The Weekly Weeder 
Box #20: October 25, 2018

Last Box for ALL Shares & the EOW "Tomato Group" 
Our dedicated, skeleton crew, planting garlic. 
It's not a great photo, but the only one that was taken this busy week!
Box Contents, Storage & Cooking Tips 
Brussels Sprouts
1/3 pound Small Shares; 1/2 pound Standard Shares; 1 pound Double Shares

Trim the ends of each sprout to discard the outer leaves.  We like to place an "X" on the bottom of each trimmed end when cooking whole, for nice even cooking.  Or cut in half.  Wonderful steamed or sautéed. 

Broccoli, Romanesco or Cabbage - Standard Standards 
1/3 pound Small Shares; 3/4 pound Standard Shares; 1.5 pounds Double Shares

The hard frosts means things grow very slowly.  So the numbers didn't work out for everyone to receive the same thing.  But each share received something fresh, along with the many stored crops.

Cabbage - Green - Small and Double Shares
1 small head Small Shares; 1 medium head Standard Shares; 2 medium heads Double Shares

The weather hasn't promoted growth, so the cabbage is smaller than usual.  Will store for many weeks in the refrigerator.  Peel outer leaves prior to use - it is natural that they
may be slightly wilted or discolored but that doesn't make it inedible.

1 pound Small Shares; 2 pounds Standard Shares; 4 pounds Double Shares

Keep inside bag until ready to use.  They'll store for months in your crisper drawer this way!  We hope we've stocked you up over these last weeks.

Potatoes, Red OR Gold
pound Small Shares; 4 pounds Standard Shares; 8 pounds Double Shares

Store your potatoes inside the brown paper bag to prevent them from turning green from the sunlight. We tuck our bag into a shady cool scorner on the countertop.   

Onions, Yellow
1 Small Shares; 2 Standard Shares; 3 Double Shares

Store on the counter at room temperature, or a cooler space along an outside wall.  Be sure to keep temperatures above freezing.  

Pumpkin, New England Pie 
One for All!  

Squash - Butternut 

Squash - Grey Kabocha

Turnips, Purple Top & Scarlet 
1 pound Small Shares; 2 pounds Standard Shares; 4 pounds Double Shares
A bucket of garlic seed.
Planting's the same process each year.  This photo was from 2014.

News From the Farm

It's been a glorious week of work in the sunshine and without our rain pants!! 

Monday the fields were finally dry enough for tractor work.  Mat spent most of the day on the tractor, mowing old crops, disking as preparation for seeding cover crops, and readying the garlic field for planting. 

And on Tuesday we harvested the last of the turnips, winter radishes, and cabbages. Then, we finished planting the garlic <phew!>  We are relieved to have the garlic in the ground, all 900 pounds of seed!  Did you like the amount we supplied to you in your boxes?  Spring started with green garlic and garlic scapes, then into fresh garlic, and finally cured garlic.  Was it too much, too little, just right?  Let us know, your feedback is so helpful! 

While this season has certainly been challenging, we are happy to be ending the season with some of our last fresh vegetables from our fields. Some years there are only roots.  We missed fall spinach, napa cabbage and parsley.  But we were happy to supply many peppers, zucchini, melons, cucumbers, lettuces and winter squash.  What did you think of the variety and amounts?  Specifically we'd like to know if there were too many red peppers, green peppers, jalapenos?  Give us some feedback on what you would like to receive more of or less of next season:   

This season we committed ourselves to reducing our use of plastic in our CSA boxes.  We packed the beans, cherry tomatoes, edamame soybeans, potatoes, and onions into brown paper bags.  The paper bags are easier to open and close for us, and better for storage than plastic which would cause mold to develop on the beans, etc.  While they cost us a little more to purchase than plastic, but we feel it's the right thing to do for our environment.  How did they hold up during transportation? Should we use a heavier paper bag?  We think every business and home should be exploring and evaluating their own use of plastic.  

Saving the earth, literally, is on many people's minds these days.  It is on ours.  We will be exploring more ways that we can lessen our impact.  But one thing is sure, your commitment to our CSA is reducing your food impact for 5 months of the year (maybe more if you have preserved for the winter).  Your food is traveling less than 100 miles to reach you instead of 1,200 miles or more, saving on tremendous fossil fuels. And your money goes directly to people, not corporations.  A CSA membership is one way many individuals can make a huge difference.  

Thank you to each of you for believing in us, trusting us, welcoming us into your homes with the food we grow.  We are incredibly humbled to be your farmers.  We'll be in touch!    

With gratitude,
Cate and Mat
The fall carrots are tucked into the cooler, and also into your CSA box this week!  We will continue to wash carrots, beets and some lingering radishes and turnips to sell to our local Viroqua Food Coop (12 miles from the farm), Peoples Food Coop, and restaurants in the Viroqua and La Crosse Area (30 miles from the farm).
When will 2019 CSA Sign-up Information be available?

Our sign-up information will be available by December.  

Continue to read our e-newsletter for monthly updates from now until spring! 
Our sign-up information will be detailed in the newsletter
that we email to this list and also posted it to our website.  
~ From your goofy farmers ~
Laughter is good medicine
Eat well and laugh more!
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