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The Weekly Weeder

October 2, 2014

Box Contents and Tips

Box #17:  This is a Blue EOW Group

  • Arugula - A wonderfully zesty green that is great lightly wilted or raw on a sandwich. Store in plastic bag of refrigerator.
  • Beets Cylindrical-  store in plastic bag in refrigerator
  • Celeriac- remove tops,  Store in plastic BagFor those unfamiliar- use the bulb as you would celery- great addition to any soup or stew
  • Carrots- some of the last of our late summer crop, while not overly pretty to look at they are still tasty
  • Cherry Tomatoes- the last
  • Red kale- store in plastic bag in refrigerator
  • Purple Top Turnips- cook eat the greens too!  Store greens and root separately.
  • Yellow Onions- store on counter
  • Spaghetti Squash -   Store on counter top.  Very sweet! A great substitute for pasta.  We love to roast then top with garlic butter and parsley or your favorite marinara.

Coming Soon (in the next box or so): 
More Kale, Turnips, Celery Root, Brussels Sprouts, Squash, Napa, potatoes and much more...

News From the Farm

October is a race against the clock for Wisconsin vegetable farmers.  Frost is a continual threat- although often a blessing as it really helps to sweeten the carrots, kale, broccoli and brussels sprouts.  However there is this sense of pressure and we often think that there is no way we can possibly get it all done before it freezes.  It is then punctuated by the feeling that there is no way we can possibly fit all those storage crops in our two coolers.  Often we end up packing the reefer truck and running that for added storage.  Then we have to remind ourselves that this happens every year and god willing everything will get done that needs doing.

We have made a good start on our preparations for winter by making room in the coolers for our carrots (carrots is what pays our bills during the winter).  And after sampling the fall plantings yesterday it looks like we will have another sweet crop for this winter.  Besides making room for the storage crops, we are still planting.  We have a nice crop of spinach in our high tunnel and it will be ready for our holiday share delivery.  Also Mat worked well past dark on Tuesday night planting by tractor light cover crops of winter rye and vetch.  It  always feels great to have a good cover crop to help hold the soil during those spring rains.  Also the vetch is a legume and will add nitrogen to the soil for next year.

This week we had to adjust to the bone chilling dampness that welcomes us in the mornings and bids us farewell at the end of the day.  For some, working in this weather is often a difficult transition, as we now have to remember to bring that extra layer to the field and to try to stay dry by lumbering around in bulky rain pants to shield us from the dew on the tall kale plants.  I know that on Tuesday, after kneeling in the cool damp soil harvesting carrots, most of the crew was longing for a hot bath or a cozy blanket to get those bones warmed up again and ready to harvest and pack boxes on Wednesday.  This is the time of year when the wheat is separated from the chaff,  the routine is now monotonous and no longer new and exciting.  This is the time of year that our greenhorns learn whether or not they have what it takes to work on a produce farm in Wisconsin.  For Cate and I this is the time of year when we are able to see the light at the end of the tunnel,  In a matter of a couple of months the frantic pace will slow to allow us to begin dreaming of another season.  But not yet, we will lower our heads with determination to get our work finished and to bring you bountiful boxes of the fall harvests.

Happy Eating,
Cate & Mat

Bulletin Board

Bulk Purchase Opportunities:
Beets:  10 pounds $15
   Carrots: 25 pounds for $35

   Kale (red, green or lacinato) 12 bunches for $15  - Excellent for freezing, drying or making kale chips!

Please send us an email by Monday to receive your order along with your CSA delivery.  Send payment to the farm: E5538 Nelson Road, Viroqua, WI 54665

Holiday CSA Shares available: Our November 20th share is delivered in time for Thanksgiving.  Sign-up now to secure more of the fall harvest with quantities of onions, garlic, potatoes, carrots, winter squash and so much more.  More information here:

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