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The Weekly Weeder

July 3, 2014
Pea planting number two, taken several weeks ago, now trellised and starting to flower!

Box Contents and Tips

Box #4:  This is a Orange EOW Group

  • Broccoli: The first of many plantings!  Store in plastic bag until used, or it will become rubbery. 
  • Cilantro:  A large bunch this week!  Use as part of a salad dressing for a napa cabbage slaw.  Store in plastic bag until used.  If you can't use the bunch in the next 4 days, I like to cut up leaves (coarsely) and freeze in ice cube trays.  Excellent for tacos, chiles and soups this winter.
  • Fennel: A Mediterranean vegetable popular to use on pizza and pasta dishes, though we use in cold pasta salads and cooked vegetable medley's.  The stalks and bulb are edible.  Can be used raw, cooked and is delicious roasted/grilled.  Store in plastic bag in refrigerator. 
  • Napa Cabbage:  The little speckled holes in leaves are once again caused by the pesky the little flea beetles with voracious appetites.  Discard the first outer layer of leaves and utilize the rest.  A popular cabbage for making crunchy napa cabbage slaw (lots of great recipes that call for many ingredients in your box this week!)   Use raw or cooked.  Store in plastic bag in refrigerator.  
  • Salad Mix:  Wash thoroughly, store in salad spinner or pat dry and store in plastic bag in refrigerator until used.  Be sure to dry thoroughly as this is a heavier mix with the red and green romaine lettuces.
  • Scallions (green onions): A versatile and mild onion that is excellent used raw in salads and dressings.  Store in plastic bag in refrigerator.  Entire white and green parts are edible.
  • Sugar Snap Peas!  The wet weather has caused some white and rusty marks to appear on the pods.  The entire pod is edible, just snap the top stem end and slide the string off the pod prior to cooking/eating.  Great to add to raw salads (napa cabbage slaw!).  Leave in plastic bag in your refrigerator until used. 
  • Rhubarb: Try your hand at a rhubarb custard pie, rhubarb crisp, rhubarb cake or rhubarb sauce.  Store in plastic bag in refrigerator until used (can store for several weeks). 
  • Zucchini: Double Shares Only - Gold, green or scalloped. The first picking wasn't very plentiful and some were odd shaped, but we'll have lots to go around very soon!  A perishable vegetable if stored too cold in your refrigerator.  Some prefer leaving on the counter. 

Coming Soon (in the next box or so): 
More Broccoli and Napa Cabbage; Head Lettuce, Zucchini, Kohlrabi, Beets and Basil....

Important Reminders

1. With the July 4th Holiday, please be sure you pick up your box on Thursday as some businesses will not be open on Friday.
2. Share our Member Handbook if you are not picking up the box yourself.  Find a copy here          
3. Take ONLY the box with your name on it (the primary contact person for your share).
4.  Respect the guidelines of your pick-up site, as described in your Member Handbook.
5.  Carefully dismantle your farm box, and leave at your pick up site.  Any ripped tabs of your box, generally ruins the box and makes it unable to be reused.  Please use care and see the diagram in the Member Handbook on flattening your box. 
6. Archived Newsletters are available here
Bike the Barns Driftless!

News From the Farm

Thanks to those who came out to the farm this past weekend.  The strawberries were in full force and many gallon containers were filled!  We were also busy preparing for and hosting the lunch stop during Bike the Barns Driftless.  Even though we had a busy weekend of guests we were happy to plant more carrots, beets and beans before the rains began again on Sunday.

Speaking of rain, it is seriously starting to have an impact.   We are starting to see some bacterial diseases in some of our crops.  The peas went from gorgeous to rather ugly as you will see... also our broccoli is has some serious disease- which we believe to be alternaria brassicicola.  We will be sending some tissue samples on Thursday to the UW Plant Pathology Lab for testing.  You will also notice that the salad mix this week probably won't keep as well.  We selectively cut to avoid any obviously bad leaves but spores are a plenty with the nearly constant dampness so you will certainly want to eat a lot of salads this weekend.

We are happy to have a few days of sunshine in the forecast to  get caught up on cultivation as the weeds are once again  nearly out of control....just when we thought we had them taken care of the rains have limited our abilities to fully kill them and has even encouraged seeds from the weed seed bank to sprout and grow.  We will have our amazing Hmong crew here on Thursday to continue our battle with sharpened hoes in hand.

We hope that you enjoy the produce this week and look forward to hearing from you on how you are putting it to use.

Happy Eating!

Enjoy the box!
Cate & Mat 

Transplanting continues!  Craig drives while Nikki plants.
Our friend and the worlds best crew member- Craig Scott.
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