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2018 Ridgeland Harvest
CSA Member Handbook

Delivery Dates

First delivery: Thursday June 14 and every Thursday
Final delivery: Thursday October 25

“BEAN GROUP” (10 in total)
June 14, 28
July 12, 26
August 9, 23
September 6, 20
October 4, 18 (last box)
“TOMATO GROUP” (10 in total)
June 21
July 5, 19
August 2, 16, 30
September 13, 27
October 11, 25 (last box)

CSA Member Responsibilities:

1. Members of the Ridgeland Harvest CSA share in the bounty as well as risks of farming. Due to weather and/or other production factors, the quantity and quality of produce you receive may be more or less than expected. 
2. If you can not finish the season as a member, for whatever reason, you may reassign your share with another household, but we do not issue refunds for shares.
3. It is your responsibility to know when and where your share will be delivered and to pick it up within your site’s open hours on delivery day.  If you are unable to pickup your box, you are responsible to make alternate arrangements a head of time – have someone else pickup your box for you, communicate with the farm your desire to use the one-time reschedule of your delivery, or ask the site coordinator if they can hold your box for a later pickup.  The farm will not issue credit or refunds for unclaimed or forgotten boxes.
4. Read the e-newsletters that accompany each delivery. Every-other-week share members are also recommended to read every newsletter, even if it isn’t their week for picking up a share.  Besides news from the farm we include cooking tips, storage information, and introduce new vegetables.  Special offers and invitations may also be shared.  Newsletters are emailed on Wednesday nights.
5. Bring your own boxes or bags with you to your site to unpack your CSA box into.  Leave the farms wax box at the site for re-use.  See illustrations for flattening your box.

Communication from the farm:

Remember that all communication is electronic.  If your email address changes, please notify us of the change.  Make sure our email address “” is set as ‘safe’ and not getting caught in your junk email folder/filter.  If in doubt, check in with us by email or subscribe to the newsletters on the website.

The weekly newsletters are emailed to you on Wednesday nights. 

Newsletters will inform you of what is in your box, describe new vegetables, how to store produce, and give recipe ideas.  You will also hear about the farm and the crops growing, and receive bulk purchase opportunities for those who might like more than what their share contains.  These can be great opportunities to freeze and preserve for the long winters.


Communication to us:    

It is typically best to contact the farm by email since we are outside most of the growing season.  Our office work is typically done in the early mornings and nights.  You may also contact the farm by phone and leave a message. 

Email =
Phone = (608) 675-3855
Please order items for bulk purchase early in the week (MONDAY EARLY). 

To make a Delivery Change Request, schedule your 10-week flex share, and select items for Pack your Own - see our website's CSA tab and CSA Forms.
Rescheduling a delivery or change your pick-up site:
Members can reschedule, one time only, to an alternate week to accommodate travel and vacation.  Or you can choose to postpone and double your next delivery. 

To reschedule, please fill out the Delivery Change Form located here or on the website:
Requests must be submitted by 8:30 am on the Monday of your normally scheduled delivery week.  There will be no exceptions to this deadline.  

How to pick-up your CSA box

1. Take ONLY the box with your name on itWe label each box for simple pick-up.  Because we offer many choices to members (three different sizes and weekly/every-other-week options) and rescheduling/doubling shares it is vital that each member receives their own box. 
What if I can't find my box?  Get in touch with your site coordinator right away. Do NOT take someone else's box until you have consulted your site coordinator.

Who is my site coordinator?  See your pick-up site listing below and you'll find their name and contact information.
Can I have a friend pick-up my share? Yes, but please make sure they know to only take the box with your name on it. 

2. Transfer the produce; leave the box
Remember to bring your own bag, box or cooler.  Boxes should not be
taken home. We reuse boxes and need every one of them. Leave your
flattened box in the designated area at your pick-up site.                         

3. Take time to carefully unfold your box 
Please be VERY CAREFUL when flattening your box.     
If a tab is ripped, the box is useless.  They are very expensive.   See the video below.

4.  Respect the rules and hours of your pick-up site
Read the listed details about your pick-up site (below). 
Arrive within the designated time frame. 
Some sites are unable to hold boxes, so you may be out of luck if you
can’t arrive on time.
Can I change pick-up sites?  Yes, you can use the "Delivery Change Form".  Please let us know by Monday of the week you are wanting to make the change.             

General Information:

  • Start times are an estimation.  Our drivers may be running behind due to traffic, construction, weather, or larger boxes. We appreciate your patience.
  • Please respect the rules and hours of your pick-up site. Thank your site coordinator for opening their home/business!
  • Clean up after yourself - pick up any dropped leaves or stray items so the space stays clean.  
  • Watch the video (above) about flattening the farm's produce box so they remain in good shape for this season
Please take the time to watch this video on how to disassemble and flatten your box.  You would be surprised how many boxes get ruined after only one use by people not taking the time and care to flatten their box.  Be sure to turn up your volume.

Pick-up Site Details

La Crosse & Onalaska

Allergy Associates of La Crosse
Address:  The Morris Center entrance at 2731 National Dr. Onalaska
Time:  2:30 – close of clinic at 5:00 pm
Site Coordinator:  Emily Melby 
  Phone: 608.782.2027 ext. 278
Details:  CSA boxes will be located in the entrance of the Morris Center.  Leave flattened farm boxes in designated area.
Kwik Trip Corporate Office
Address: The pickup site is 1911 Kramer Street Building A.  Enter through door 5A on the East side of the building marked as the “Ridgeland Harvest CSA Pick-up Site”.
Time:  Thursday 1:00 pm-5:30pm (Gate closes at 5:30pm on Thursday) AND Friday 7:00am - 1:00pm
Site Coordinator:  Paula Buttner            
   Phone: 608-791-7327
Details: Boxes will be on pallets to the left of the entrance.  Please take your box and make sure all other boxes are left in an orderly fashion.  If boxes are not picked up by 1:00p on Friday, they will be donated.  We cannot leave boxes in this location over the weekend.  If a co-worker is unable to pick up their box, please arrange for someone else to pick it up. Please be courteous to the maintenance staff that has allowed us to use their building for the CSA Pick up site.  The maintenance staff are not responsible for the boxes.  No swap box at this time.
Mayo Clinic Health System
Address:  700 West Ave South, La Crosse
Time:  1– 6 pm
Site Coordinator: Sue Karpinski
   Phone: (608) 392-3344 (first preference to call); (608) 392-4272 (second preference) 
Details:  The boxes will be on the table in the Courtyard entryway of the Professional Arts Building (PAB).  This is a shared space so it is important to keep it neat and tidy. Flatten empty boxes and place under the table in the appropriate marked space. Please leave items you do not want in the swap box. Any CSA boxes not picked up will be donated the following day. The PAB is located on the corner of 10th and Market Streets; however, to access this entryway, you would want to enter Parking Lot 6 from 11th street (the driveway is between the St. Ann and Sienna Hall buildings).  There is an overhang over this doorway, so you can drive right up (without parking in the lot) empty your box and go!

People’s Food Coop
Address: 315 5th Avenue South, La Crosse 
Time: Noon-9:30 pm
Site Coordinators: Lead check-out clerks
   Phone: 608-784-5798
Details:  Boxes are located by the check-out counters along the front wall by register 6.  A “Ridgeland Harvest CSA Pick-up Site” sign will be located by the boxes.  Members are asked to please unpack your box at the front of the store and clean up any leaves or debris.  No swap box offered at this site. 

Trane Company  - Building #12
Address: 2213 South 20th Street
Time: 10:30 am—5 pm
Site Coordinator: Lisa Henderson
   Phone: 787-3764
Details:  Employees will be able to pick up their shares in a storage area off the loading dock.  Boxes must be picked up by 4 pm on Friday. No swap box.
UW-La Crosse Campus
Address: 1725 State Street, 144 Graff Main Hall, Human Resources;
Drop site: Room 103 (Northwest corner of the building on the main level.)
Time: 2– 4:30 pm
Site Coordinator:  Deanna Kabliska
Details:  Contact Deanna if you need to pick up your box after 4:30 pm please.  The room is locked at 4:30 but prior arrangements can be made.  A swap box is available.
Mathy Construction
Address: 920 10th Ave. North, Onalaska WI 54650
Time & Details will be emailed to Mathy members.
Site Coordinator:  Taylor Ledvina
  Phone:  608-779-6694

Houser YMCA
Address: 400 Mason Street, Onalaska
Time: 2‐8 pm
Site Coordinator:  Coleman Breuing
   Phone: 608-519-5501
Details: The boxes for pick up will be located next to the Member Services desk. Someone will always be available at the Member Services desk to help, but for
specific questions contact Coleman. The empty boxes can be left in the same location. No swap box at this site.


Viroqua’s East Maple Street
Address:  116 East Maple Street
Time:  10:30 am ‐ 9 pm.
Site Coordinators:  Jason Cole and Monica DeClercq
   Phone: 608‐637‐7160
Details:  Please note we live on EAST Maple, not West maple.  East Maple is one block long and our house the is the tall, yellow one with a fence in front.  The boxes will be in the garage, in the left-hand stall. Entry should be through the left‐hand garage (vehicle) door. Empty boxes and a swap box will also be set up on the left‐hand side. Park on the street.  If the boxes are really heavy you can pull all the way into the driveway, but watch for kids.


Lacy Road - Fitchburg
Address: 5622 Lacy Road
Time: 4-7 pm
Site Coordinator: Miranda Beyer
   Phone: 608-395-9975
Details: Boxes will be located inside the garage.  Please park on the street and walk up the short driveway.

Madison, east side

Dunning Street
Address: 173 Dunning Street - A white corner house, one block in from Atwood. 
Time: 1-8 pm.  Please no calls after 9 pm.
Site Coordinator: Sheila Lenius
   Phone: 608-243-1193 or 608-772-5743
Details:  Look for the Ridgeland Harvest logo in the window of the house.   Park on the street and walk onto the porch where boxes will be located.  A place for empty boxes will be on the porch.
North Brearly
Address:  308 North Brearly Street, Madison
Time:  1-7 pm
Site Coordinator: Matt Coogan
   Phone: 608-622-7961
Details: The boxes will be on the front porch to the left of the door. Flatten the boxes and leave them near where you picked up your share. There should be plenty of street parking on Brearly.
South Marquette Street
Address: 150 South Marquette Street
Time: 1- 8:00 p.m.
Site Coordinator: Deanna Schneider
   Phone: 608 320-0076
Details: The boxes will be inside the enclosed porch. Please enter the porch (no need to knock!) and look for the boxes on the floor on the right-hand side. The shades will be drawn on that side of the porch to keep the sun out. Please flatten your empty box and place it near where you picked up your box.  If you can't make it during the pickup window, please let me know and I'll do my best to hold your box for you. Boxes not picked up by Friday evening will be donated to the Goodman Community Center food pantry.

DuPont Office
Address: DuPont Offices - 3329 Agriculture Drive
Time:  9 am - 3 pm
Site Coordinator: Cindy Swamp
  Phone: 608-395-2652
Details:  Shares will be delivered to the DuPont office building lunch room for pick up.  Employees should bring adequate transport bags or boxes to take shares home and empty boxes should be flattened and placed against the wall in an orderly fashion for pick up.
FairShare CSA Coalition  
Address: 303 S. Paterson St.
Time:  2-6 pm
Site Coordinator: Carrie Sedlak
  Phone: 608-226-0300 (office) or 440-476-7296 (cell)
Details: Members can park in the 303 S. Paterson St. parking lot (don't worry about the No Parking signs; you will not be towed!).  Boxes will be located on the loading dock in the shade, to the right of the entry doors. We will have a sign over the pick-up area for Ridgeland Harvest. Please carefully break down your empty box and place it in the designated bin on the loading dock. 

Moland Street
Address:  2541 Moland Street  (gray cape cod)
Time:  2 to 7 PM  
Site Coordinator: Angie Wilcox-Hull
608-772-4030 (please no calls after 9 pm)
Details:  Due to garage construction, boxes will be in a cart with the Ridgeland Harvest sign located on the right side of the house.  Please park on the street and walk to the cart.

Randy Lane
Address: 1609 Randy Lane
Time: 1 pm - 8pm
Site Coordinator: Jessa Posselt
   Phone: 507-459-7773
Details The boxes will be on the table in the garage. Enter garage through door on the right. Flatten empty boxes and place them under the table.

Madison, central

University Health Services
Address: 333 East Campus Mall
Time: 1 - 4:30 (Doors lock at 4:30 pm)
Site Coordinator: Jenny Rabas
   Phone: 608-265-4901
Details:  Shares can be picked up in the 8th floor break room at UHS. Any shares left after 5:00 will be disposed of/distributed to others.
Address: 315 Wisconsin Ave.  The entrance is on the backside of building, off Pinckney Street.
Time: 11 am - 5 pm
Site Coordinator: Sara Tetzloff
   Phone: 608-256-6357
Details: Shares will be located in our kitchen.
UW - Law School
Address: 975 Bascom Mall
Time: 1 pm—3pm
Site Coordinator:  Jennifer Hanrahan
   Phone: 608-262-5958
Details:  The boxes will be on the Law School loading dock. To access the loading dock by car, enter Lot 5 off of Lathrop Drive. The loading dock garage door is halfway up the hill to your right. The loading dock garage door will remain closed at all times. Please enter via the exterior door. If you need to open the garage door to load your car, please make sure to close the door before you leave to keep our building secure. To access the loading dock from the Law building, take the glass elevator in the Law School atrium to 1R. Take a right off of the elevator and another right through the set of double doors. The loading dock entrance will be on your left.

Madison, west side

O’Sheridan Street
Address: 928 O'Sheridan Street (back-porch)
Time: 2—7 pm (daylight hours please)
Site Coordinator: Jen Lynch
   Phone: 608-256-7690
Details:  Please come up the driveway and around to our back porch for pick up.  Empty boxes should be flattened and placed in area designated by sign.
Terry Place
Address: 850 Terry Place
Time: 2-8 pm
Site Coordinators: Michael & Tricia Smith
   Phone: 608-467-8062
Details: The boxes will be in the right garage. Walk up the driveway which is on the left side of the house, pass under the arbor and enter through the side door of garage.
Hillcrest Drive
Address: 3725 Hillcrest Drive
Time: 2-7:30 pm
Site Coordinators: Donita Croft
   Phone:  608.445-1536
Details:  Boxes will be located in garage.  To enter members will punch in a keypad on the right side of garage.  The keypad number will be emailed to members of this site only prior to the first delivery.  Boxes will be on a table along the left wall of garage.  Place empty boxes in stack under table.


McKenna Road - Monona
Address: 4913 McKenna Road
Time:  3-8pm
Site Coordinator: Rebecca and Rick Bernstein
   Phone: 608 251-4615 (no calls after 9pm)
Details: Note that we are on the corner with, and face, Greenway Road. Boxes will be in garage along the right wall.  Boxes to be flattened and left in same area. Generally the garage door will be open.  If garage door is down, come up deck to "people door" and go in.  Watch your step.


The Bruce Company
Address:  2830 Parmenter Street
Time:  noon - 6:00 p.m.
Site Coordinator: Lisa Briggs
   Phone:  608-410-2418
Details:  Boxes will be under the atrium (back of store) on the left side.  Parking to the south side of the retail store will be most convenient.  Please flatten your box.  There is a swap box.  Any CSA boxes not picked up will be donated the next day.


Epic Systems — Verona Campus
Address: Voyager Hall, except during UGM Aug 23rd and Aug 30th when deliveries will be made to Farmer’s Market
Time: 3 -5 pm
Site Coordinator: Ranjit Mathai
   Phone: 608-271-9000
Details: Boxes will be delivered to the area just off the loading dock of Voyager Hall.   A Swap Box will also be available and labeled. Please make sure to only take the box with your name on it. Empty boxes should be flattened and placed at the designated location. If needed, please make arrangements for you or a co-worker to pick up your box by noon on Friday.
Glacier Ridge Trail - Verona
Address: 408 Glacier Ridge Trail
Time: 4-7pm
Site Coordinator: Kirsten & Connie Donkle
  Phone: 608-848-1625
Details: Our house is on a corner, so the CSA boxes will be on the front porch located on Glacier Ridge Trail (not the driveway which is on Forest View Drive). Park on the street, walk up the steps, and grab your box! You can lean flattened boxes up against the patio wall closest to the front door.
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