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Box #8: August 2, 2018

EOW "Tomato Group"
The Sweet Corn has tassled and the ears are being pollinated right now.  This silk indicates that the corn isn't ready- it will be dry and brown when ripe.  Perhaps we will have corn in the next box.
Box Contents, Storage & Cooking Tips 
1 small bunch for Small Shares; 1 large bunch Standard Shares, 2 large bunches Doubles

Store as you would a bouquet of flowers - in a jar or vase  of water on the counter.  Use it fresh, dry it, make pesto with it!  If you love preserving it, see the Bulk Purchase Opportunities below.

Beans ~  Green or Purple

.4  pound Small Shares;  .8  pounds Standard Shares; 1.6  pounds Double Shares.

The last of another planting!  We have one more succession of string beans yet to harvest. Snap the stem off each bean and steam or boil until tender.  Butter, salt and pepper is such a nice simple way to enjoy the real taste of green beans.  Or chop into pieces and add to raw salads or cook and make pieces into a cold salad.  

Store beans best by opening the bag and eating sooner than later.  Too much moisture inside the bag will cause beans to mold.

Cucumbers ~ 
3 each Small Shares; 5 each Standard Shares; 8 each Double Shares.

One planting fades and another begins.  Shares receive from both patches this week, hence the larger giving.  If you have more than you can use, why not try your hand at refrigerator pickles!?  Pickling doesn't have to be time consuming nor use special pickling type cucumbers....any cucumber will do!

Onions - Fresh Yellow
1 count Small Shares; 2 count Standard Shares; 3 count Double Shares.

Use as you would any other onion, but store in refrigerator.  

Peppers:  Green Bell  only to 1 each Standard Shares; 2 each Double Shares.
                   Red Bell 1 each Small Shares; 2 each Standard Shares; 3 each Double Shares.
1 each Small Shares; 2each Standard Shares; 3 each Double Shares.

New Potatoes! 
Yellow creamy flesh and tender skin makes this excellent boiled up whole or cut into chunks.  No need to peel them, you should eat the skin for a good healthy dose of fiber.
 .6 pounds Small Shares;  1.2 pounds Standard Shares; 2 pounds Double Shares.

Store on the counter or refrigerator.

Tomatoes, Cherry
.4 pounds Small Shares; .8 pounds Standards; .8 pounds Doubles

Just the beginning!  Your bag contains a mixture of riper and less ripe fruits.  That way, you can simply rinse the fruits in fresh water, then place into a bowl on the countertop to ripen.  You'll know they are ripe when the fruits deepen in color and they're soft to the feel. 

Zucchini ~ Green & Gold
 4 each Small Shares, 7 each Standard Shares, 10 each Double Shares

Next week there won't be as much zucchini.  Our first planting is always the larger planting, and it's officially done - the plants are yellowed and pests are starting to overwhelm the patch.  It's time to get it mowed, the plastic pulled, and then allow the clover and annual ryegrass we planted in the walkways to take over. 

Store in warmer place in refrigerator (not the very back!) or they'll become rubbery.  
Coming Soon....Cantaloupe, Broccoli, Sweet Corn, Kale, Leeks, and more!
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John and Cate hard at work washing the potatoes.

News from the Farm

Tonight feels good as we have completed several big project, this week. 

First, planting blueberries!  It has been a big undertaking to dig 255 10 gallon holes, mix 8 gallons of peat and plant 3 different varieties of blueberries. (on average each hole takes about 12 minutes  Our goal is to provide more fruit in our CSA shares, while obligating ourselves to offer you only what we ourselves grow and produce.  It's this commitment to fairness and authenticity that makes our CSA special. 

The second project was hand weeding another large planting of beets and carrots.  The tedious and back bending work is best done with a large group of people, hopping along the beds.  But there were some days when only 3 people could be spared, the speed a slow crawl.   A weeding job of this sort is most challenging on ones mind as much as it is on ones back.    

Thursday and Friday this week we plan to work on fencing the blueberries, weeding some, and harvesting the onions.  And of course, we'll be harvesting our regularly scheduled crops of tomatoes, cucumbers, red peppers and zucchini.  We continue to watch other summer crops, melons are ripening, sweet corn silks are just starting to dry down, and the large slicing tomatoes …..if a watched pot never boils does a watched melon patch ever ripen?  We do wish to have had corn and melons in your boxes by now, but the cool dry weather is slowing ripening of many fruits. 

August looks to be a great month of produce.

Happy cooking - Happy eating!

Your Farmers ~ Mat and Cate

Can you feel our love?  
REMINDER - For those of you who paid with multiple checks, August 1st checks will be deposited next week!

Basil: $9 for 6 bunches or $18 for 12 bunches
It's that time of the season again - dry it & make and freeze pesto!  August 16 may be the last week it's offered.

Maple Syrup:   $10 / pint or $20 / quart
Hand collected by our family and cooked over an open fire. This syrup is deliciously sweet and great to use in cooking.  Try substituting maple syrup for sugar in your salad dressings and marinades.  And we love it drizzled over yogurt, smoothies and ice cream!  Will come bubble wrapped in a separate box from your CSA box.  Look for a second box on delivery day with your name on it.  Then please return the box and bubble wrap to your site so we can reuse it.  Thank you!!

To place an order: Email us by Monday with your order.  Then mail a check made out to "Ridgeland Harvest" at E5538 Nelson Road, Viroqua WI 54665.  
Rescheduling a delivery or change your pick-up site:

Members can reschedule, one time only, to an alternate week to accommodate travel and vacation.  Or you can choose to postpone and double your next delivery. 

To reschedule, please fill out the Delivery Change Form located here or on the website:
Requests must be submitted by 8:30 am on the Monday of your normally scheduled delivery week.  There will be no exceptions to this deadline. 
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