Our beautiful new Strawberry Patch - Our taste buds are watering already!
Farm Greetings!

The spring planting craze continues here on your CSA farm.  April was warm, but May has been unseasonably cool.  We appreciated some wet weather and are eager for the warmer temperatures.  This Saturday's forecast is almost 80-degrees; last Saturday we had frost and a low of 30-degrees!  I guess that's what spring does - fluctuates wildly and gives the farmers lots to talk about!

Despite cold temperatures, we have tons of flowers on the new strawberry planting, though some flowers (future berries) were lost to the cold.  We were lucky not to loose everything like some neighboring apple and grape farmers in our area.  The cool weather crops that we have planted are doing well, though growing slowly.  Spinach, lettuces, cabbages, radishes, broccoli, rhubarb, onions and scallions and so much more.  That said, we haven't set our first CSA delivery date yet. 

Next week we will email you our Member Handbook, assign every-other-week members to a group, and set the date of our first CSA delivery.

Please help us spread the word that we are still accepting CSA members!
Sign-up information can be found here: www.ridgelandharvest.com 

In appreciation,
Your Farmers Cate and Mat
Last Friday: A cold, muddy day.  Rain was falling and the temperatures were dropping steadily as we headed into a frosty weekend.  We finished planting this bed of kohlrabi when the field became too muddy for the tractor to drive anymore.

A day like this isn't so bad when everyone on the crew can stay positive.  Can you see the big smiles on new crew members Vanessa and Nathanial's faces? We think they're going to do fine this season!
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