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 Thursday August 15, 2019
Savoy Cabbage... while most of our brassicas are showing signs of Black Rot including the savoy cabbage.  We are still managingn to find plenty of good too.
News From the Farm

- Happy Mid-August! -

The scenery from our ridgetop vantage point are the beautiful shades of greens, some dark, some light, some curved and others in blocks.  Like different patches on a quilt.  Yet the landscape is subtling changing.  The walnut tree leaves are starting to turn from green to yellow (they're the first leaves to fall off), the goldenrod is starting to bloom (folk lore says this means 6-8 weeks until first frost), and the crickets are dominating the airwaves! 

In our fence rows the pods on the milkweeds are plumping out, and the Monarch butterflies are beginning to arrive from Canada on their southern migration.

Despite the crops lagging behind by about 2 weeks, we cannot alter the fact that the daylight hours are decreasing every day.  We notice the longer shadows in our morning harvests, and the earlier shadows that appear during the late afternoon. 

The subtleness of the light effects the crops too.  The winter squash plants, to an amateur eye, look sick and yellowing and ugly; yet beneath the worn and weathered leaves are big colorful fruits!  The squash will continue to size up and develop more color, but we're spotting orange pumpkins, tan butternuts, and the bright red kabochas already!  

But, we are disgusted by the brassica crops as the black rot disease continues to affect all of our fall brassica crops.  We are thankful when the sun comes out as it helps dry off the heavy dews and rainy weather - things that help black rot thrive and spread.  We are trying to stay ahead of it by picking down leaves and harvesting things smaller so those fields can be plowed under.  And it appears that our efforts are helping.

We worry about the slow growth, both from the 2 week lag from the late start this spring and now the cool nights for the last several weeks.  Our minds go to negative places sometimes as we think about all the tiny crops still needing time and warmth to grow. All the green fruits and small flowers needing time to grow so we can put them into your boxes and stock up the coolers for the winter.  We recognize that this year the boxes have felt pretty lean.  We hope that we will have some seasonal temps so that things will ripen and we can give you a bountiful end of the season.. 

We appreciate your notes of encouragement and kind understanding words  Thank you!  We so appreciate your support in one the more difficult and challenging seasons we have had in many years.  

In appreciation - Your farmers,
Cate & Mat
The first few melons were harvested... a crew favorite as we get to play catch.
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The Kale Field
Kale harvest.....
Harvest knives... washed and ready for sharpening.

Week#10 CSA Box Contents: 

Weekly Shares + Every-other-Week "Melon Group"

Cucumbers -

Our first planting is ending and the second one is just beginning. Lots of scratchy skin on them from windy weather when they were young.  

Cabbage, Savoy -

Tuck it into the corner of your crisper drawer if you're tired of cabbage.  We've enjoyed cold slaw and added thin slices in a cold Asian noodle salad (see recipe here:

Garlic -

One of many varieties were given this week including german white, chesnok red or Italian.... 

Kale, Green (standard and double shares); Red (small shares)
Did you know that kale and bacon go really well together? For those not interested in pork, try other protein sources like marinated tofo or scrambled eggs.  

Lettuce, Red Leaf -

We've been waiting for this beutiful lettuce to size up and the harvest went fine.  But once we started washing it we discovered lots of inch worms gourging on the under leaves.  We took off the worst of the leaves, but you'll want to cut off the end and wash the leaves good.  You're apt to find a few more tiny worms.  Ugh.  We debated throwing it away entirely, but since it's the very last lettuce of the season, we felt a small head would be just enough to top a fresh sandwich (perhaps a BLT)! 

Melons - Cantaloupe (La Crosse, Viroqua, Onalaska Farmer Shares only)

The first harvest!  More to come for the next week.

Peppers - Jalapenos & 1 sweet pepper for everyone

It's not a great sweet pepper year with the cool nights.  Ripening is much slower in cool weather.  So, we treasure the ones we're getting!

Scallions -

Tomatoes!  - Farmhouse Cherry Mix & 1 slicing tomato

Like the peppers, the tomatoes are ripening slow too.  But we're excited to have a good helping on the cherry tomatoes for all shares!  

Let you tomatoes sit out on the counter at room temperature for a few days.  You'll know your tomatoes are ripen by their dark color and soft feel when gently squeezed.  

Zucchini - Green and/or Gold
COMING SOON...Melons, Cherry Tomatoes and more!
Bulk Purchase Opportunities - a great time to freeze and stock up:

Garlic 5 pounds $30

Kale 12 bunches $8

Eggplant, Oriental OR Globe, 10 pounds  $22
(please specify type when ordering)

Jalapeno Peppers, 5 pounds $18
                               10 pounds $35

Send us an email by Monday 8 am if you'd like to order anything:  Then send your check to "Ridgeland Harvest" E5538 Nelson Road, Viroqua WI 54665.
Trimming Garlic
Thank you! 
Your farmers Cate & Mat
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