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The Weekly Weeder

September 11, 2014

Box Contents and Tips

Box #14:  This is a Orange EOW Group

** Use care when unpacking your paper tomato bags, the wet lettuce will make them easily tear. **
  • Broccoli- the first of our fall plantings- more to come.  Store in a loosely sealed plastic bag.
  • Cabbage- these babies can be large.  Store in crisper drawer in refrigerator.  Remove outer leaves as they yellow from storage.
  • Cucumbers- nearing the end of our last and final planting.  The crew held a small celebration at the news of its end.
  • Carrots- store in plastic bag in refrigerator
  • Lettuce - Red and/or Green Leaf: At long last!  We babied these plants along during the dry-spell of late July when they were transplanted.  A big load this week since hot weather in the next few days plus the wet conditions won't make field holding possible.  Store in plastic bag or salad spinner.  Be sure to wash thoroughly as their is still dirt within the leaves.
  • Sweet Pepper Mix:  Red or Yellow Bell, Carmen (long red tapered) sweet pepper.  Store in plastic bag in refrigerator. Tired of peppers?  Remove seeds and core.  Place in a freezer bag, freeze for use this winter.
  • Parsley- store in a glass of water as you would a bouquet of flowers- in the refrigerator
  • Leek- store in a plastic bag in refrigerator- use the bottom portion.
  • Romanesco: What a beautiful creation!  Use as you would cauliflower or broccoli. 
  • TOMATOES!  CHERRY'S & SLICERS  Likely the last cherries.  Tired of cherry's - place in cake pan and put into the freezer, then into freezer bags - they make great additions to sauces, beans, pizza sauce and soups as their sweetness helps enhance and deepen the flavor.

Coming Soon (in the next box or so): 
More Leeks and more broccoli, Squash, sage, Potatoes and much more!

Bulletin Board

Bulk Purchase Opportunities:
Beets:  10 pounds $15
   Carrots: 25 pounds for $35

Please send us an email by Monday to receive your order along with your CSA delivery.  Send payment to the farm: E5538 Nelson Road, Viroqua, WI 54665

2nd Annual Pizza Party!  Saturday Sept. 13, 2014.  Wagon rides, u-pick farm tour and amazing food by Luke Zahm of the Driftless Cafe - you don't want to miss this.... it will be a great time and amazing food!  To purchase tickets:

Holiday CSA Shares available: Our November 20th share is delivered in time for Thanksgiving.  Sign-up now to secure more of the fall harvest with quantities of onions, garlic, potatoes, carrots, winter squash and so much more.  More information here:

 Archived Newsletters are available here

News From the Farm

We started our Wednesday in a summer thunderstorm and ended it with a brisk Autumn breeze.  What a difference a few hours can make in September.  We are a little frustrated by the wet weather and the fact that it has prevented us from tackling the weeds on several crops.  More importantly we have missed several plantings of fall/winter spinach as the soil has been too wet to work.  Pray for some dry weather and a long fall.

All in all, we have had a good week since our last delivery.  We harvested our winter squash and are happy to announce that the wet conditions that wreaked havoc with the vines did not affect the fruit.  We were really concerned that we would see a bunch of rot.  The yields were not quite as good as they have been in the past, but we planted over an acre of squash and will have plenty  for the end of the CSA season and for our holiday/storage shares.  It will take a week or two to cure and develop a good level of sweetness.  Once it is ready you will see it in your boxes.  Our dry storage room is now packed full of onions, garlic and squash.  (see the pictures below)

In other news we have had a few people ask about our raspberry picking.  We do have berries to pick, however, like many growers we have been hit by the spotted wing drosophila, a relative of the household fruit fly.  The main trouble with this critter is that it can lay its eggs in green/unripe fruit which results in little maggots that appear a day or two after your harvest the berries.  We will have to decide what we will do, as this is the third year in dealing with this pest.  We love to grow and eat raspberries, but it isn't a crop that we are really interested in putting onto an intensive and costly spray schedule.

We will be finishing this week in preparing for the Pizza Party.  We are really looking forward to this event and are expecting a large turnout. One of the things we look forward to the most is taking the kids (and adults) on the u-pick farm tour.  When digging potatoes last year a friend was amazed at their enthusiasm and commented that it is like parade candy.....looking forward to sharing our farm and a wonderful meal with some really good people.

Happy Eating!
Cate & Mat
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