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The Weekly Weeder

June 11, 2015

Box Contents and Tips

CSA The First Box! 

  • Broccoli Raab: Store in a plastic bag to prevent the leaves from getting wilty.  Use this up sooner this week as the holes will make it deteriorate.  The holes are the result of crafty flea beetles sneaking beneath our row cover to devour this tender green.  The broccoli taste is pungent and slightly bitter.  
  • Red Round Radishes: this first planting was a bit thick but still deliciously spicy.  The leaves are edible too!  Store in a plastic bag to prevent roots from getting rubbery/leaves from wilting.
  • Baby White Salad Turnips: Sweet and juicy - we love these raw but they can also be cooked and served with butter, salt and pepper.  Store in a plastic bag to prevent roots from getting rubbery/leaves from wilting.  The leaves are very tasty as a wilted side dish or added to your pasta sauce.
  • Rhubarb: Enjoy a new ice cream topper with a quick rhubarb sauce (Betty Crocker and many other on-line sources)
  • Strawberries: Eat them up!
  • Spinach: Use raw or cooked.  Leave in plastic bag or store in salad spinner.  This planting grew quickly in the heat of the last week, so use these large leaves up!  One of our favorite quick farmer meals is a suped-up egg scramble consisting of whatever is on hand such as shallot, spinach or turnip greens, mushrooms, garlic, potatoes, cheese...all cooked together with the eggs added last...a great protein and vegetable rich meal all in under 10 minutes!

News From the Farm

We're excited to start our deliveries and welcome both returning and new members to a fresh new season.  Your support means so much to us!

It was a challenging spring - April began with strange hot weeks that we eyed with suspicion being cautious not to get ahead of schedule.  We were glad to hold back our tender transplants as May brought frosty cold and wet weather.  As farmers, it was agonizing to wait for the windows of opportunity to get into the fields, knowing that we wanted bountiful boxes to give you in June!  But we can't change the weather nor do we want to destroy our soil structure for the sake of earlier kohlrabi.  Some weeks our time when the soil was workable only gave us an 18 hour time slot to plant like mad before the next rain made field work stop.  But we kept ourselves busy on the wet days, filling up the greenhouse with more seedlings.  As a matter of fact, our greenhouse was so full that half of our high tunnel was filled with transplants! 

Today we are happy to have most of our fields full and the greenhouse continues to be loaded with transplants for the continuous supply of delicious favorites like broccoli, napa cabbage, lettuces, cucumbers, zucchini, basil and more!  

While this first box isn't very diverse or extremely bountiful, it reflects the last 5-8 weeks of weather on our farm, and is what seasonal eating is all about.  Seasonal eating reminds us about the past, where we came from, and isn't about this moment in the present time.  So we hope you'll feel the same sense of joy from the precious things that nature brings at this moment in time.

This week's summer weather has us thinking about fruit, in particular strawberries!  Wednesday's picking was our first big harvest, leaving us a bit short on pints this week (sorry Viroqua weekly shares....we'll make it up to you next week!).  We have planted new strawberry plants this season, which will bare fruit starting next year, with two varieties to extend our weeks of giving.  We look forward to harvesting from these already!

Happy Eating,
Cate & Mat

Bulletin Board

HOARD STREET:  Members at this site, please be certain you read the Member Handbook for the new site location.  This site is now called Moland Street.

VIROQUA: We will begin our deliveries here, so boxes will be available anytime after 10 am.  Boxes will be covered with insulated blankets to keep them cool.  Please re-cover boxes after taking your own. 

MEMBER HANDBOOK: You can read it through our website under our "newsletters" tab for 2015:

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