The Weekly Weeder 
Box #13: September 6, 2018

EOW "Bean Group"
Box Contents, Storage & Cooking Tips 

Arugula ~
1 small bunch Small Shares; 1 large bunch Standard Shares; 2 large bunches Double Shares

Store in container/bag until used.  Use it up quickly as the field was soggy and the heavy rain hard on the fragile stems.    

A pungent and delicious addition to raw salads or sandwiches, but excellent cooked slightly in any egg scramble.  Arugula and tomatoes is also an excellent pairing.  

Beets, Green Top ~
1 small bunch Small Shares; 1 large bunch Standard Shares; 2 large bunches Double Shares

The greens on this last planting of beets looked great just a week ago, but the damp weather has lead to leaf spots.  So why include the greens, you ask, because it's so much easier to wash them as a bunch than have to wash then bag them.  So break off the tops and store the roots in a bag/container to keep them from dehydrating in your refrigerator.  They will keep for many months this way. Try a cold salad made with cooked beets: 

Carrots!! Red and Orange Mix 
.75 pounds for Small Shares; 1.5 pounds for Standard Shares; 3 pounds for Double Shares.

These beauties were hand pulled from the muddy field this week!  They are ready to get out of the ground, yet the rain is preventing us from using a tractor and undercutter to help us.    

Keep in bag and store in refrigerator until used.  No need to peel the outer skin, just rinse and use cooked or raw! 

Fennel  ~ 
1 count for Small Shares; 1 count for Standard Shares; 2 count for Double Shares.

We were ankle deep in sticky mud harvesting the fennel.  You'll want to wash it really well before using to avoid extra sandy crunch!  Here's a good video on cutting your bulb:

The licorice tasting fennel becomes mild once cooked, grilled, or sautéed until caramelized. Pairs great with tomatoes!  We like to add it to our tomato sauce, pizzas, lasagna, and veggie scrambles.  Entire plant is edible - bulb, stalks and leaves.  Store in covered container to prevent from dehydrating in your refrigerator.   
Garlic ~ 
1 bulb for Small Shares; 2 bulbs for Standard Shares; 3 bulbs for Double Shares. 

Fully cured, store on the counter top not in the refrigerator.  

Melon, Cantaloupe ~ 
1 count for Small Shares; 1 count for Standard Shares; 2 count for Double Shares.

We barely harvested enough for every box.  The rains split open quite a few.  Sarah's Choice is a bit less sugary than the first planting but still quite delicious.  Nice buttery texture. 

Peppers ~ An assortment of colored bells
3 count Small Shares; 6 count Standard Shares; 12 count Doubles
The peppers are slowing down, giving us fewer colored bell peppers and certainly smaller in the size.  But they're still worthy of picking and eating!  Freeze what you can't eat.  

Onions, Yellow 
1 pound Small; 2 pounds Standards and we could only fit 2 pounds for Doubles though we'd planned on double that amount.  More to come!

Fully cured, store on the counter and not in the refrigerator

Tomatoes, A farmhouse mix!  Yellow & Red Grape, Sungold & Red Cherry
.5 pound Small Shares; 1 pound Standards; 2 pounds Doubles

The rain cracked many of the cherry tomatoes that would have been a little more ripe than what is in your bags.  So you'll want to again leave them out at room temperature to ripen for a few days.  Their color will darken and the squeeze will soften. 

Tomatoes, Paste
1.75 pounds Small Shares; 3.5 pounds Standards; 7 pounds Doubles

While the slicing tomatoes weren't worthy of harvesting this week (too much fruit blight), the cherry's and paste tomatoes are located in a different field and continue to grow.  We'll have at least 1 more week of paste tomatoes.  The rain is quickly ending the tomato season.
Coming Soon....Broccoli, Baby Turnips, Kale,
more Garlic, Carrots and Red Onions and so much more!
Above: Harvesting Beets before another round of rain.
Below:  Young lettuce and spinach plantings-  completely water logged 
Despite ankle deep mud we harvested some nice fennel on Tuesday.

News From the Farm

As we reported last week, record rainfall and valley flooding in our area has been a major factor for everyone.  In the towns they are draining basements and tearing out moldy floors and dry wall.  Here in the country, we are dealing with muddy conditions for people harvesting and those working with livestock.  Crops look haggard from battering rains, winds blowing and loosening plants.  Last week we trudged through wet harvests, and we did it again this week.  Tonight we are tired out.  Harvesting in the rain and mud takes a lot more people energy.  It slows us down at a time when we need to be moving quickly because root crops (beets, rutabagas, carrots, turnips, winter radishes) don't like to sit in wet mud.  We are worried about splitting and cracking and rotting.  So far things brought in have looked good - the beet bunches and carrots are in your box - so we are feeling optimistic but excited to get more things tucked into our cooler.  The season is changing, we can feel it in the air and see it in the light.  The walnut trees are one of the earliest to loose it's leaves in the fall (pictured below).  They are starting to show yellowing leaves and signaling another seasonal shift.

Happy Cooking
Your farmers
Cate and Mat
The Black Walnuts are first footsteps of autumn...
With the footsteps of Autumn and with a rainy forecast we did get our squash harvest started in earnest before the rains. We hope to finish on Thursday.
Cut, Pile, then Gently load into bins. Then off to the greenhouse to cure and sweeten.
Onions topped, sorted and ready for you.

Paste Tomatoes Not all perfect but great for canning or processing
10 pounds $15  or 20 pounds $30

Jalapenos: 5 pounds $15

Beets: 10 pounds $15  or 25 pounds $32

Garlic:  5 pounds $30

Yellow Storage Onions:  5 pounds $8 or 10 pounds $15

Kale - green curly: $18 for 12 bunches 

Maple Syrup:   $10 / pint or $20 / quart

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Your goofy farmers...  
Laughter is good medicine.  
Eat well and laugh more!
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