Hello CSA Members
We have received several questions about the price increase this year and we thought we should explain why we raised our prices.  In acknowledgement of your feedback, we are offering returning CSA members an additional $25 dollar discount if you sign up by April 1, 2014.
Here is the explanation:  we have not raised the price of our standard share in nine years.  In the past nine years all of our costs (fuel, seed, fertilizer, wax boxes, insurance, and wages) have continually gone up.  We simply could not continue to provide the quality and quantity of produce for our CSA based upon our old price structure.  The decision to raise prices was difficult and one that we did not make out of haste or greed - if that was the case we wouldn’t have waited nine years to do it!  As our costs increased we tried to offset them in scale and efficiency and that worked for awhile, but the reality is that if we want to run a quality CSA, farm in a sustainable manner, and pay our employees a fair and living wage, these are the prices we need to charge.
If you compare Ridgeland Harvest to other experienced and reputable farms you will see that our prices are very competitive.  The last two years were very difficult years for all farmers, yet we continued to provide bountiful boxes of clean, high quality produce. We have always provided a return on peoples investment - meaning that you receive more produce per dollar than if you were shopping at farmers market or the grocery store. And that will continue to be our goal.
We understand peoples concern and know all too well the struggle to make ends meet as we ourselves have lived below the poverty line since becoming farmers. In appreciation of our returning members we are offering an additional $25 discount, if you sign up by April 1, 2014.   With this discount, the price of our standard share increases by only $3.00 for each box.
  • If paying by check complete the order form and simply deduct $25  from your payment.
  • If paying online, you will need to use this COUPON CODE:  “returning member discount” 
  • If you have already submitted your payment we will credit your account $25.
You must have purchased a CSA share from us in 2013 to receive this discount off a 2014 summer produce share.
We hope this offers you a deeper understanding about your farm and answers any questions that you may have.  Please don't hesitate to let us know your thoughts.

Your Farmers ,
Cate and Mat
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