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October 27, 2016- Last Box
Weekly shares and Last Tomato EOW Group
We hope to get to planting garlic soon.  We like to have it planted and mulched by the first week of November.  We wanted to start planting this Thursday, but once again we received a soaking rain Wednesday - 2.5 inches! 
Hopefully there will be some dry days soon.
Garlic is all planted by hand. The work begins in the shed with the labor intensive task of breaking the bulbs up into cloves. Many an hour and several tired and blistered hands go into this initial step of growing garlic.
But on a cold damp morning it is a good way to begin the day until the sun is high enough to provide some warmth.

Box Contents and Tips

* All items should be stored in your refrigerator unless otherwise stated. *
  • Broccoli (Small Shares only) half pound Smalls.  OR
  • Cauliflower (Double Shares only) 2 heads Doubles.  OR
  • Romanesco (Standard Shares only) 1 head Standards. All of the above should be stored in plastic bag until used. We recommend a salt water brine to remove insects (green cabbage worms)
  • Beets, Cylindrical 1 pounds Small; 2 pounds Standards; 4 pounds Doubles.
  • Carrots 1 pounds Small; 2 pounds Standards; 4 pounds Doubles.
  • Celery Root  1 count Smalls; 1 count Standards; 2 count Doubles
  • Kale, Green Curly: 1 small bunch Smalls; 1 large bunch Standards; 2 large bunches Doubles. Strip leaves away from the stem, cut into thin strips and cook. Store in plastic bag in your refrigerator until used.
  • Onions, Yellow: Store on the counter top until used.
  • Potatoes, Carola: 2.5 pounds Small; 5 pounds Standards; 10 pounds Doubles.  Wonderful eaten as smashed potatoes (skin and inside) with butter, salt, pepper. Store on the counter top inside the brown bag to prevent turning green.
  • Radish, Black Spanish: 2 count Smalls; 3 count Standards; 5 count Doubles  Store in a plastic bag to prevent roots from getting rubbery.  Thinly sliced the outer peel is palatable, and sprinkled with kosher salt is a nice addition to vegetable platters.
  • Rutabaga 2 for everyone This one giving is just about all of our harvest this season, disease taking hold in the wet weather.  Great addition to vegetable soup and roasted vegetables.
  • Squash: Red Kabocha 1 Smalls; 1 Standards; 2 Doubles. Store on your counter top until used. This squash is creamy and sweet, similar to a buttercup.  Great eaten simply with butter, salt and pepper.
  • Squash: Butternut 2 Smalls; 3 Standards; 3 Doubles. The poor butternut were hit by hail and won't hold up very long.  Use up soon! 
  • Squash: Pie Pumpkin - 1 for everyone. Store on your counter top until used.  We like to bake, scoop, puree and freeze our pumpkins - all ready to bake into pumpkin pies!

News From the Farm

Well we have worked and eaten our way through a growing season in Wisconsin.  Each growing year is completely unique and new.  There are so many variables that impact our crops and ultimately the food we eat.  This was one of the most difficult growing seasons we have experienced in the 16 years we have been growing.  And looking at the yields and quality of many of our storage crops it will certainly be a lean winter for us.  We know that the last couple of boxes have been heavy on potatoes, kale and squash, but that is the bounty that this season has brought us.  If we hadn't had 6 weeks of waterlogged soils, we would have had more fall spinach, broccoli, lettuce and other greens.  While this season was a constant fight with disease and hail we are very happy to have gotten the yields we did get considering how close we were to loosing everything had the weather cleared.

Our initial take on the season is that we may have given too many cucumbers, tomatoes and possibly potatoes, but that assessment is just a gut instinct as we have not calculated the final totals of what was given.  We will be sending out  a survey that we hope you will complete as it really helps us in planning.  It is a challenge to please everyone as for some crops there as many who love it as those who loath it.  But the responses help us find a balance and to tip the scales one way or another when deciding what to grow and what to put in the box.  So please PLEASE when we send you the link to the survey please PLEASE click on it and complete it.

With November days approaching we are looking forward to a change of pace.  This season was not easy and we will need the coming months for some deep reflection.  We look forward to a restful rejuvenating winter- more play less work,and mostly getting to reintroduce ourselves to our boys again.  In reality we don't really take any time off as there are roots to wash, data to input and gather, financials to prepare, and then it all starts over with seeds to order. 

Anyway we truly appreciate all of you.  Your support is humbling and we hope that that you continue to chose us to feed yourselves and your families.

Your farmers,
Cate & Mat
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