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Box #14: September 13 2018

EOW "Tomato Group"
The last tomatoes of the season....
Box Contents, Storage & Cooking Tips 
1 pound for Small Shares; 2 pounds for Standard Shares; 4 pounds for Double Shares.

Keep in bag and store in refrigerator until used.  No need to peel the outer skin, just rinse and use cooked or raw!  We were thankful not to have to pull out more carrots from the mud this week, but rather use the tractor with the undercutter which gently lifts the soil beneath the carrots to loose the soil so we can easily pull them and snap off their tops.  Yes, all hand harvested and then washed.  

Sweet Corn ~ season's last 
6 ears for Small Shares; 12 ears for Standard Shares; 24 ears for Double Shares.

WARNING: This is organic corn and like all late corn plantings, you will find worms on the tips!!  If you can't stand the thought of this, just simply cut off 2 inches from the tip of each ear, leaving the main ear to be shucked and eaten.  If you have chickens, they love these worms!  Just remember, it's good to find worms because it means we haven't applied harmful chemicals to your food, or use chemical soaked seeds that even the worms don't want to eat.      

Fennel  ~ 
1 small bulb for Small Shares; 1 count for Standard Shares; 2 count for Double Shares.

If you haven't already, here's a good video on cutting your bulb:

The licorice tasting fennel becomes mild once cooked, grilled, or sautéed until caramelized. Pairs great with tomatoes!  We like to add it to our tomato sauce, pizzas, lasagna, and veggie scrambles.  Entire plant is edible - bulb, stalks and leaves.  Store in covered container to prevent from dehydrating in your refrigerator.   
Garlic ~ 
1 bulb for Small Shares; 2 bulbs for Standard Shares; 3 bulbs for Double Shares. 

Fully cured, store on the counter top not in the refrigerator.  

Kale, Green Curly ~
1 small bunch Small Shares; 1 large bunch Standard Shares; 2 large bunches Double Shares

Keep in bag and store in refrigerator until used.  We like to freeze a lot of kale for using in the winter - just blanch the leaves for a few minutes, submerge into cold water, squeeze out the excess water, then put into freezer containers.  

Melon, Cantaloupe ~ 
1 count for Small Shares; 2 count for Standard Shares; 3 count for Double Shares.

Sarah's Choice is a bit less sugary than the first planting but still quite delicious.  Nice buttery texture.  There might be 1 more week of melon after this week...we hope it hasn't been too much! 

Peppers ~ 
 1 count Small Shares; 2 count Standard Shares; 4 Red and 2 Green Doubles
The peppers are slowing down, giving us fewer colored bell peppers and certainly smaller in the size.  But they're still worthy of picking and eating!  Freeze what you can't eat.  

Tomatoes, Paste
1.5 pounds Small Shares; 3 pounds Standards; 6 pounds Doubles

These could be the last of tomatoes depending on their quality next week.  The effects from the rain is ending the tomato season before the cold weather will

Salad Turnips with Greens  ~
1 small bunch Small Shares; 1 large bunch Standard Shares; 2 large bunches Double Shares

Leaves and roots are edible.  Store in container/bag until used.  The leaves are fragile and endured heavy rain, but still a great green to use as a cooked side to added to a grit meal!
A view of the greenhouse....winter squash curing.....
coming soon to your CSA boxes!

News From the Farm

It's been a long week already, and I'm pretty sure it's only Wednesday.  Our crew have been staying until 7 pm most nights, and Mat and I prep and end the day with the many other things we need to get done.  It's hard to describe this time of the season without sounding as though we're complaining.  Because we're a small farm, Mat and I are the managers; we don't hire people to be the field or harvest manager or packing shed manager.  We wear all those hats, while juggling family life.  The physical and mental push of harvesting is exhausting, and then we head up to the house to cook dinner, catch up with our sons, shuttle to and from soccer practices, and finish at night with computer work.  It is challenging to keep up and to wear so many hats! 

Tomorrow we hope to finish harvesting the first planting of carrots!  The next few weeks you'll see the transition from summer into fall.  Boxes won't be filled with tomatoes, melons or sweet corn, but rather squash, onions, potatoes and more.      

So our question to you - what do you want to hear about in our newsletter in the final 6 weeks of the CSA season?  Email us your ideas:

Happy Cooking!
Your farmers
Cate and Mat

Jalapenos: 5 pounds $15

Beets: 10 pounds $15  or 25 pounds $32

Garlic:  5 pounds $30

Yellow Storage Onions:  5 pounds $8 or 10 pounds $15

Kale - green curly: $18 for 12 bunches 

Maple Syrup:   $10 / pint or $20 / quart

To place an order: Email us by Monday with your order.  Then mail a check made out to "Ridgeland Harvest" at E5538 Nelson Road, Viroqua WI 54665.  
Rescheduling a delivery or change your pick-up site:

Members can reschedule, one time only, to an alternate week to accommodate travel and vacation.  Or you can choose to postpone and double your next delivery. 

To reschedule, please fill out the Delivery Change Form located here or on the website:
Requests must be submitted by 8:30 am on the Monday of your normally scheduled delivery week.  There will be no exceptions to this deadline. 
Your goofy farmers...  
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Eat well and laugh more!
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