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The Weekly Weeder

October 15, 2015
EOW 'Beet' group
The new greenhouse finally has a covering.  Now Mat will move on to putting together the environmental controls and systems.  Looking forward to spring already (after a nice winter of skiing and hockey of course)

Box Contents and Tips

  • Squash - Store on counter:  Butternut and Red Kabocha
  • Brussels Sprouts: (standard and double shares only)  We were a little late snapping the tops of the Brussels Sprout plants- so they are very slow in developing so we don't have enough for everyone this week.
  • Carrots: Keep in plastic bag in refrigerator, until used. 
  • Celery Root:  This crop didn't do very well this season as the deer took to eating their tops regularly, thereby setting their growth back during the critical growing months of May and June.  We're happy with what we did get!  Peel the outside of this crazy looking vegetable and use raw or cooked in place of celery.  We LOVE this crop as it stores for many months and has much more flavor than celery stalks.  Store in plastic bag until used.  Green stalks and leaves are great to use in stock.    
  • Winter Radish mix: Black Spanish, Watermelon Radish (aka Beauty Heart), Daikon Store in plastic bag in refrigerator. Unlike spring radishes the winter radishes store for a long time so no need to use them up right away.
  • Sweet Onions: Store on counter top. 
  • Garlic: Store on counter top until used.
  • Peppers:   Truly the last of the peppers!  Try stuffed peppers (need not use a whole one either but just a half works great for our family).  Store in plastic bag until used.
  • Potatoes, Russet:  Store on counter out of the light.
  • Romanesco (small shares only):  the patch is just getting going and we hope we will have enough for everyone next week.  Since the small shares didn't get Brussels Sprouts we they get the romanesco this week.
  • Rutabagas: Peel ugly outer and use the delicious inside for soup or in a stew.  Some love rutabagas mashed with butter, similar to mashed potatoes.  Store in plastic bag until used.
  • Turnips, Scarlet:  Store in plastic bag in refrigerator- these are great roasted with oil, salt and pepper.
  • Swiss Chard:  it was a tough decision whether to give chard or kale this week.  Considering it won't last much longer with freezing temps in the forecast we opted for chard as kale can tolerate the cold temps.
Winter squash, Winter roots, Shallots, Potatoes, Romanesco, Broccoli and much more!
Some action shots.....  Crew pictures have been a challenge this year as the Amish women who work for us don't want to have their picture taken.  But here are Aquillino, Alejandra, and Adolfo bagging the radishes for this weeks box.
All totes are placed on either a pallet or a scooter- never directly on the ground.  One of the many details/practices we follow to keep your food safe.
Getting ready to pack boxes.

News From the Farm

It is a picture perfect time of the season as the fall tree colors sparkle against the blue sky.  While we've had our noses tucked into extra layers of clothing to brace against the sharp westerly wind, the colors around us are startling. 

As I took in the panoramic view during chard harvest this week, I was filled with intense emotions from the beauty surrounding me, for the love of my work, and the pleasure of a successful farming season.  But I was also filled with emotion towards the people working alongside me.  Perhaps it's the physical nature of our work, the extremes of the weather we are challenged by that can bring people together as a family unit.  This season has gone so wonderfully smoothly with limited human mistakes as crew members were mentally aware as well as physically capable.  We came to depend upon each other and rely upon everyone's skills.  We have found a wonderful group of people to help us this season.

We are wrapping up the season.  Preparing to plant garlic and bring in the last of the root crops, get machinery and equipment ready for winter.  In the next couple of weeks we will get a summary of crops together of what we have given everyone this year.  We are also planning to put together a very short survey so we can get some feedback as to how the season went from your perspective.  We will be emailing the crop summary and survey by the first week in November.    Please, please, please (that is three pleases and some implied pretty pleases) complete the survey when you get it.  We have not done one in few years as the response was meager, but we need to hear from you so we can find ways to improve and better serve you.  We promise it will be short.  If you aren't a survey person- please drop us a line and let us know your thoughts.

Enjoy these last boxes and take comfort by the fact that almost everything will store well and doesn't need to be eaten or processed within the week. 
Eat well,
Cate & Mat

Bulletin Board

Because of the lack of interest we will not be offering a Holiday Box this year.  Instead we will be offering an expanded selection of bulk purchases of storage crops.


* Carrots, 10 pounds $17 or 25 pounds $35
* Garlic, 5 pounds $25

* Kale (green, red or a mix of both), 12 bunches $14
* Onions:
* Yellow, 5 pounds $7.50 or 10 pounds $15
* Red, 5 pounds $7.50 or 10 pounds $15
* Sweet, 5 pounds $7.50 or 10 pounds $15
* Cipollini, 5 pounds $12.50 or 10 pounds $25
* Shallots, 5 pounds $12.50 or 10 pounds $25

Place your order by 8 am Tuesday ( and send your payment to the farm: E5538 Nelson Road, Viroqua, WI 54665.

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