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The Weekly Weeder

August 27, 2015
EOW 'Carrot' group
Three of our well seasoned crew members from left to right:  Aquilino, Craig, and Nikki.  Crew pictures are more of a challenge this year as four hard working Amish women joined our team and they do not wish to have their pictures taken.

Box Contents and Tips

  • Beans, Dragon Tongue: The last bean giving of the season!  Freeze them up if you're tired of eating beans...just a quick 3 minute blanch in boiling water. 
  • Cabbage, Savoy: The wrinkled leaves work well to hold dressings on a fresh slaw or raw salad.  Excellent cooked or sauteed too.
  • Carrots!  Discard the leaves and store the roots in a plastic bag until used.  Will store for many months this way.
  • Cipollini Onions: An Italian onion that has a high sugar content, making them perfect for caramelizing (  Store on the counter top until used.  They are fully cured so no need to keep in the refrigerator.
  • Peppers:  Sweet Italian and Red and/or Yellow Bell
  • Romanesco: A flavor similar to cauliflower and broccoli, but much different.  Store in plastic bag until used.
  • Tomatoes!   Be sure you wash all the tomatoes to remove any residual 'blue stuff' from the cracks and crevices.  The blue is from our copper spray (organically approved under the USDA's rules and our local organic certification office) that helps to prevent blights.  Cherry Tomatoes:  store on the counter or place them in the freezer!  Tomatoes freeze whole very easy and can be used this winter in stews, chilli and soups.  Cherry tomatoes add a great sweetness.  Another mix of ripe and blushing.  Some shares received more ripe ones than others.  You will know when they are ripe as they will soften and their color will deepen.  Slicers & Romas:  store on counter. A mix of black heirlooms and red & yellow slicing hybrids, along with the more egg shaped/longer roma paste types.  We have given a mix of ripe and blushing. You will know when they are ripe as they will soften and their color will deepen. 
Garlic, leeks, potatoes and kale!
Did you get this funny shaped pepper?  If you did snap a photo of it and email it to us at  You will receive your choice of a 1 pound bag of shallots or garlic in your next box.

News From the Farm

It has been crazy here at the farm.  We are harvesting, washing, packing and delivering produce four out of six work days.  It's a lot to keep up with and try to stay organized. And of course it also requires a bit of complete insanity!  

Tomatoes have been taking up a lot of our time again this week.  So far our week with tomatoes:  Monday 8 of us picked tomatoes for 7 hours and spent the last hour of the day packaging them; Tuesday 3 of us packed wholesale orders and CSA tomatoes for 4 hours; Wednesday 4 of us packed the rest of CSA tomatoes. Thursday we'll be out harvesting again and packing for the farmers market and end of week orders. 

Believe it or not, we have been selling extra tomatoes beyond the large amount we gave you again this week.  Next week won't include quite so many tomatoes.  If you can't keep up with the tomatoes this week, let them fully ripen and then place whole tomatoes (cherry, paste or slicers) into the freezer for a fast way to preserve.  They're great for chili, soups and stews come late fall and winter.  We pop them into the pot and they defrost as cooking. 

Preserving the harvest is always a challenge for us, but extending ourselves always pays off come the winter.  This past Sunday was chilly and our family was exhausted from the week and attending the farmer's market together.  So we enjoyed being in the kitchen, preserving food for ourselves.  Tomato conserva went into the oven for 6 hours per batch, while the stove-top stayed busy blanching dragon beans, romanesco, and sweet corn.  Peppers were cleaned and raw packed into freezer bags, and the dehydrator filled with another batch of herbs.  The freezer is looking good so far - but I'm looking forward to blanching chard and kale yet this fall so we're certain to have dark greens for our tacos, pizza sauces and lasagna this winter. 

We hope you're able to stock things away too.  It's hard to make the time, but you'll never regret having fresh vegetables on hand for winter cooking.  Push yourself to make it happen, also knowing that the peak summer season is on the slide towards fall.  The next few weeks will be simpler and smaller boxes before the winter squash and fall crops come in.
Happy eating and happy preserving!
Cate & Mat

Bulletin Board



Kale (green or red curly), 12 bunches $14

Place your order by 8 am Tuesday ( and send your payment to the farm: E5538 Nelson Road, Viroqua, WI 54665.

Rescheduling a delivery: New this season, we are allowing members to reschedule, one time only,  to an alternate week to accommodate travel and vacation.  Or you can choose to postpone and double your next delivery. 

We must be notified of your intent to reschedule or postpone delivery by 8 am on the Monday of your normally scheduled delivery week.  There will be no exceptions to this deadline.  We are happy to offer this to members, but it has been taking a significant amount of time to track and manage the changes so to help please be sure to include the following:  Name, share size, delivery schedule (weekly or EOW group), pickup site, relevant dates

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Mat and his dad putting the last items into last weeks box.  It has been fun to have Jack on the CSA pack line.  There once was a time (10-12 years ago)  where Cate and Jack were the harvest crew and Mat's mom (Marie) was the packing shed crew.  Now the grandkids demand much of their time when they visit on Wednesdays.
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