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 Thursday August 22, 2019

Due to UGM  Thursday, Aug 22 and Aug 29 delivery changes to "The Farm"

News From the Farm

As the fall school year approaches, things are getting busier for our family, and maybe yours.  It's the additional duties of running into town for school activities that interupts the routine and pushes a bit more onto fewer shoulders.  And next week the first of several crew members are going back to college, teaching, and other jobs for the winter.  It will be a bit of adjustment as we train a few new folks that are willing to jump on board with us this fall. For that we are grateful!   

The end of last week brought the completion of the garlic being trimmed off their stalks, and the final clean up of the barn - a very, very dusty project!  This week we finished pulling the last of our onions.  But since the hoop house is already full of drying onions, the last ones had to be pulled and left to dry in the field.  Once we make room in the hoop house, they'll be moved under cover.  Until then, we're hoping for continued dry weather.  These are big harvest projects that are very satisfying….stocking up always feels good..

In other news , after last week's delivery to Madison, our driver Steve called and said the  truck had died.  We arranged a tow to our diesel mechanic in La Crosse, and picked Steve up. First thing Friday morning  we received word that the engine was a total loss, it scored a piston and pumped out all the oil.  Harder to take was the cost of the repair $15,000 to replace the motor.  This certainly was not in the budget, and this certainly is not a year of plenty.  But we will make due and find a path forward.  We hope to have our regular truck back on the road next week.  For this week we are renting a very old truck that we hope will get Steve to Madison and back without issue. Seriously....

What give us solace and peace during stormy times is the abundant beauty around us. Our friend Drew Shonka
of Drew Shonka Photography was out to the farm and once again has managed to capture that beauty with such unique vision and offers us the chance to see the world a new.  All the photos this week are from Drew.  We will continue to share them with you for the remainder of the season.  

In appreciation - Your farmers,
Cate & Mat
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The joy of melons

Week#11 CSA Box Contents: 

Weekly Shares + Every-other-Week "Berry Group"

It's a great week for a batch of ratatouille! There are lots of recipes out there for easy week-night versions.  Enjoy! 
Cabbage, Savoy - one more giving as it's so delicious and easy to make into all kinds of salads. 

Cucumbers -

Eggplant - Lots of it!  

Kale, Lacinato
We like to blanch kale for the freezer.  It's quick to rip the leaves off the stem and quickly blanch. Blanching is easy: boil a pot of water, prepare the leaves as mentioned above, throw into the boil water for 2 minutes, take out and plung under cold water, squeeze out leaves and freeze!  

Melons - Cantaloupe 

These sweet delicious melons are our favorites!  Rinse and cut into slices. They're ready to eat!  

Onion, Sweet

This week's giving is a food-service grade kind - or one that needs to be used up quick before it spoils.

Peppers - Jalapenos & Sweet Pepper 

Tomatoes - Our 'Farmhouse Cherry Mix' + 
                    Variety of slicing tomatoes

Eat them raw, cook them for a marinara sauce or turn them into more taco-type sauce.  It's easy to do and is easy on the budget.  

Let your tomatoes finish ripening out on the counter, at room temperature, for a few days. You'll known they're ripe when their color deepens and they will feel soft when given a gentle squeeze.    

Zucchini - Green and Gold
Wow, just one more day of growing and they plumped up!  These make great zucchini anything.  Ratatioulle is one of them!  

COMING SOON...Leeks, Beets and more!
Bulk Purchase Opportunities - a great time to freeze and stock up:

Garlic 5 pounds $30

Kale 12 bunches $18
Choose from Lacinato, Green Curly or Red Curly

Jalapeno Peppers, 5 pounds $18
                               10 pounds $35

Send us an email by Monday 8 am if you'd like to order anything:  Then send your check to "Ridgeland Harvest" E5538 Nelson Road, Viroqua WI 54665.
Thank you! 
Your farmers Cate & Mat
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