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The Weekly Weeder

July 16, 2015
EOW 'Carrot' group

Box Contents and Tips

  • Beans, Green - STANDARD AND DOUBLE SHARES ONLY The first of many givings.
  • Beets, Red: store in plastic bag in refrigerator and will keep for many months.  Try a salad made with cooked beets, walnuts and a raspberry vinaigrette.
  • Broccoli: Store in plastic bag until used.
  • Cucumbers: Store in refrigerator but use up before they go limp.  Try refrigerator pickles or a cucumber salad.  We love them peeled and added to tacos or sliced onto sandwiches or dipped into hummus. 
  • Sweet Onions: Store in the refrigerator in a plastic bag.
  • Kohlrabi: Shred for a slaw, slice onto a salad, cube into your stir fry, cut into sticks for your veggie tray, or slice into moons for a simple side dish saute.  So many ways to fix this versatile vegetable, plus they keep very well in a plastic bag for weeks!  Don't forget to peel off the outer skin (purple and/or greenish in color) and that the leaves are also edible (use like a collard or kale).
  • Swiss Chard, Red: Entire plant is edible, but strip leaves from stem to cook the stems longer.  Excellent additions to your scrambled eggs or substitute for cooked kale or spinach.for tacos, marinara sauce, or an easy side dish (steamed until tender then served with butter, salt, pepper).
  • Sugar Snap Peas:  Keep in plastic bag until used. A great snack with your favorite hummus - our kids love them this way!
  • Zucchini - green and/or gold: we find they store best at room temperature as the refrigerator is too cold and they turn soft and rubbery. 
More green beans, cucumbers and zucchini, sweet corn and more!

News From the Farm

In-case you couldn't tell from the pictures- it is garlic harvesting time on the farm!  We are still recovering from a catastrophic crop failure in 2013 where we lost about 80 percent of our crop (along with most of the state).  We have been rebuilding our seed stock and are pleased with this year's crop.  While it is not even close to how much we grew at our peak in 2011 when we planted around 1800 pounds of seed, we hope to plant around 1000 pounds this fall.  Even though it is not as large a crop as it once was, harvesting it still puts some stress on our crew. How can we keep up with the already long list of weekly chores and things to do plus bring in a large time intensive crop like garlic. 

Our week has a routine with some subtle variations.  Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays we harvest cucumbers and zucchini, which depending on the size of our crew takes 2-3 hours.  Monday and Tuesday are also intensive harvest days for CSA and wholesale orders.  Besides the cukes and zukes on Wednesday we finish harvesting for CSA and then pack boxes,  Thursday has been trellising  tomatoes which can take most of the day (again depending on our crew size)  Then Friday is once again those beloved cukes and zukes and harvest for farmers market.  There isn't a lot of time to set aside for garlic, but we have managed to pull in some extra help and we were able to get about half of it hung in the barn to cure.  While we hope to expand our garlic crop a little more we wonder how much more we will be able to grow considering the time constraints.  We wonder how we managed in the past.  But we do thank God that we don't have to harvest tomatoes yet!

In other news Mat will be venturing to the Dane County Farmers Market this Saturday.  This is the first trip of the season.  We have a love/hate relationship with market.  We love to meet the people who enjoy our produce, talk with long time customers and become invigorated by the energy of the market.  But we don't love the 3 am departure and having to redirect resources (aka crew time) to prepare for the market.  It is nice to devote Friday to maintenance on the fields, and preparing for the start of next week.  But farmers market, while a fairly small percentage of our income, does help pay a few bills and give us a public presence.  Besides if it weren't for market most farmers wouldn't leave the farm.  It's forced socialization to make sure this farmer can communicate with the rest of humanity!  Anyway if you go to the market on the square be sure to stop by and say hello - we are usually located some place between East Washington and Wisconsin Ave.

We wish you well and happy Eating,
Cate & Mat

Bulletin Board


Reminder that August 1st payments are approaching. 

Rescheduling a delivery:

New this season, we are allowing members to reschedule, one time only,  to an alternate week to accommodate travel and vacation.  Or you can choose to postpone and double your next delivery.   We must be notified of your intent to reschedule or postpone delivery by 8 am on the Monday of your normally scheduled delivery week.  There will be no exceptions to this deadline.  We are happy to offer this to members, but it has been taking a significant amount of time to track and manage the changes so to help please be sure to include the following:  Name, share size, delivery schedule (weekly or EOW group), pickup site, relevant dates

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