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The Weekly Weeder

July 10, 2014
I don't think the feet of our youngest son, John, ever touch the ground.  Here he is as happy and eager as usual heading out for a picnic.

Box Contents and Tips

Box #5:  This is a Blue EOW Group

  • Broccoli: Wow, it just keeps on going!  Store in plastic bag until used, or it will become rubbery. 
  • Basil: keep in a vase of water on your counter top as the refrigerator is much too cold (and will turn the basil black and slimy....inedible at that point!)
  • Kohlrabi:  While the leaves don't look so nice, it's the bulb root end that you're eating.  Peel away the thick outer layer, and beneath it is tender and juicy!  Use raw or cooked.  Store in plastic bag in refrigerator.  
  • Swiss Chard: This is not so pretty any more as pests have moved into the high tunnel. Thus this will be the last you will receive for awhile.
  • Scallions (green onions): A versatile and mild onion that is excellent used raw in salads and dressings.  Store in plastic bag in refrigerator.  Entire white and green parts are edible.
  • Zucchini - Gold and Green:  the first of many givings!  Store in warmer part of refrigerator or on counter top.  Prefers about 50-55-degrees. 
  • Patty Pan Summer Squash (Double only) - these are the round scalloped shaped summer squash.  Many love to stuff them or they're excellent on the grill. Store the same as zucchini.
  • Beets, Red:  Store in plastic bag in the refrigerator.  Will keep for weeks this way until you're ready to use.  We removed the tops as they were very ugly and would not store well.  We usually love to eat the tops.  We have several other plantings on the way so you will have your chance to try beet greens in the future.

Coming Soon (in the next box or so): 
More Zucchini, Broccoli and Napa Cabbage; Head Lettuce, Parsley and more!

Important Reminders

1. With the July 4th Holiday, please be sure you pick up your box on Thursday as some businesses will not be open on Friday.
2. Share our Member Handbook if you are not picking up the box yourself.  Find a copy here          
3. Take ONLY the box with your name on it (the primary contact person for your share).
4.  Respect the guidelines of your pick-up site, as described in your Member Handbook.
5.  Carefully dismantle your farm box, and leave at your pick up site.  Any ripped tabs of your box, generally ruins the box and makes it unable to be reused.  Please use care and see the diagram in the Member Handbook on flattening your box. 
6. Archived Newsletters are available here
Once again, bending in half is the position our work demands.  Please know that your zucchini is brought to you by several sore backs.

News From the Farm

Wow!  Our brains are a bit muddled  tonight, as we adjust  to the intensity of the season. Our broccoli and zucchini crops  are keeping us well occupied.  They're intense because we harvest them three times a week to stay on top of their ripening.  This involves the body-intensive bending and stooping (or elephant walk as we like to say) up and down the beds.  It felt like we were climbing inside the zucchini plants to cut all the sized up fruits! 

We loved hearing from some of you and how you are putting your food to use.  Your stories bring us so much appreciation for your support - and we always love to hear about how things are being used what you love and mostly we love your humor and good stories.

We don't have much energy for a grand news from the farm tonight as we begin to feel the grind of summer.  We do hope that you enjoy the produce this week as much as we love harvesting and packing it for you. 

Happy Eating!

Enjoy the box!
Cate & Mat
Mulching the leeks.
Rose and Nikki preparing to transplant more kale and broccoli.
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