potatoes, and much more!
How can something this beautiful not be delicious?

News From the Farm

Has it been a week already since the last CSA box?  Our heads are down working with deliberate speed racing against the looming cold weather.  Even though we have been very blessed with warm sunny days, we know by the chill in the morning air, that frost will soon arrive.  For us frost is something for which we eagerly await and yet have a slight touch of anxiety as we worry that we won't make it through our long project list before winter.  Whenever we feel that anxious tinge it is always wise to remember the sweetness that the frost brings. Our carrots become like candy and the perfume of a cooler packed full with 40,000 pounds of frost sweetened carrots is like no other sensation.  And then there are Brussels Sprouts- I can't even imagine eating a Brussels Sprout that has not been frosted- our boys will gorge themselves on a simple meal of steamed Brussels seasoned only with butter and salt and pepper.   Frost really is our friend helping ease us into winter- in many ways it is much like the bell lap in track- letting us know that the end is near and pushing us to dig deep into those energy reserves for one last sprint toward the finish line.

We hope that you eagerly await the frost and all the goodness it brings.
Eat well,
Cate & Mat

Bulletin Board

Because of the lack of interest we will not be offering a Holiday Box this year.  Instead we will be offering an expanded selection of bulk purchases of storage crops.


* Carrots, 10 pounds $17 or 25 pounds $35
* Garlic, 5 pounds $25

* Kale (green, red or a mix of both), 12 bunches $14
* Onions:
* Yellow, 5 pounds $7.50 or 10 pounds $15
* Red, 5 pounds $7.50 or 10 pounds $15
* Sweet, 5 pounds $7.50 or 10 pounds $15
* Cipollini, 5 pounds $12.50 or 10 pounds $25

Place your order by 8 am Tuesday ( and send your payment to the farm: E5538 Nelson Road, Viroqua, WI 54665.

RESCHEDULING A DELIVERY: New this season, we are allowing members to reschedule, one time only,  to an alternate week to accommodate travel and vacation.  Or you can choose to postpone and double your next delivery. 

We must be notified of your intent to reschedule or postpone delivery by 8 am on the Monday of your normally scheduled delivery week.  There will be no exceptions to this deadline.  We are happy to offer this to members, but it has been taking a significant amount of time to track and manage the changes so to help please be sure to include the following:  Name, share size, delivery schedule (weekly or EOW group), pickup site, relevant dates

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