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The Weekly Weeder

November 20, 2014

Holiday Share Box Contents

You have TWO BOXES.  One with roots/alliums and one with a mix of winter squash.  It's truly a beautiful array colors.   Please take the waxes boxes home with you.
  • BEETS - Chioggia 2 pounds  Keep within the plastic bag until used.  This heirloom variety is quite sweet and very pretty inside.
  • CARROTS - Orange 3 pounds & Purple 3 pounds  Place the plastic bags in your crisper drawer and they'll stay crisp and hydrated.
  • CELERY ROOT AKA CELERIAC  - 3 count  Place inside plastic bag and it will store for months!  To use, peel outer thick layer and use the delicious inside as you would celery.  Versitile and easy to use cooked or raw.  We like to chop it into cubes for stews and soups, and shred it for tacos and chicken salad.
  • ONIONS - Reds 3 pounds & Yellows 3 pounds Excellent keepers when kept in a cool area of your kitchen/store room. 
  • POTATOES - Red Norland 10 pounds & Carola or Kennebec 2 pounds To keep them from sprouting, store in a dark place at room temperature.  If you don't have a room that fits the bill, simple place a towel or blanket over your potato box!
  • RUTABAGA - 1 count  A midwestern tradition to use on the holidays.  Store in plastic bag until used.
  • WINTER RADISH - Beauty Heart 2 pounds  Keep inside plastic bag and use throughout the winter.  To use, peel outer thick skin and use the juicy, crunchy fushia colored radish.  Much milder than the spicy summer radishes, and makes a real splash to any veggie tray!
  • SHALLOTS - 1 pound  Store on counter top until used.  Excellent cooked or raw.
  • TURNIPS - Scarlet & Purple Top 3 pounds Store in plastic bag and use throughout the winter.  Mild and juicy!  Eat them raw or cooked, put into stews and soups, add to your oven roasted vegetables.
  • MIXED WINTER SQUASH BOX -  25 pounds         A mix of Butternut, Crown pumpkin (bluish color), Pie Pumpkin, Acorn,  Carnival & Sweet Dumpling.

News From the Farm

November is a month of eating and for a produce farm it is a very intense month.  Actually, everything about a produce farm is intense, but November is the food month.  Besides washing bins of roots (mostly carrots) and sorting bins of squash.  We have been getting the farm prepared for winter.  And this year it was a bit of a mad dash to get everything tucked in tight.

Tractors and machinery that don't like the winter exposure get crammed in the lower level of the barn.  Batteries disconected and checked to make sure they are fully charged.   The one tractor we us in the winter needs to get an oil change and filters and fluids checked for winter temps.  Water lines  drained, and pumps drained and moved inside.  Half of our packing shed is uninsulated and unheated so we have to figure out how to wash, sort and pack pallets of produce with half the space to work.  It becomes a game of tetris.   Needless to say we are ready for winter, but if these first few weeks are any indication our wood pile will certainly not be large enough.

We do love winter, as the whole family loves to ski (both downhill and cross country).  As well we all play hockey, so there aren't too many days were one of us isn't at the rink.  Winter is the time of year when we recharge our souls. We love farming and growing produce, but the 15-17 hour days 6-7 days a week takes a toll and if we didn't have these weeks to slow down, breath, and reflect there is no way we could keep our sanity.  Our children can tell the difference, Mom and Dad are more patient and have time to play more games at night.  This is an important time of year for us, without it we would not be able to enter a new season with joy and hope in our hearts once spring comes. 

We are happy to have these last bountiful boxes to share with you and your families.  We hope that the food will sustain you for the next weeks/months.  We hope that you will be able to recharge your souls and that our food will nourish that endeavor in some small way. 

Until next year, Happy Eating,
Cate & Mat
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