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The Weekly Weeder

September 10, 2015
EOW 'Carrot' group
Remnants of the previous owners lumber mill being bulldozed.  We have been looking at that eyesore for 15 years.  Siedel Excavating does great work.  And I think Sean may have been born (if not conceived) in a bulldozer

Box Contents and Tips

  • Chioggia Beets: Discard the leaves and store the roots in a plastic bag until used.  Sliced beets make a wonderful side dish or even a cold salad.
  • Collards: A traditional southern green, boiled or steamed until tender.  Store in a plastic bag but use sooner this week.  The holes are caused by a recent flush of cabbage worms.
  • Garlic: store on counter top
  • Onion, Sweet: Store on counter top.
  • Peppers:  Sweet Italian & a colored Bell.  There may be a bad spot that needs to be removed - these dewy mornings spread mold spores easily.  Keep monitoring your peppers so you're sure to use them up before they go bad.  Easily put into the freezer too by removing the seed cavity and putting into a freezer bag.
  • Potatoes, Carola (yellow fleshed):  These beauties can be used right away or stored for longer in a cool, dark place (but not the cold refrigerator). Good baked or boiled.
  • Radish, Diakon: Is the most common type grown in Korea.  We like their more manageable size and delicious taste!  Use fresh, pickling or can be stored in plastic bag for a long time.  
  • Tomatoes, Cherry Tomatoes, Mixed Slicers & Paste:  We're nearing the end folks....the patch is getting slimy from rotten or really cracked tomatoes that we leave in the field.  However, we're still finds ones that turn bad on us.  Take them out of your bag so you can monitor your tomatoes, using up as necessary.
More leeks, kale, savoy cabbage....garlic, parsley, broccoli, and more!

News From the

September is a super crazy month.  We have a long list of crops that need to be harvested and stored...winter squash, daikon radishes, black spanish radishes, beauty heart radishes, scarlet and purple top turnips, rutabagas and carrots...and the tomatoes keep on growing!  There is also garlic that needs to be cleaned and more sorted out for seed, and many more bins of onions that need topping.   

Besides all the harvesting and cleaning, there will soon be many t-posts to pull out of the ground (tomatoes) and field plastic to pull out too (onions, eggplant, peppers, tomatoes).

This week was exciting as our greenhouse project is taking shape!  Bulldozers, compactors, dump trucks, cement trucks and a skid steer congested our front driveway and we navigated among a dozen neon shirted work men shouting to each other above the noise of it all.  After 4 days of excitement we are happy to see the new cement pad.  Now, the work of putting up the greenhouse starts for us.  

Like we say, September is a super crazy month and we're trying to keep our minds from racing too much at night, taking each day as they come.  We have a solid crew of great workers and know we can count on them to help us pull in the rest of the harvest, erect the greenhouse, and plant the garlic before the snow flies.
We wish you a joyful week!
Cate & Mat

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Kale (green or red curly), 12 bunches $14

Place your order by 8 am Tuesday ( and send your payment to the farm: E5538 Nelson Road, Viroqua, WI 54665.

Rescheduling a delivery: New this season, we are allowing members to reschedule, one time only,  to an alternate week to accommodate travel and vacation.  Or you can choose to postpone and double your next delivery. 

We must be notified of your intent to reschedule or postpone delivery by 8 am on the Monday of your normally scheduled delivery week.  There will be no exceptions to this deadline.  We are happy to offer this to members, but it has been taking a significant amount of time to track and manage the changes so to help please be sure to include the following:  Name, share size, delivery schedule (weekly or EOW group), pickup site, relevant dates

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The forms being setup and rebar laid.
Concrete is being poured for the new greenhouse.  The guy on the left is Chad Olson (co-owner of Cousins Concrete Construction) , the son of our Madison delivery driver.  And just like his dad, Chad is on the ball and doesn't like to sit around waiting for things to happen.
If your looking to either build a shed or have some concrete work- we would recommend Cousins- quality work and easy to work with.  We would also highly recommend Sean Seidel and his Dad of Seidel Excavating.  It is nice having these skilled people in the neighborhood.  Thanks for making the important part of building a solid foundation for our greenhouse happen.
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