The Weekly Weeder 
Box #17: October 4, 2018

EOW "Bean Group"
Box Contents, Storage & Cooking Tips 
Kale, Green Curly 
1 small bunch Small Shares; 1 larger bunch Standard Shares; 1 larger bunch Double Shares

Store in bag to keep from wilting.  The chard has not been very happy this season with the extreme hot temperatures and then the wet cloudy days. The cold on Friday may damage the leaves, so while some leaves are quite small, we wanted everyone to get at least one more bunch this season.  

Lettuce, Romaine (all shares) and Red Leaf (standard & double only) 

Onion, Yellow
1 pound Small Shares; 2 pounds Standard Shares; 4 pounds Double Shares

Use raw or cooked. Store on the counter at room temperature, or a cooler space along an outside wall.  Be sure to keep temperatures above freezing.  

Peppers: a mix of red and green bells

Potatoes, Red Norland

2 pounds Small Shares; 4 pounds Standard Shares; 8 pounds Double Shares

1 small Small Shares; 1 medium Standard Shares; 1 large Double Shares

They sure aren't pretty, the soil microbes partying on the outer skin.  But since we don't eat the outside, we felt certain that you'd want to receive part of the harvest (the other part was left in the field).  So, peel the outer skin and any bad portions. Very mild turnip flavor. Some folks like to boil them, mash with butter, and serve at the Thanksgiving table.  We like to add them to a vegetable soup, but we enjoy it raw like thin slices with dip or part of a grated root slaw of carrots, rutabaga or turnips, and any type of fall radish.  Store in a covered container so it doesn't become rubbery.  

There was just enough for the standard and double shares this week (last week the small shares received it). 

Use as you would cauliflower.  Romanesco is a nuttier version of cauliflower.  We love it steamed like broccoli, cooked just until a fork can pierce it, then serve with butter, salt and pepper. 

Squash - Grey Kabocha 
2 count Small Shares; 2 count Standard Shares; 4 count Double Shares

Not a long keeper.  Be careful not to overcook these for a nice noddle-like texture.  

Squash - Red Kabocha
2 count Small Shares; 2 count Standard Shares; 6 count Double Shares

A wonderful storage type.  Known for its use in creamy soups, chunked for steaming, or roasted. Store on the countertop at room temperature, or for longer storage in a cool dark place.

COMING SOON:  Leeks, Winter Squash, Yellow Potatoes and More!
Mud...… we have had so much rain that the carrots don't need to be dug and can be pulled right from the ground.  But man, the mud.

News From the Farm

What do vegetable farmers do when it rains for a week, with more on it's way?  

1. We wash a lot of squash!  Actually, all the bins of squash are now washed and counted. It's a wet job, cold on one's hands, but dressed warm and inside the shelter of the packing shed, you stay warm. Justin, Rowan, Felipe and Nikki spent many hours alongside the brush washer.  Nice work everyone! 

2. Sort garlic seed.  Mat and Craig finished the tedious job of selecting the best bulbs to use for planting.  Each bulb will be broken into the individual cloves or "seeds", which is what we'll plant in just a few more weeks!  It's typically the last job on the farm for a big crew.

3.  And on our project list for Thursday or Friday is changing our deer fence around the orchard to include the blueberry plants we planted this spring.  The fencing is to protect the plants from browsing deer.

4. End the day a little earlier.  Days are ending closer to 5 pm these days, than 6 or 7 pm.  It's helping everyone transition to fall, get home earlier to cook a hearty meal and have good lunch leftovers.  Our kids need it too.

5. We can't help but worry about our fall carrots.  It's a really important crop for us as it's our fall and early winter income.  We want to get them harvested before disease settles in. If disease occurs, we loose some in the field and since they won't store well we'd loose more in storage. 

But we feel thankful for the abundant squash and lettuce this week!   

With gratitude,
Cate and Mat
Hand Pulled, Hand Snapped, Hand washed.  Lots of hands involved in getting the carrots to your tables.
We have a large field of carrots waiting to be harvested.  The ground is saturated and the carrots are not happy and neither are the farmers..
 Snapped into buckets and dumped into a plastic lined bin for storage in our coolers kept at 33 degrees.
1. Will there be more opportunities to purchase in bulk before the end of the season?  Yes, for the past few years we have offered a big listing of quantities of crops you can purchase.  The deliveries are made on the last 2 weeks of the CSA season.  We'll have the 2018 Fall Bulk Order Form ready in the next day or two.  Keep a look out for a separate email. 

2.  When is the final CSA box delivered? 
Thursday October 18 is the last Bean EOW Group delivery
Thursday October 25 is the final box and last Tomato EOW Group delivery

3.  When can we sign up for a 2019 CSA Share?  
We'll have our sign-up information available in December.  We'll email this list and also posted it to our website.  

Beets: 10 pounds $15  or 25 pounds $32

Carrots: 10 pounds $17 or 25 pounds $37

Garlic:  5 pounds $30

Yellow Storage Onions:  5 pounds $8 or 10 pounds $15

Kale - green curly: $18 for 12 bunches 
         - lacinato: $20 for 12 bunches

Maple Syrup:   $10 / pint or $20 / quart

To place an order: Email us by Monday with your order.  Then mail a check made out to "Ridgeland Harvest" at E5538 Nelson Road, Viroqua WI 54665.  
Rescheduling a delivery or change your pick-up site:

Members can reschedule, one time only, to an alternate week to accommodate travel and vacation.  Or you can choose to postpone and double your next delivery. 

To reschedule, please fill out the Delivery Change Form located here or on the website:
Requests must be submitted by 8:30 am on the Monday of your normally scheduled delivery week.  There will be no exceptions to this deadline. 
Your goofy farmers...  
Laughter is good medicine.  
Eat well and laugh more!
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