The Weekly Weeder 
Box #16: September 27, 2018

EOW "Tomato Group"
Box Contents, Storage & Cooking Tips 
Cabbage, Green
1 small head Small Shares; 1 larger head Standard Shares; 2 larger heads Double Shares

This is a nice storage variety of cabbage.  You can use it now, raw or cooked, or store in the refrigerator until desired. It is also good for sauerkraut and kimchee.     

1 pound for Small Shares; 2 pounds for Standard Shares; 4 pounds for Double Shares.

Keep in bag and store in refrigerator until used.  No need to peel the outer skin, just rinse and use cooked or raw!  The last two boxes (19 & 20) will have more carrots again.    

Chard, Rainbow 
1 small bunch Small Shares; 1 larger bunch Standard Shares; 1 larger bunch Double Shares

Store in bag to keep from wilting.  The chard has not been very happy this season with the extreme hot temperatures and then the wet cloudy days. The cold on Friday may damage the leaves, so while some leaves are quite small, we wanted everyone to get at least one more bunch this season.  

Lettuce, Red or Green 
1 small bunch Small Shares; 1 large bunch Standard Shares; 2 large bunches Double Shares

Peel off any remaining bad leaves. These are smaller than we would normally harvest, but we've been hungry for fresh lettuce. While these varieties are good in cool weather, we're going to cover them on Friday to be sure they aren't damaged.  Next week we want to have more for your boxes!

Eggplant ~ The Last! 
2 Small Shares; 2 Standard Shares; 2 Double Shares.

We clipped whatever was still useable, many of them are very small!  A little something to 

Onion, Yellow
1 pound Small Shares; 2 pounds Standard Shares; 4 pounds Double Shares

Use raw or cooked. Store on the counter at room temperature, or a cooler space along an outside wall.  Be sure to keep temperatures above freezing.  

Radish, Daikon
2 count Small Shares; 3 count Standard Shares; 5 count Double Shares

Peel the outer skin and any bad portions. Very mild radish flavor.   

Radish, Black Spanish (round & black) 
2 count Small Shares; 3 count Standard Shares; 5 count Double Shares

Peel the outside skin and eat the interior. German's love these radishes, slicing thinly and salting, then eating with beer.  Use as you would any other radish.  

There was just enough for the small shares this week. but next week we'll have more!

Use as you would cauliflower.  Romanesco is a nuttier version of cauliflower.  

Squash - Spaghetti
2 count Small Shares; 2 count Standard Shares; 4 count Double Shares

Not a long keeper.  Be careful not to overcook these for a nice noddle-like texture.  

Squash - Butternut
2 count Small Shares; 2 count Standard Shares; 6 count Double Shares

A wonderful storage type.  Known for its use in creamy soups, chunked for steaming, or roasted. Store on the countertop at room temperature, or for longer storage in a cool dark place.

Tomatoes, Paste - Standards Only
1.25-1.5 pounds 

These could be the last of tomatoes, though we haven't pulled the stakes on the paste tomatoes yet since there is still so much fruit on them!

COMING SOON:  Leeks, Kabocha Winter Squash, Potatoes and More!
Packing Boxes... Glad to have the help of Mats Mom... what would we do with out Marie Eddy?   Thank you Mom.

News From the Farm

It's been another hustle bustle beginning of the week.  We prepared for another round of rain.  While it is frustrating to have finally had fields dry out, only to become wet again, we try to keep our heads on the work and not on things we can't change.  Though this time of the season stress and anxiety are already running high.  So we hit the fields hard on Monday and Tuesday morning, digging the potatoes, harvesting tomatoes, bulking out more roots, and taking down trellis from the cucumbers and tomatoes.  Mat and Craig cleaned up fields with mowing, disking and finally planting some of our cover crops.  By noon on Tuesday, the rain was falling hard, and luckily our work could be switched to inside tasks.  We spent the rainy afternoon pressure washing roots; brush washing eggplant and more squash; bagging tomatoes, carrots and onions; and sorting garlic seed.  It was hard to fit everything inside the coolers, but we did it!

This week's box is missing our broccoli planting.  The heavy rains and wet damp conditions of early September melted down an entire planting of broccoli. It's hard when a big planting is lost, especially when they had nice heads developing.  So we harvested the cabbages a little smaller to help fill the gap. We hope our final broccoli planting will mature in time for the last boxes in just a few short weeks!  

We can feel the cold moving in.  The first 32 degree temperature is forecasted for Friday night!  While most of what is out in the fields can handle a bit of cold, we'll be scurrying to harvest peppers, and covering up to insulate the lettuces and beets.  As the cold becomes part of our daily lives again, our routines change too.  Closing doors, wearing sweatshirts, and storing dry goods in the insulated part of the packing shed. 

Stay warm with your squash in the oven! 

With gratitude,
Cate and Mat
With rain in the forecast and soil just barley dry enough to work.... we managed to get our potatoes harvested.  We will wash these later this week or early next week for the coming boxes.
The digger digs them and lays them on the ground.  We pick them up in buckets
Full buckets are hauled to the wagon and dumped in black trays for storage.
1. Will there be more opportunities to purchase in bulk before the end of the season?  Yes, for the past few years we have offered a big listing of quantities of crops you can purchase.  The deliveries are made on the last 2 weeks of the CSA season.  We'll have the 2018 Fall Bulk Order Form ready next week. 

2.  When is the final CSA box delivered? 
Thursday October 18 is the last Bean EOW Group delivery
Thursday October 25 is the final box and last Tomato EOW Group delivery

3.  When can we sign up for a 2019 CSA Share?  
We'll have our sign-up information available in December.  We'll email this list and also posted it to our website.  

Beets: 10 pounds $15  or 25 pounds $32

Carrots: 10 pounds $17 or 25 pounds $37

Garlic:  5 pounds $30

Yellow Storage Onions:  5 pounds $8 or 10 pounds $15

Kale - green curly: $18 for 12 bunches 
         - lacinato: $20 for 12 bunches

Maple Syrup:   $10 / pint or $20 / quart

To place an order: Email us by Monday with your order.  Then mail a check made out to "Ridgeland Harvest" at E5538 Nelson Road, Viroqua WI 54665.  
Rescheduling a delivery or change your pick-up site:

Members can reschedule, one time only, to an alternate week to accommodate travel and vacation.  Or you can choose to postpone and double your next delivery. 

To reschedule, please fill out the Delivery Change Form located here or on the website:
Requests must be submitted by 8:30 am on the Monday of your normally scheduled delivery week.  There will be no exceptions to this deadline. 
Your goofy farmers...  
Laughter is good medicine.  
Eat well and laugh more!
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