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Thursday June 13, 2019
A cloudy cool June day. The first of many lettuce harvests ahead of us!

* Each box is labeled. 
Take the box that has YOUR NAME on it.
* Can't find a box with your name?
Contact your site coordinator. 

* Never, never, never take
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Questions on delivery day?
First consult the Member Handbook.
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Week# 1 CSA Box Contents: 

Weekly Shares and EOW Berry Group

Cilantro - 

Perfect for chopping fresh or using in a stir fry.  It brightens and lifts sometimes heavy ingredients like coconut milk based sauces.  We enjoy the flavor of cilantro in Mexican inspired meals and Thai.  

Green Garlic -

The stalk looks like a leek, but it's really the garlic plant!  Use the tender stalk as you would garlic.  You'll find green garlic mild.  Simply cut off the root end and chop!  Keep it in the refrigerator as you would other fresh vegetables. 

Kohlrabi -

Cook and eat the leaves as you would kale.  Peel the outside of the kohlrabi bulb and use the juicy interior.  Slice them to eat raw, grate them for a coleslaw, cut them into matchsticks for a stir-fry.  They taste similar to broccoli as they're in the same family, but their sweet, crunchy juicy nature makes them one of our family favorites! 

Pac Choy -

Just enough for everyone to get a taste.  Pac choy is a mild tasting Asian green, ideal to toss into stir-fry, pad thai, or any vegetable medley.  Add toward the end of cooking so the stalks retain a slight crunch while the leaves wilt nicely. 

Romaine Lettuce -

A very crunchy, deliciously sweet lettuce!  

Rhubarb -

This is perfect baking weather - rhubarb custard pie, muffins, rhubarb sauce...

Spinach - 

Use it raw or add it to cooked meals.  We enjoy greens in our eggs, quiche, savory scones, tacos, stir-fry, spaghetti sauce....
The strawberries are starting to ripen!  Grandpa and the boys harvested the first ones tonight.

The cool spring has set all the perennial crops back by a week or two.  We should have some for next week's boxes!

* Each box is labeled. 
Take the box that has YOUR NAME on it.
* Can't find a box with your name?
Contact your site coordinator. 

* Never, never, never take
another person's box!

Questions on delivery day?
First consult the Member Handbook.
Then contact your pick-up site coordinator.

News From the Farm
Hello CSA members!

You've done an amazing thing by signing up for a CSA share!  You have voted loudly with your food dollars to support our farm,
our family, our crew.  But it's so much more than that.  It is also a vote for food grown in Wisconsin, for a reduced carbon footprint, for less packaging, for a living wage, for independent farms.  Yes, you've done all that through your purchase of a CSA share.  Wow!      

So let's start this CSA season and get into the real reasons we do what we love to do.  We are looking forward to sharing over the course of this season, not only the bounty of the food, but the story that the food tells.  It has been a cool, wet spring, and the fluctuations of the weather and our abilities to plant come into play. While some crops like the napa cabbage and strawberries had planned to be given to everyone this week, the cool temperatures kept things from growing and ripening.  So we learn to be patient.  We wait for the right time.  Eating with the seasons is a different way of eating.

Please reach out to us if you have questions, comments or thoughts: CSA@RidgelandHarvest.com

In appreciation - Your farmers,
Cate & Mat


Box #4 will be delivered on Wednesday July 3

If you have already submitted a Delivery Change Request Form for July 4th and wish to cancel that request, please send us an email to let us know. If we don't hear from you, we'll assume you want to keep the reschedule that week. 
From the Farmhouse Kitchen

This week's box is great for stir-fry.  How do you make a great stir-fry?  An assortment of vegetables, a good sauce, rice or noodles.  That's it! 

We use a stir-fry as a good opportunity to clean out our crisper drawer with small amounts of vegetables or dig into the larger volume of vegetables from your CSA box!

Vegetables we used: 
1/2 a bunch spinach leaves chopped
pac choy stems cut into 1/4 inch pieces & leaves chopped
1/2 napa cabbage (optional)
1 kohlrabi cut into matchsticks
1 carrot cut into matchsticks
1-2 green garlic diced
Cilantro chopped
Scallions diced or a small onion  
1 tsp grated fresh ginger
You could also add frozen peas, pea vine, broccoli, kale, mushrooms and anything else!

Protein of your choice - 
* Leftover pork chop, chicken or steak pieces work well
* Fried 1-inch cubes of tofu are excellent (before cooking, press tofu water out by placing tofu brick on a towel then put a heavy skillet or bowl on top, allow to press this way as you prepare your vegetables)  

The Sauce:
This is the critical point, right. It's the flavor of the whole dish. Get ideas here or google "stir fry sauce recipes" for more ideas - 

We were inspired by pad thai sauce and used:
1-2 Tbsp. fish sauce
3-4 Tbsp. tamarind concentrate
1 can coconut milk
fresh juice of 1 lime
water or stock of choice 
2-3 Tbsp garlic chile paste or shiracha hot sauce (add more or less depending on your spice level)

1. Cook vegetables lightly - onions, mushrooms, carrots first, then kohlrabi, napa,   Don't over cook things or it will turn out mushy. Some crunch to it is good!
2. Add protein of choice to heat through
3. Add sauce and
greens, pac choy stems and frozen peas just to wilt and sauce is bubbling and everything is hot.

The tractor with seeder resting at days end.  We continue to put seeds in the ground and will for another 6 -8 weeks!  Many successions of spinach, beans, cilantro, radishes, carrots and more.
Vegetable Storage Tips

We take a lot of pride in supplying you clean produce. It takes time and some equipment to remove the soil, but it means your produce will store better, keep it's color, and maintain its nutritional level.  

Now that you have your produce at home - here are things to consider: 

* Always wash items once they're home.  Use a clean sink, submerging each crop separately.  Then allow to drain, spin or shake bunches of greens before putting into a wrapping. the leaves.  

* Some crops should NOT be washed - and we'll always mention this in the Box Contents section to remind you - but cured onions and garlic with nice dry skins should not be washed or refrigerated.  

* Our refrigerators easily dry out vegetables. But you can use an assortment of cloth bags, dampened kitchen towels, paper bags, wax paper, glass containers, plastic containers and bags, and mesh produce bags.

* Some of your produce will come packed into a good package so you can simply transfer it to your refrigerator. 

* Be mindful that your refrigerator is
WARMER close to the door and on your doors - good for green beans, lettuce, spinach, cilantro;
COLDER at the back (be sure it's not freezing things!) - good for kohlrabi, radishes, carrots, beets, cabbage, broccoli, green garlic, rhubarb... 

* Things to store at room temperature are cured winter squash, onions and garlic, but we like to keep our basil in a jar on the counter for easy use.  
One of our many tools we use to fight weeds.   Here we are using a steerable three point mounted implement to cultivate our second kohlrabi and broccoli crop
Thank you! 
Your farmers Cate & Mat
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