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 Thursday September 5, 2019
Carmen Pepper....
News From the Farm

Happy September!

It's an exciting week here as the kids head back to school.  We officially have two middle schoolers (5th and 7th grade).  While we love working together as a family, the 12 years and younger are also an entirely different "crew" to manage.  They did awesome this summer keeping up on their mowing jobs, weed whipping, dishes, house upkeep, plus the compost, recycling, trash duties at the house and in the packing shed.  Additionally they picked the 400-foot long bed of habanero peppers two times a week. (And boy did we miss them when there were 4 totes worth of them picked on Tuesday!!)  Yet as you'll recall from childhood, the excitement of summer wears away and boredom sets in the last few weeks.  The relief of that mood was wonderful and refreshing for everyone. Thank you teachers!!        

This week we're busy harvesting the last melons from our first planting, keeping up on the gush of tomatoes and cucumbers and peppers, and see the zucchini plants are starting to die back.

We also used the onion topper this week for the yellow onions in your box.  The onion topper is a dangerous machine with long metal rolling bars that snap the dried onion top off.  We work carefully as a crew of 6-7 around the topper and sorting table.  It's a dusty and fast paced job that quickly turns a 4'x4' bin worth of onions into tidy cleaned up onions, which we sort by size into black bulb trays.  We have many more bins of onions yet to top and will be working on them more this week.       

The first squash - grey and red kabocha - were harvested last week. They aren't very large in size, but we have several other varieties still growing and ripening.  Squash in the greenhouse, onions and garlic in the packing shed, these are the surest signs that fall really is coming, no matter if we're ready for it or not. 

In appreciation - Your farmers,
Cate & Mat
Totes upon totes of sweet peppers.... it looks like it is peak harvest this week.
Meet George or Georgie.....
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Week#13 CSA Box Contents: 

Weekly Shares + Every-other-Week "Berry Group"

Red Beets (Pack your Own shares only)

The start of another planting!  Tops and roots are both edible. 


Melons - Cantaloupe 

One last load for everyone this week!  We hope our second planting will develop in time to give you more yet this season.  We're seeing small fruits, so there is much hope!  Rinse and cut into slices. They're ready to eat! 

Napa Cabbage 

Also called Chinese Cabbage.  Shred and use in spring rolls, or make kimchee or a raw salad (you now that one with the sweet crunchy topping, some use ramen noodles we like toasted slivered almonds and sesame seeds)
Onion, Yellow

Cured, so leave out on your counter until you're ready to use it.  Unlike the mild sweet onions that we've put into the last few boxes, yellow onions are a good storage type with strong onion taste.  An excellent onion for cooking with.    

Peppers - Jalapenos & Sweet Peppers 

Not all the sweet peppers are perfect, but the small blemishes can be easily cut out. It's hard to throw out the imperfects when so much of the pepper is good.  Did you know it takes 3-5 green bell peppers going bad before one turns into a perfect red one?  We don't like to be wasteful, yet don't want to be viewed as giving you junky stuff either.  It's a careful balance.   

Tomatillos - They're still making their way through all the shares.  This week Pack your Own Shares 

Tomatoes - Our 'Farmhouse Cherry Mix' + 
                    Variety of slicing tomatoes

Eat them raw, cook them, freeze them.

Let your tomatoes finish ripening out on the counter, at room temperature, for a few days. You'll known they're ripe when their color deepens and they will feel soft when given a gentle squeeze.    

Zucchini - Green and Gold

The plants are starting to wane.  There are baby fruits, but the heavy dew mornings made the downy mildew to settle over the leaves and stems.  We hope it can hold on for another week or two.
COMING SOON...Leeks, Beets, Napa Cabbage, Cilantro and more!

Bulk Purchase Opportunities - a great time to freeze and stock up:

Garlic, 5 pounds $30

Kale, 12 bunches $18
    Choose from Lacinato, Green Curly or Red Curly

Jalapeno Peppers, 5 pounds $18
                               10 pounds $35

Canning Tomatoes, 10 pounds $12.50
                                   20 pounds $25
COMING SOON.....yellow onions and red onions
To place an order - send us an email by Monday 8 am with your order, pick up site, and date when you'd like it delivered.  Email us: Then send your check to "Ridgeland Harvest" E5538 Nelson Road, Viroqua, WI 54665.  

We will confirm your order and delivery day.  We will pack your bulk items in separate boxes from your CSA box, so look for additionally labeld boxes.   
Thank you! 
Your farmers Cate & Mat
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